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Colours by LoveIsMyHate Colours :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 0 Prom 2014 by LoveIsMyHate Prom 2014 :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 0 Prom 2014 by LoveIsMyHate Prom 2014 :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 2 0 Prom 2014 by LoveIsMyHate Prom 2014 :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 0 Prom2014 by LoveIsMyHate Prom2014 :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 0 0 Double Rainbow by LoveIsMyHate Double Rainbow :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 3 1 Sisters by LoveIsMyHate Sisters :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 3 15 1920's couple by LoveIsMyHate 1920's couple :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 33 Classical by LoveIsMyHate Classical :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 2 3 Untitled by LoveIsMyHate Untitled :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 2 3 This is Halloween by LoveIsMyHate This is Halloween :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 6 Sit by LoveIsMyHate Sit :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 5 Good Morning Row by LoveIsMyHate Good Morning Row :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 0 Morning ROW by LoveIsMyHate Morning ROW :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 2 0 Morning    Row by LoveIsMyHate Morning Row :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 2 0 Morning  Row by LoveIsMyHate Morning Row :iconloveismyhate:LoveIsMyHate 1 0


RWBY - Yang Victorious by Al-Fatman RWBY - Yang Victorious :iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 620 39
Busy Life! - Update April 2016
G'day everyone! I was gonna write this as a status but since there's so much to discuss I thought a journal was necessary.
Long story short, I'm working hard on a new piece as we speak! I'm adding in heaps more detail as well as trying out a new shading technique, so the detail alone is slowing me down. I can't give a necessary date onto which it'll be out, but expect it soon!
I've been mostly delayed this last month due to my end with University, and most recently, my brother's wedding! I wore suspenders and a bowtie, and I think I looked good so you may see some photos in the coming weeks...maybe. XP
I'm also working on a HUGE project for YT, I won't say much to avoid spoiling the surprise, but I will say one thing that I've said nowhere else - think of the one thing I obsess over, other than RWBY.
It's gonna take a lot of editing (The audio and visuals alone are huge!) but I hope to have it all done in one day when I finally get the chance.
Lastly, I haven't been writing my new seri
:iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 2 0
devils in the dust by scottchurch
Mature content
devils in the dust :iconscottchurch:scottchurch 121 8
am i standing still by scottchurch
Mature content
am i standing still :iconscottchurch:scottchurch 152 9
tibetan vajra skull by pande-lee tibetan vajra skull :iconpande-lee:pande-lee 11 0 Sirena, The Sirens - 7844 by sophiaazhou Sirena, The Sirens - 7844 :iconsophiaazhou:sophiaazhou 40 0 ten seconds of maybe by scottchurch
Mature content
ten seconds of maybe :iconscottchurch:scottchurch 685 52
like there's nothing left to say by scottchurch
Mature content
like there's nothing left to say :iconscottchurch:scottchurch 217 7
maybe i just don't understand by scottchurch
Mature content
maybe i just don't understand :iconscottchurch:scottchurch 153 10
RWBY - Penny AI by Al-Fatman RWBY - Penny AI :iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 218 39 Pax Aus - Jack and Ray! by Al-Fatman Pax Aus - Jack and Ray! :iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 3 6 La chambre des malades by LidiaVives
Mature content
La chambre des malades :iconlidiavives:LidiaVives 201 17
The Guardian by gyurka
Mature content
The Guardian :icongyurka:gyurka 529 158
Sleep, alludes
Alcohol, ensues
Loneliness, procures
Soul, endures
Couples, smile
Reflex, bile
Fate, beguile
Emotions, wile
Mind, obscure
Intentions, pure
Humanity, boor
Injustice, de jure
Worries, stem
Concerns, condemn
Me, them
Fantasies, rem
Reality, heinous
Future, aimless
Love, hiatus
Hopes, ignoramus
Tomorrow, amiable
Dreams, amicable
Thoughts, fable
Cold, sable
Here, delay
Sadness, allay
For you
I will defray
Until the time
I decay.
:iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 1 6
Mizore Shirayuki - Snow Fairy by Al-Fatman Mizore Shirayuki - Snow Fairy :iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 38 17
For The Best
My only vice.
But why do I drink?
It does not taste quite nice.
For with each swallow
It's all gone.
Memory, hurt
the pain, the scorn.
But none for them
Only for I.
From then, the bottle is friend
And my only means to comply
To something I knew
What was to be
And something lost, too late,
A peasant longing for marquis.
Once more, my cards were wrong,
Body and soul lost to the want
Of another I can never have,
And the soul continues to gaunt
For the lost, those out of reach
The missed and gone
With life and love, now seems
Too far, much beyond yon.
But I know my limits;
Only enough to dull and still
The senses and thoughts
Of a hope long ill
I knew the end before it came,
So much regret in the silence
That is frozen between us two
Fragile as ice, hard as diamons
But you, liquor, keep me warm
For she cannot, as I already knew
The position I longed for
Gone, forever in lieu.
I cannot say more, I fear the worst,
Only wanting the best, in passion I forgot.
For you to have the best
:iconal-fatman:Al-Fatman 2 7


Now before I begin, I must admit.. I am only doing this quiz...
to get out of studying for exams :O

I know.. terrible... tomorrow night I am going to start flipping because I will not know anything...
I will get to studying..
I always do.

