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to say something:.

Please nit-pick my work!

All I want is to reach someone;
To say something that could change their life forever
To let them know they're not alone,.
~From Immaculate Misconception by Motionless in White


Tried a new method for the hair. It took about a million attempts. I don't think I like it. I hate it. Splash/ripple things worked well though.


Tools- Gimp 2.6, Wacom bamboo
Time- 4 hours (mostly due to that f--king mane)
Layers- About 30




Just don't steal.
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I think you should put an eye tut up too, youre amazing at them, and mine all just turn out like..well horrible. I like the new mane/tail method, it turned out really good, no matter how long it took you.

Just one thing, wheres the shadow for the bird, or would that be too far off to be seen because of the lighting...?
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Evvy likes your new hair method. :B
OMGWTF you seriously need to put an eye tutorial up, this one is fantastic. o.o
And yes, the splash/ripple thingies are very nice. d:
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no one other than you cares about my tutorials, and you're better at everything than I am, so.. dx