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This group is for everyone who is inspired by the work of the great H.P. Lovecraft. Art that relates to the Cthulhu Mythos and other works of H.P. Lovecraft and his followers is accepted here. The group is active, if your deviation submiting expried, just try to submit again, submitting limit for day is 10 deviations.

Feel free to invite other artists inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and lovecraftian horrors. Fhtagn!

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The Second Inspection (Innsmonth #9) by VeronRishka
The Birth (Innsmonth #23) by VeronRishka
Goretober #13: Song-inspired by VeronRishka
Untitled P17 by VeronRishka
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squad by Hwasta
Not of this world by Joel-Bisaillon
Call of Cthulhu by latard
AQW Sea Monster, Code Name: Cthulhu by CDERFE

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Oh My, That's a Tender Tentacle Girl by Atanata
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Warlords Of Atlantis  by OliverInk
History of the Blood CultHistoryAntiquityThe oldest known written records about the blood cult date from around the year 2,000 BC. There are only fragmented bits of lore deciphered from broken stone tablets found in the ruins of Ashur. It is written that some tribes from the fringes of the known world used to sacrifice humans in order to appease their god Um'rA'eSh. Due to the bad condition of the texts, not much is known about the cult, but it is hinted that it has been practiced since long before the time of the writing.Indeed, some modern scholars try to link a 25.000-year-old cave painting from Spain to the cult, but most archeologists doubt that it is possible that the cult survived for such a long time and spanned such a vast geographic area during the paleolithic period. The painting depicts a dragon-like creature that superficially resembles the descriptions of Um'rA'eSh from newer texts.A more in-depths description of the practices of the cult comes from the 14th century BC, when the cult seems to have spread to Anatolia. A Hittite scholar describes that some of his countrymen have begun practicing the blood cult, which has before only been associated with "uncivilized" cultures, in secret. Another text details the precautions made by the cult in order to hide it from the general public. It describes that the sacrifices are only to be made during specific religious holidays and animals are only to be sacrificed (fed to the god) if it is impossible to get a human sacrifice without being caught. This text also shows the general fear the cultists had that their god would destroy the city if they do not practice regular sacrifice and also how dangerous it was that most people would not believe their teachings.Later, the cult seems to have spread around the entire Mediterranean, where we have several ancient Greek and later Roman authors mentioning it among other mystery cults. No texts are known from the cultists themselves, but mainstream Greek authors describe that the cult sacrifices mostly oxen and horses to their gods, with no mentioning of human sacrifice.Parallel to this, the cult is also mentioned in sources from the Gupta empire and in Chinese texts from the Qin dynasty. One Chinese author mentions the fear of the cultists of a dragon that lives inside their temple, but he dismisses it as their "temple" is just some house and would never contain a divine dragon.Roman authors also mention the cult being practiced by Germanic, Celtic and Scythian tribes throughout Europe and even among the Berbers of North Africa, while Chinese sources mention that the cult has spread around the entire world.Medieval and early-modern sourcesWith the spread of Christianity and Islam, sources from the cult itself get sparce. Some scholars think that the various kinds of dragon slaying myths that spread around Europe actually depict Christian missionaries wiping out specific communities of the cult and that the dragons are symbols for what they saw as devil worship. The Persian author al-Qazwīnī mentions Um’rA’eSh as a kind of Jinn that has been worshipped in pre-Islamic times.At the same time, it seems that the cult saw some kind of renaissance in China, while also being secularized. Sources mention the spread of small dragons that people worshipped at their homes by sacrificing small animals to them.European medical and natural history books from the early modern period show creatures found in association with witch trials which have been identified as Um'rA'eSh by modern researchers. It seems that like in China, instances of the deity also have become smaller and tamer in Europa by that time.While we have no sources about the blood cult being practiced in the Americas before Columbus, some scholars have tried to link Mesoamerican human sacrifice to the cult. This is highly disputed since there are no similarities between the practices of the Mesoamerican cultures and those of the cultists of the Old World. Most historians agree that the cult actually spread to the Americas through European immigrants and African slaves and later syncretized with Indigenous American religions.Worship in modern timesWhile some kind of religious reverence of Um'rA'eSh seems to have persisted in remote communities throughout the world, by the 18th and 19th century most instances of the deity are bred as a kind of exotic pet. In the second half of the 20th century, it gained popularity among youth cultures like Punk and Metal fans because of its dark history. It also seems that some religious interest has resurfaced among New Age religious movements.In 2003, the cult gained widespread media coverage when two sixteen-year-olds from Munich, Germany killed a classmate in order to appease Um'rA'eSh. Both teenagers have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease and are currently in institutional care. The Um'rA'eSh has been brought to an animal shelter. It has been found to have been grossly neglected.