Allan, you said no one will do this one :P
so HA! I did it...

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
two times :P

Do you shower every other day or every day?
every other day... everyday Is very bad for you

What kind of shampoo do you use?
uhh..**runs to the bathroom**
Herbal Essence

What type of soap do you use to wash your body?
Pomegranate.... because it smells like heaven in a bottle.

What colour is your hairbrush?
Blue and green

Do you have shower curtains or sliding door?
Curtains. with doors I feel like I am to closed in....

How many different shampoos do you use?
(PAUSE- **HOLLY MOTHER OF BALLS IT JUST STARTED TO DOWN POOR OUTSIDE! it sounds amazing against the metal roof...** Un-Pause)
Uh... two (two houses, two different shampoos :P

What is your favorite scented shampoo?
I like tea tree xD and some fruity things... but tangy fruity... and not to strong.

How long are your showers/baths?
Showers - 5-35 mins xD (I am a girl.. and I use the shower to think :P)
Baths - 20- an hour (again.. I think and relax.)

Do you spend more time cleaning your body or your hair?
uhhm, about the same.... because shampoo and conditioner... but most of the time I just stand in the water xD

Do you shower night or day?
Night mostly.

Do shower alone or with company?
Alone, never have I ever had company in a shower (other then when my sisters and I where young)

Do you use warm or cool water?
very warm, but sometimes if it gets to warm I like to make it really cold... then go back to warm.

Do you prefer the water in the shower to come out heavy or light?
Heavy... I like to be completely like submerged in a rain of water...

Do you have a window in your bathroom?
In the ones at dads yes. mom no.

What time do you usually eat dinner?
uhh.. it depends but like 6-7 pm-ish

What colour is your kitchen?
white at one house, red at the other.

Do you eat in the kitchen or dinner room?

Is dinner the heaviest meal of your diet?
Saddly.. I would rather it be breakfast or lunch.

How often do you drink soda?
To often...

Did you ever get sick from food?
My stomach hurts pretty much every time I eat...
but literally throwing up sick, no..
I would never eat if I did..
I am terrified of throwing up.

Did you ever eat spoiled food?
yep... Milk.... god it was bad...
no wonder I hate milk so much

Do you prefer chicken or fish?
Hmm.. that is a hard one... I like them both....

Do your pets eat the same time as you?
No pets :'(

Whens the last time you had a cold?
Last week

Did you ever break a bone in your body?
Yep.. nose.. twice

Did you ever have chicken pox?
Yes.. I begged to get them for a year and a half (I used to  go to a daycare centre.. and I wanted to stay home like being sick from school.. once I got them though.. I didn't want them any more....)

Did you ever fall off a swing?
Yes. I have.. I was swinging very high up when I was leaning back I fell off coming back forwards did a flip and landed on my neck... I was lucky not to break my neck.

Have you ever been to Paris?

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
No.. and I never want to

Have you ever been to New York?
Yep.. when I was less then 6 months old

Have you ever been to DC?

Where are you right now?

What can you hear?
Tv off in the distance, pounding rain, keys being hit on the key board.. and a car just pulled in.. huh.. wonder who's here...

What do you see?
The screen, and my mess of a room

What do you want to eat?
I want cookies...

What do you want to drink?
Pom juice.

Are you wearing socks?
No.. my feet are cold.

Can you count to 3?
Yes.... yes I can.

How many states have you been to?
Uhh provinces in canada, 5... states in the U.S.- 2

Whats the closest state to where you live?
Uhhmm, Maine

How long of a ride is it?
45 mins.

Have you ever been there?
Yep once when I was twelve.

Have you ever been on a horse?
Yes.. his name was taxi.. he was slow.

Have you ever been on a pony?
uhh.. yes I think soo...

Well there... 30 minutes wasted...
I need to do my studying...
soooooo bad


LoveIsMyHate's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Well seeing as this will never really be the whole truth about me, seing as it will always be changing.
I guess I won't write much
I am a young woman,
who Is definitely not normal
in fact I don't even believe in the word normal...
I became a "grown up" at a very young age
but I still try to have some childish fun every now and then.
I love my life, even if it can be hard at times, I may say at times that I wish it were over, but I can never really mean it. This life is all I have after all. I am nothing without what I am now.


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