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Lovedrops is currently on hiatus to revamp the group and move the masterlist onto its own site hosting!

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:damphyr: Lovedrops are cherubic fairies born from human memories of Love
and a touch of Venus's magic.

Each Lovedrop is born from a
specific memory that is symbolized as a memory item. What kind of Lovedrops will your memories make?

Lovedrops Species Guide by softsy [lovedrops] trait chart by softsy

If you have a account, add your Lovedrops to the world!

[NEWS] Updates and Changes

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 26, 2020, 3:18 PM

damphyr 25 FEB 

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, MYO slots for Lovedrops have gone on an official hiatus by now. Unfortunately, this dry spell will have to last a bit longer... I am pushing the pause button on the LovedropLake's event and activities starting March. While this may be unfortunate and poor timing for some, do know that this is only temporary. I'd like to explain why I think this hiatus will be necessary for Lovedrops development.

After much thought, I have already began working on steps towards revitalizing/revamping the group! Some of the broader themes that I am planning on addressing during this hiatus period are as follows:
- The impending release of Eclipse and it's potential impact on group functionality
- A restructuring of the group's economic systems (both to make it newbie/casual-friendly while providing longevity/incentivizing "end-game" gameplay) 
- "Reeling" the group back from superfluous events and activities and proposing what I wanted to deliver as Lovedrop's core values and messages.

While I will not divulge any more information than this for right now, during the hiatus period I am inviting everyone to please to fill the feedback box with anything you'd like to see after we come back from hiatus. I'm very sorry to introduce a hiatus, but putting the group's activities on pause will greatly help me focus not only on Lovedrops development, but my personal growth as well.

So, please imagine this as a brief "growing pains" period of sorts.
I haven't gotten the chance to address it formally, but I want to express that I am very, very humbled and and touched by getting to meet all of you through the Lovedrops development so far. This journey has been amazing to experience and I'm very excited for what I'm about to bring to us for the future! I'll be spending the hiatus working behind the scenes, becoming a better artist, and putting forth the changes that will elevate the species to a better place. Lovedrops are incredibly dear and special to me, so I hope you'll forgive me for being so sensitive over their development and future. I also hope you'll stay with me, the mods, and Lyris for many more memories to come♡ 

[Lovedrops] Venus Statue 

"What can I still do in the meantime? :( (Sad)"

Well, for starters.. I will still be active in the discord and I hope you will too! Throughout the month of March, we'll be working on our Secret Sweetheart art and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. We'll still share memes and pretty inspirational pictures. 
What is really happening when the group starts its hiatus in the beginning of March, are as follows:
You'll still be allowed to draw your existing Lovedrops, submit art to the group, headcanon for them, and generally just keep developing them as an OC.
You'll also still be allowed to transfer things you already own! Blessings, items, Lovedrops, and MYO slots.
What still stop in March is the new content. New Blessings claims, group events, activities, quests, MYO sales, and adoptables. This essentially stops any new economic "growth" in the group, but still allow for functionality with what is already available.
If you are currently holding on to MYO Lovedrops slots, you may be wondering what to do with them in the meantime! You can hold on to them and see what's in store, or create what you want if you already had plans. Rest assured that anyone still holding onto unused MYO slots after this hiatus, will be offered a compromise between the old guides and what is to be announced. I will be doing my best to not drop hints about what's going on, (because this distracts my progress), but here's a little visual teaser that I will provide no context for ^_^ !! ... Sneak Peeeeeek!

If I missed any major points or if you still have any concerns, feedback, or thoughts, please feel free to get in contact with me via note, discord, or the feedback box.

[Lovedrops] Discord by softsy

~ softsy

Teeny FAQ section:

What about the Secret Sweetheart art exchange?
This is still happening! I will rewarding everyone's Blessings for their art after the event's conclusion!

Can you talk about how this will affect MYO slots a little more?
I am planning on releasing large changes to the trait chart. If you already own items and slots you'd like to use, use them if you have your heart set on a design/theme! However, you won't have the choice to go with the old or new way if you choose to use your slot. You only have this option if you are still holding onto an unused slot after the hiatus!

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