A concerning trend within Lovecraftian horrorLovecraftian horror or Cosmic horror is a sub-genre of horror that focusses on the existential dread caused by a malevolent force, entity or being within an uncaring universe where anthropocentrism is challenged as being fragile and disposable. Encountering such a malevolent force, entity or being leads to extreme feelings of alienation and isolation within humans. These eldritch forces are capable of destroying, transforming or consuming everything known to mankind and are a danger to humanity and sometimes the universe as a whole. The main source of horror in Lovecraftian horror is the fear of loosing one's humanity, loosing one's sense of reality or suffering a fate worse than death like becoming an eldritch entity oneself. Though eldritch abominations are malevolent by human standarts, they're in reality beyond our concepts of what good and evil and what we think reality itself is. They are oftentimes forces of nature that cannot be stopped or highly symbolic and represent concepts such as societal decay, degeneration, darkness, chaos e.t.cWhere as in other types of horror, the villains are usually only contemporary showing up before being defeated or are limited to a certain area that's not the case with lovecraftian villains. They are a cosmic force that can and will cause a cataclysm and there's nothing that can stop that force unless it just grows bored with humanity and stops to attack in such a way by it's own will.There's a trend within Lovecraftian horror that tries to basically turn the dynamic within the genre on it's head. Where usually in Lovecraftian horror, the humans are "known" ones who are being attacked by an outside force that is "the other" who is to be feared because it will mean humanity's sure end, in this new trend which I like to call "Anti-lovecraftian horror" the humans are the evil from inside or "the known" is the evil force and "the other" eldritch forces are supposed to sympathetic and are used as allegories for oppressed or not-so oppressed racial and sexual minorities. Yes, the main creator of Lovecraftian horror Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890 - 1937) was a bigoted and racist man and he also used his fear and hate of racial minorities to inspire some of his creations and that is a part of his works certainly, but I disagree strongly to then just use his characters to promote some kind of message of tolerance and anti-racism because of what eldritch entities fundamentally are.Lovecraftian horrors are able to destroy humanity both in body and in spirit, so trying to romanticize them as "the other" and that we should try to understand and sympathize with them with is wrong because that's a suicidal act. It's like sheep trying to befriend a wolf who will in the end eat them. It's bad enough that Lovecraft was a racialist and that his works, though influential and considered widely worthwhile, is partly influenced by his racist views. But trying then to "reclaim" Lovecraftian horror by subverting fundamental genre tropes might be interesting as a thought experiement kinda like how Scream subverted the Slasher genre tropes, but it definitely fails as Cosmic horror because it's not scary. Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu are not stand-ins for misunderstood outsiders that deserve our love and attention but rather forces of destruction that humanity should not engage with. I'd also like to mention that this sort of redefining kinda goes the reaction these writers where going for as what is the message then supposed to be? What? That minorities are hedious eldritch horrors that should avoided or that humans should embrace entities that will destroy them? Not very good implications...I'm sorry, but I fail to see disgusting tentacle abominations as anything other than monsters and not stand-ins for minorities.These pseudo-lovecraftian horror stories also usually have human main characters that are part of some sort of minority social group that is misunderstood or oppressed by their society and they find meaning and beauty by engaging with eldritch forces. Completely ignoring that this might cause much harm and chaos, these characters are acting selfishly by betraying humanity because of their celebration of eldritch forces. These strories also tend to have happy ends that are pretty cliched and there is no nuance.It's the opposite of not only Lovecraftian horror but any kind of horror. In some ways I tend to believe that writers who try to humanize eldritch abominations are way more anti-human than most racists because they think it's ok to use obviously homicidal forces as stand-ins for whatever minority they wish present in a more smypathetic light and not see that some people then might think that they would support such a force if was real or find it offensive to equate eldritch horrors with minorities. Though Lovecraft did this as well, that's not a good takeaway from his works and not the entire message of his stories.If you want to write a story about overcomming racial injustices or female empowerment, great, just don't use Lovecraftian horrors or really any other type of horror villain to do your dirty work. No matter what I personally think about inserting these types of messages in general into your works, at least dont be lazy and ignorant to think that you can redifine an entire genre of fiction to fit your worldview if it doesn't fit with the premisses of the genre in question. Lovecraft encouraged the usage of his characters and locations and thus is no coherent canon of his works to be honest, yet maybe try to write a different type of horror or other genre entirely instead of subverting a pre-existing until it's not recognizable anymore.I'll end this rant with the conclusion that the true source of horror within Lovecraft is not his racism, but rather the fear of loosing one's humanity in a rapidly changing world, that humanity is fragile and that the universe might find a sinister end some day. These fears are way older than any kind of bigotry and racism and I think rejecting Lovecraft's type of horror will leave humans more impoverished as what kind of dangers we could face in the future. Note: It's not wrong however to ship eldrich abominations with each other or with humans or to humanize them in comedic circumstances because that is not meant to be taken seriously. By that logic it would be hypocritical of me to complain about humanizing eldritch horrors while I think that for example Nyarlathotep is really cute and I want to hug him if he wouldn't then try to drive me mad or hurt me. I don't try to use him as a tool of my political views because art can have politically implications, yet is not by nature political and Nyarlathotep deserves better as a character than to be used as a tool for shallow political propaganda. I don't want to use pre-existing characters or my own characters for that matter as shallow tools for just presenting my political views because that's just propaganda then and it destroys any kind of art. And that's my main complaint about this whole trend.This might be controversial as a post and could upset some of my viewers on Deviantart, yet I'm prepared for it. I didn't write this piece of criticism within the Lovecraft/Cosmic horror fandom to get approval or praise, but as a simple warning for preserving the core of Cosmic horror which that humanity is ultimately fragile, we are cosmically irrelevant and that engaging with eldritch forces means your doom no matter how much you empathize/love/adore them.

