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My little pony eye tutorial

Here is a simple eye tutorial to help you all if you want :D
It would be nice to mention my name if you do end up useing this tutorial for your work and a link back to here would be SWEET! :D
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PyriteWest's avatar
Ooh, this is great. I love the way you paint eyes :)
Dark-Memory's avatar
YAY someone who answers questions!
Murasaki99's avatar
Excellent tutorial! Into the collection! :boing: Thank you for sharing your technique.
Kouma-Chan's avatar
I use the games workshop paints too :D i stole my boyfriends tentacle pink hehe
LarraChersan's avatar
Great tutorial! I have a totally different way of doing the eyes, but I'd like to try it your way, cause your eyes are beautiful. :D
lovelauraland's avatar
thanks sweetie thats a really nice thing to say :hug:
princessFirefly's avatar
Ooooooooooooooooooo nice thats LLL
lizardbeth's avatar
haha, someone else who uses GW paints on their ponies ;) They're such a nice consistancy for ponies, it's a suprise more people don't use them (or maybe they do?) anyway thanks for the tutorial :)
lovelauraland's avatar
Thanks yeah GW paints are the bomb, I love them :D
Chesarei's avatar
Awesome tut ;P
I've always wondered how you do your eyes x3
How long does it usually take?
lovelauraland's avatar
yeah I guess I do lol :D
lovelauraland's avatar
its only takes me about 5-10 mins to do my my eyes :D
Thanks :heart:
Chesarei's avatar
Ooh, but I bet you've had lotsa practice ;P
Morosan2007's avatar
nice tutorial! About time, don't you think? ;)
lovelauraland's avatar
thanks, yeah it took a while to do haha! :D
e-roscoe's avatar
That's really nifty, thanks Laura!
Ciriun's avatar
This is really helpful. Thanks so much. I'm gonna point my friend at it when we finally get around to working on the second pony.
lovelauraland's avatar
thanks, i'm glad it will help you :D
Morbid-Butterfly's avatar
man you have no idea how happy i am that you made this tutorial. Im sooo going to try it !
lovelauraland's avatar
thank you so much, I'm so happy its going to help you :D
drazzi's avatar
Very nice tutorial! It's good to see another eye method floating around out there! I might try it on one of my next ponies...
lovelauraland's avatar
thanks drazzie, I'm happy it will help you :D
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