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this handsome boy was made for Moondancer115 from the mlparena.
I am very pleased with how he has turned out especially as the request was for a kind or darker, more mysterious version of my other forest style ponies, kind of like Pan out of Pans Labyrinth.
He was given a full body gradient spray paint in greens. His vines and leaves are made from apoxy sculpt and painted gold and his flowers are made from sculpy and painted pink, his ram horns are made of apoxy sculpt and painted gold with added roses and leaves wrapped around.
I have re-rooted him in wool which has been brushed out and dip dyed to give the unique colours, he has a few flowers in his eye wrapped around with a wire steam to hold in place.
He has sculpted hairy hooves and mushrooms around his feet with a little bee sitting on a leaf on his back leg as well as a snail on his back and a couple of wire spiders and a metal dragonfly.
his eyes have been painted fully gold and has a few light marks added.
I hope you all like him as much as me :D
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Delphinbella's avatar
Beautiful! Would you mind if I featured him on my blog?
AutumnPocky's avatar
This is my favorite pony you've made so far. O.O

It's just so ... fantasy and... magical... and... oh my gosh it's just so amazing. o3o
HurricaneLeslie1's avatar
He looks like some kind of forest spirit/deity in a fantasy story.
Parorou's avatar
No doubt you're my favorite custom artist. This is amazing. I love his colors and all the details!
PiratePrincessElayne's avatar
This one realy looks awesome! How did you do that with the horns?
lovelauraland's avatar
thank you, the horns are made of Apoxie sculpt, I just twisted them round and stuck them in place :D
Disneyfairy's avatar
Gorgeous as usual. I love her "dreadlock" like mane. :D
SomersetRaven's avatar
He's gorgeous! I love the detail in him! :love:
voodooized's avatar
the attention to detail is astounding... to put it simply, the whole thing is amazing.
stariearth's avatar
Oh my goodness this is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favourites of yours!
appurujakku's avatar
Wow! The colours and the details are just wonderful :iconiworshipplz:
Ryua's avatar
That... is so cool. Really bizarre and unique.
flarewingpwny's avatar
This guy is freaking epic! I love the sheer amount of detail!
KageNoKarasu's avatar
That is so cool. I just love the color scheme, and the horns, and the eyes! Wow! All the details, this is impressive all around. And the wool is such a great idea!
Tomecko's avatar
Holy cow. This is amazing. I love the rough wool hair, it's so wild and makes it really stand out from your other designs. The texturing is amazingly done, and the solid color eyes are so... otherworldly.
OpalSkye's avatar
Most awesome custom I've ever seen. Seriously beautiful, the level of detail is astonishing and beautiful colour choices make this an absolutely gobsmackingly brilliant piece :O

Lucky Moondancer! :D
thebluemaiden's avatar
now this i adore well done!
Marla-chan's avatar
absolutely adore this one
Polter6eist's avatar
Oh my gosh, he's gorgeous! Great work! :love:
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
Wow... this is amazing!! Oh my goodness the colors and detail here...
NazFX's avatar
Your customs never cease to amaze me.
lovelauraland's avatar
haha, dito! your work is amazing x
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