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Tomes of Arcane Lore by FatherStone
The Joseph Curwen Journal Collection by JasonMcKittrick
Nightmare Sketchbook by MrSoles
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The Yellow King - T-Shirt Design by DerekRestivo
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Lego Pyramid by ZaubererbruderASP
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Selling: Borrah by Atanata
Lovecraft tattoo by tuomaskoivurinne
Vault 620: ...And Wishes by goomi32


Eye in the Amulet by mstephens04 Eye in the Amulet :iconmstephens04:mstephens04 4 0 Cthulhu - Tattoo design by Jack-Burton25 Cthulhu - Tattoo design :iconjack-burton25:Jack-Burton25 99 40 Hastur  by GhostReckoner Hastur :iconghostreckoner:GhostReckoner 2 0 The Final Call by reindurgo The Final Call :iconreindurgo:reindurgo 0 0 Storm Wraith by MorkarDFC Storm Wraith :iconmorkardfc:MorkarDFC 783 11 Demens Rex by GaryckArntzen Demens Rex :icongaryckarntzen:GaryckArntzen 36 0 The Supreme Abomination of Desolation is Awake by DARK-NECRODEVOURER The Supreme Abomination of Desolation is Awake :icondark-necrodevourer:DARK-NECRODEVOURER 257 12 Blood Being by TentaclesandTeeth Blood Being :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 2,154 115 Zoog! by TentaclesandTeeth Zoog! :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 468 14 Reality? by TentaclesandTeeth Reality? :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 1,090 42 The Grasp by TentaclesandTeeth The Grasp :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 428 7 Blood Creature? Cenobite? by TentaclesandTeeth Blood Creature? Cenobite? :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 1,125 33 Hound of Tindalos  by ladyblackroseart Hound of Tindalos :iconladyblackroseart:ladyblackroseart 173 8 Asteroth by LouistheSmall Asteroth :iconlouisthesmall:LouistheSmall 39 4 The King in Yellow by LouistheSmall The King in Yellow :iconlouisthesmall:LouistheSmall 37 2 Dagon Pendant - 50% Sale in my shop by Gyemese Dagon Pendant - 50% Sale in my shop :icongyemese:Gyemese 10 0







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