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North Italy Talking Icon:iconsaysplz: Hellu!~ :wave:
Next week, next dose of really awesome in my opinion artists! :la: You can see the previous awesome journal HERE~
If you know any awesome artists that deserve more attention - just give me a sign in a comment below or in a note and if I'll like them too I will post them in the next awesome journal! :hooray:
Today I want to support 9 amazing artists :D
I'll post them in the order from the oldest to the youngest dA member - just to be fair :aww:

rainbow heart 2 :iconequitariuum: rainbow heart 2 

Just one of that deviants that I accidentally found during one of my aimless exploration of DeviantArt ;)
The proof that men can do creative and nice-looking crafts too!
I'm not into this type of DIY but I think that's amazing and one day I want to make my own cosplay soo... :D
Just look at this!
Yggdrasil by Equitariuum Per Odino - For Odin by Equitariuum Mjollnir e Freki by Equitariuum Portacorno da Libagione - Nuovo Ordine by Equitariuum Corona Elfica - Elven Crown (4) by Equitariuum

rainbow heart 2 :iconanmaai: rainbow heart 2 

I've just found this artist, after 6 years of my membership... I don't understand... :?
So many amazing arts, so huge progression...why nobody is interested?
Nobody watches the arts, nobody comments them... This artist really deserve it! fave cute watch :comic: remake 
I want to draw like this on day, especially in digital :love:
Just look at this!
Kenny Commission by anmaai  Filled with determinetion by anmaai  Tear for dear by anmaai  [Adoptable] Nyasenger {Sold out} by anmaai  Red Juice by anmaai

rainbow heart 2 :iconpugishka: rainbow heart 2 

Nadia's not a new artist. She got a lot of nice arts in her gallery.
Personally, I'm in love with her chibis not only in APH chibis but yes, they're amazing :squee:
Probably next, modest dA artist who makes it for fun. Because that's artists hobby :meow:
Sorry, I just love cutie stuffs :heart: And the Doitsu Island, I wanna visit there one day :giggle:
Just look at this!
Global Warming by Pugishka Hetalia - Chibi France by Pugishka Hetalia - Doitsu Island by Pugishka Expression meme - for Domovina by Pugishka Hetalia - The Awesome Guitarist by Pugishka

rainbow heart 2 :iconpaachubelle: rainbow heart 2 

Amazing traditional art artist~ :heart: I'm in love with her drawings~ :heart:
It's too hard to describe it with words.
Especially the effects in her ink sketches :love: 
Just look at this!
[COM] USUK - A Forbidden Waltz by paachubelle [COM] UnconsciousEcho's OC by paachubelle DeviantID - 12/8/17 by paachubelle [COM] Francis and Lotte by paachubelle [COM] Raivis and Romania by paachubelle

rainbow heart 2 :iconmary-kulshina: rainbow heart 2 
I totally found her today! :giggle:
And I was totally shocked! What amazing arts! What a huge progression!
What can I say? I just really wanted to pick her in this journal :la:
She really deserves it! :heart:
Just look at this!
Hungary and Prussia Screencap redraw ^-^ by Mary-kulshina  Top Trap by Mary-kulshina Loli with guns are the best loli by Mary-kulshina Bunny by Mary-kulshina Too early geographical discoveries by Mary-kulshina

rainbow heart 2 :iconnekoyinu: rainbow heart 2 

Finally my Yinu-chan!~ :tighthug:
I met her about one week ago. Because of cutie stuffs~
I proposed her an Art Trade...and she made the most amazing picture with my Wales OC I've even seen :love:
Maybe I'm so impressed because of my OC? Idk, but I see her progress and the only thing I can say is 'WOW!' :wow:
Just look at this!
Bunny practice by Nekoyinu Me and  my cat! by Nekoyinu [A.T] FranLes - let's dance~! by Nekoyinu zZzZZz by Nekoyinu Ready? by Nekoyinu

rainbow heart 2 :iconsagaiah: rainbow heart 2 

The next hatchery of awesome artworks I found this week :D
I'm a good dA explorer, aren't I?~
Especially all digital nature stuffes catched my eye ;w; Just amazing~
The other arts are nice too, they're so colourful :heart:
Just look at this!
Being diffrent by Sagaiah Mental Distaster by Sagaiah Graveyard visit by Sagaiah Earth Mother by Sagaiah Lazy day by Sagaiah

rainbow heart 2 :iconsunfloweraru: rainbow heart 2 

Yup, probably 'this Hetashit again' ;P But what can I say when it's so well-done? :la:
I love the progress for so simple to more detailed digital drawings~ :love:
When I look at this...I wanna make my own digitals too :cries:
plus Hetashit, you're right, that's my little weakness :D
Just look at this!
:thumb737229605: :thumb735169715: :thumb741660676: :thumb738133418: :thumb710312791:

rainbow heart 2 :iconseyfiori: rainbow heart 2 

And the last great artist today...and the Pole! Yay!~ :squee:
I'm so proud inside every time I see so amazing arts made by Polish people :D
Meet Sey! She's almost 13 months on dA and she makes a good work here :la:
Like always, I'm really impressed with the progress :heart:
Her arts are maybe simple but I see her heart in all of them~
Just look at this!
Karaoke by Seyfiori Pastel pink afternoon by Seyfiori For the Greater Good by Seyfiori Pastel blue evening by Seyfiori Spring ride by Seyfiori

