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Ok, here's my first Tattoo! i just got it. the writting is in Latin and means, "Have mercy on us." Ok, now here's the story on it. when i was like 14 or 15 i started to question my belief in God. and in this period of questioning I was walking through the woods one day. I tripped and fell into a thorn bush. when i stood up a branch of thorns was stuck in my skin and i had to pull it out. i saw this as i sign because Jesus wore a crown of thorns. It was almost like i had felt a little of his pain. This reconfirmed my faith. Now i have like 5 or six scars on my wrist from where the thorns went into my skin. in the photo it's kinda hard to see but if you look closely around the cross you will see little pink dots. those are my scars. I chose the saying Miserere Nobis because i felt that even though i strayed away from God that he accepted me back to him. he "Had mercy on me." hope you like it! FULL VIEW PLEASE!
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When you were questioning your faith, you should have read the bible.

Way to go... breaking The second commandment and Leviticus 19:28  which says, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.”

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nice tattoo :) i want do it too. in the same type of letter u did urs. do u have the name of the letter so i can download it?
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WinterStriker3Hobbyist Filmographer
did it hurt getting that tattoo there
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WinterStriker3Hobbyist Filmographer
I got to say, when I read that I felt sorry for u when u fell in those thorns, and that tattoo saying is speachless, i'm out of words:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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YAY! your tattoo is really nice. Someday i hope to get one somehow related to mustard seeds, cuz of mark 17:20.
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Awww great story. I love that it's in Latin. (:
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Absolutely beautiful story.
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ahiruluver602Student Traditional Artist
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SamuelKeithBurnsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this story behind this as well and it is a nice tattoo! I have had periods of time in which I have questioned my faith as well but when you look back you know God was there the whole time! I met an awesome last August 4 days after my bday and it was a dark time for both of us. This year her grandmother who raised her passed away and the funeral was on her bday. About 4 months ago i was in danger of losing this woman from my life bc of my stupidity. But she was hanging on hoping I would realize how much I meant to her. About 2 months ago she invited me to church and i went bc i would do anything it took to keep her. But I realized as I walked through the door I was there for a reason. The message from the pastor touched me that day as the Lord touched my heart. There was an invitation for prayer request at the end of the message and I went forth and simply ask that God come back into my life and help me to be the father and the man I know i can be and am meant to be. God loves us more than we can imagine! Praise him all you do! If you look at my page i say with my profile that I thank him for my talents. Finding this has made my day come to a great start. God Bless!
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rabbits-nineHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so glad you came back to your faith. We all get lost and sometimes need a little reminding of where we really come from. Along with true repentance comes matter what you've done.
"wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."
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I LOVE your Tattoo :) :) :) im trying to find a cross :) im also thinking of having genesis 28:15 too :)
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It's perfect. And to the poor kid that said you've marked your body or whatever.....what does he think scars and aging and disease do? We are just IN THIS FLESH..we are NOT OUR FLESH...God see's our hearts.
see you after this life is over..:)
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Wow I really love the idea behind this. Truly amazing!!!!

I want to get a small cross on the under side of my wrist.
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GwynythaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
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you know, i think im in that stage at the moment ,where im questioning it even though i shouldnt. i love the reason for this. :]
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Crofty44Hobbyist Digital Artist
its pretty cool but you should a got something BIGGER ;D!
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hey, miser is an adjective for unhappy/pitiful, not for mercy.
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Go see the good word on latin dictionary.
You will se that what he said is true
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oh yeah. i talked to my latin teacher. he said it was one of those weird things.
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I love your story, both that and the tattoo are beautiful.
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i'm not religious, but i admire your faith and dedication.
love the font.
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Malicious-MileStudent General Artist
Thats so super cool man!

I'm getting one this year, Also a cross, thinkin of something to go with it.

It's great that you found faith again.
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Wow I liked the story...and it's awesome how you found back...And it's very great from you,to make a tattoo for this:)
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