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Official Group Rules

:bulletred: Important for your Membership::bulletred:

Please read our Updated Rules Here! Updated Group Rules and Submission GuidelinesHello! :wave: This is :icon8twilightangel8: one of the co-founders of LoveFantasyCreatures
I have put together this blog in hopes to clarify our rules and submission guidelines. Please read this blog thoroughly, and if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.
Thank you :D
This group has quality standards. Please submit only your best work!  
If your work was declined, please ask us about it by commenting on your declined submission, not on the front page.
General Rules:
-Only fantasy creatures may be submitted to the group (see below for details on what we consider fantasy creatures).
-Submit your work to the correct folder
-Only 2 Submissions per Week
-You can only submit your OWN work. Anyone found to submit stolen artwork will be banned from the group and all their work removed.
-Members and contributors cannot submit to the featured f

*Submit your picture to the right folder
*Only Submit Work that rightfully belong to you. Anyone found to have stolen artwork will be banned from the group and reported to the deviantart staff.
*Submission limit - 2 deviations every week

:bulletorange: Important for submiting works:::bulletorange:


-We accept non-humanoid classical mythical creatures (dragons, griffins etc) as well as original creatures (Humans can only be submitted as an "accessory" to a creature)
-Fantasy Creature Anthros and Were-beasts
-Fan art
-Creature Reference Sheets
-Fantasy Creature Anatomy Tutorials
-Fantasy Creature Comics

-HUMANS & Humanoid Fantasy creatures (elves, fairies and gods)
-Regular Animal Anthros
-Video Game Screenshots
-Drawings on lined or grid paper
-Un-cropped drawings/Images with too much white space around the subject
-"Margin" or school doodles (images with distracting writing)
-Dark or unfocused photographs of drawings or sculptures

Quality Control:
*No lined or grid paper
*No uncropped images (if a scanner includes a large chunk of white paper, crop it!)
*No unfinished works (WIPs)
*No Blurry Images
*No homework notes, "margin doodles," or other unintentional writing that distracts from the drawing.

Please take special care with your work. If it looks rushed, messy or unfinished, even though it might be complete and neat to you, it will be declined. It is up to the admins' discretion if a work is acceptable to the gallery.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Why can I not submit to the featured folder?
*Because only the founder/co-founders can do that - so we want to honor very good artists. ;)

Please enjoy your stay~:heart:


:star:Our Affilates :) If you want to become one of our Affilates, please send a official request. Notes or messages in the guestbook on the front page will be ignored!:star:

Active Members

For everyone who has a role (Co-Founder/Contributor) that allows them to approve submissions, I'm including the screenshots below so you can see exactly where to find it.
First click on the bell in the upper right 'Notifications' and the top of your screen should look like this:
Then, click on the drop down arrow next to your name. You'll see a list with all the groups you moderate:
Simply click on the group, and a page opens with any notifications for the group - including members who have joined, left, and most importantly, any deviations that need approval. This group requires 2 to approve any submission (the original founder is gone and nobody else can change that unfortunately).
Now to the reason I'm posting this today - I'm going to step down as a moderator here. My interests in this theme aren't what they were when I joined and I think there's enough other people here to carry forward. DA only allows you to moderate 10 groups total...
So, good luck to you all and you know how to find me :)
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Here you can see our team.
If you have anything on your mind you may contact us at any time via commenting in the guestbook or noting us. We won't bite you! :D









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BenArtsStudio Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2021   Digital Artist
My submissions got expired again, it's sad that this group is dying, I'll stop posting for now but I'll wait to see if the group ressurect
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Is this group dead? 
Shadow-Dragon-777 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
DA has been making it increasingly harder to moderate groups this past year. The admin of this group @NightFuryScream for whatever reason decided to bail and make it so each submission needs two mods to approve it. It is just me and one other person able to keep things up and I have been Super busy this past month. I am considering possibly making a new group or advising people migrate to another one that can be properly moderated by several people who are actually still on DA rather than just 2 people one of which has a busy life as of late.
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
maybe - I haven't seen much getting posted lately for me to approve...
stillarebel Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2021
I just had another submission expire
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