You want to support them? Fav them, donate them, watch them, comment them :heart:
Every artist will be (in the symbolical way) donated by me :D
I'm looking for donators to support the AWESOME ARTISTS!
Donate some :points: on my profile. If you donate +20 :points: - you'll be featured! :love:

I'm waiting for your suggestions to the AWESOME ARTISTS #3!

You can suggest artists via comments below or in notes. If I'll like their artwork, I'll feature and donate them! :la: If you suggest and they'll be featured here, you'll be mentioned as a suppoter and rewarded too! :squee:
See you next week~ :heart:
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this must've annoyed so many people
"OOH I GOT A NEW FEEDBACK NOTIFICATION! Is it a reply or a comment? owO"
but then its this
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anmaaiStudent Digital Artist
Ahhhhhhhh my apologize!
I didn't have so much time to check my DA! Oshawott cry plz Oshawott cry plz 
Thank you for your kind! I'm so APPRECIATE Rarity (cry) plz Rarity (cry) plz 
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LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Oh, come on, I understand it really cleary :aww:
You're welcome sweetie~ :tighthug:
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ProtoTEnterpriseHobbyist Traditional ArtistFeatured
Hi! =D

If I had to nominate... Well... There are many that I know, like zorro-zeroZoba22Pauly-chanProjectZymonLoveEmeraldOrion-CrossSariSpy56, ScharleCinco-Elementos... 

Actually, I nominate all these users because they have an extraordinary and almost divine drawing style. In fact, my drawing style is nothing next to them :) (Smile) 

From already thank you very much! <D
LoveEmerald's avatar
LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for your suggestions~ .:Bunny chuu:. 
ProtoTEnterprise's avatar
ProtoTEnterpriseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that I think about it, you have inspired me in a great idea =D
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LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Yay! That's awesome! :dummy: I'm really proud now ;w;
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Kind people like you are found rarely here. Thanks for your kindness ^^
My friend reently joined here. Here name is LauraPentella
I think she is talented and deserves more watchers. If you can, please please please add her to your journal : 3
Thank you! I really appreciate you : )

(And I'm Matt, by the way. I'm not an artist myself to suggest myself.)
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LauraPentella Digital Artist
Ah, thanks, Mattie "3♥
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LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
My pleasure~ .:Bunny chuu:. 
Thank you very much for your suggestion! :tighthug:
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27PaczkisHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
I was nominated by, and will nominate the sweet CyberneticCupcake :la:
A good fren (yes, I know the proper spelling is 'friend', but if you are also twenty one pilots trash, you'll get it :D) of mine here Mrs-Misty-Eyed has been here for a while, and deserves more recognition as an artist. (seriously, how could you say no to such a precious face Castiel Intensifies )
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LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for your suggestion! :tighthug:
27Paczkis's avatar
27PaczkisHobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome! Huggle! 
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sciipHobbyist General Artist
AHHH Heart Heart La la la la thank you frennn, you made my morning again :D
27Paczkis's avatar
27PaczkisHobbyist General Artist
:heart::heart: OF COURSE :la: happy to make your mornings Hug 2# 
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sciipHobbyist General Artist
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MiyakoMKHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
It's so heartwarming when I see people like you do these kinds of things
These artists definitely deserve the love and attention!
Hug +fav 
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LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Yup, that's really awesome feeling when you can help to the other artists~ :D
Yay!~ :squee: .:Bunny chuu:. 

and you can suggest the artists you think that need a support too! :la:
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MiyakoMKHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
I shall suggest my good friend reiscribble 
reiscribble's avatar
reiscribbleHobbyist Digital Artist
you are a blessing thank u 
MiyakoMK's avatar
MiyakoMKHobbyist Digital Artist
you are welcome child
LoveEmerald's avatar
LoveEmeraldHobbyist General Artist
Yay!  Thank you very much for your suggestion! :D
CyberneticCupcake's avatar
CyberneticCupcakeHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Besides myself, if you think I'm worthy, I nominate StarJita, StarJito, OMFGiForgotMyNameOo, EmperorNortonII, SweetlyViolent, 27Paczkis, Cryptidette, and Viergacht.
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