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Silvally by lovecatsanddragons Silvally :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 6 4 OPEN WOF ADOPT~ThreeMoons the Nightwing by lovecatsanddragons OPEN WOF ADOPT~ThreeMoons the Nightwing :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 3 1 WOF CLOSED ADOPT~ Sleet Ice/Night/Sea by lovecatsanddragons WOF CLOSED ADOPT~ Sleet Ice/Night/Sea :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 3 6 Goodbye Google Plus by lovecatsanddragons Goodbye Google Plus :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 6 6 Lyaeus The God of Wine by lovecatsanddragons Lyaeus The God of Wine :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 5 0 Frostbite by lovecatsanddragons Frostbite :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 3 0 Lord Nagafen by lovecatsanddragons Lord Nagafen :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 2 0 Petrified Scilence Redraw by lovecatsanddragons Petrified Scilence Redraw :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 8 0 Indignus by lovecatsanddragons Indignus :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 3 0 White-eyes by lovecatsanddragons White-eyes :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 0 0 The Devil Has Three Heads  by lovecatsanddragons The Devil Has Three Heads :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 7 1 Ya'll by lovecatsanddragons Ya'll :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 3 2 The Lord of Chaos by lovecatsanddragons The Lord of Chaos :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 2 0 The stars are falling by lovecatsanddragons The stars are falling :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 7 0 Kill him by lovecatsanddragons Kill him :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 4 4 Its Better This way - COVER by lovecatsanddragons Its Better This way - COVER :iconlovecatsanddragons:lovecatsanddragons 1 2


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you did a great job with the background, everything is well shaded, budderball's neck is a little small at the base of his head but, go...

by minxuu

very good value with the scratches, and eyes. it has nice fading with the white chest-fur, great job with the tears and blood, especial...


OPEN WOF ADOPT~ThreeMoons the Nightwing
SB is 30 Points
Minimum increase: 5 points
AB: 75 points
AB + Additional Fullbody custom to buyer: 600 points 
Paypal and points are acceptable, Points preferred
The Auction ends one day after the last bid.

Whoever wins will receive the headshot without the watermark 

About the Character:
(You can change any of this if you buy the character)
Name: Threemoons
Nickname: N/A
Occupation: Priestess for the Moon Worshipers

Its a thing im working on,
Its a cult of dragons who believe the three moons are what house three gods, Somewhat like giant eggs. 
They believe the gods that reside within the egg are

Zoi ~ The Goddess of Life

llious~ The Goddess of The Sun

Nýchta~ The Goddess of The Moon 
WOF CLOSED ADOPT~ Sleet Ice/Night/Sea
Woohoo! my First adopt up for bid or buy.

Points or paypal is acceptable. 
I would prefer points though. 
If you want to use paypal, you can only use the autobuy options.

Please pay up front for this adoptable. 
This will be open until someone wins the bid or buys it. 

30 points

10 points 

150 points. $1.50

AUTOBUY WITH CUSTOM FULLBODY (I would have to draw it)

600 points. $6.00

Name: Sleet
Tribe: Nightwing/Icewing/Seawing hybrid may have very distant skywing genetics. 
Age: 26 
Nicknames: Snowshoe 
Im thinking about making some adopts
I soared around the island looking for food. I eventually spotted a wounded elk, wandering through the forest. i swooped down, grabbing the elk with my talons. i flew the elk back to the cave and snapped its neck. i saw that Azul was still asleep and i slapped him awake with a quick whip of my tail. "hey!" he said as he got to his feet and walked to the elk. we ate, and Then i walked to the Edge of the ledge and sat. I looked over the island, the sun was high in the sky. it beated down on the island. I could see the whole island, on the far side of the island, i could see an area that had lots of cliffs and hills. Perfect for flight practice The island mostly consisted of plains, with a few patches of forest here and there. I was going to explore it from above. I Opend my wings and lept from the ledge. i flapped my wings creating lift, and i rose high above the trees. i flew to the far side of the island. I Was Right! i could see young dragons learning how to fly. I tilted my wings, making me bank to the right, and i flew above the Plains,  and then i flew to the north, past the peaks, it was Mainly Tundra. Ice Dragons Probably live here. I was right i could see figures of white and blue Playing in the snow. I Flew back to the cave, The sun was starting to set. I flew back to the cave and watched the sun slowly fall. Azul was Not in the cave "must be Hunting" I said to myself as i curled up and went to sleep.
                                                                                  1 year later...
    I had laid two eggs Their shells were hard and smooth. One was Decorated with the symbol of a cat the cat had red eyes, and the rest of the egg was a deep blue,The egg next to it was dark grey with light grey Stripes. Could it be!? a tigerdragon...  my mother told me tons of stories and legends, one was about how a tiger dragon egg is only lain every millennium I knew that tiger dragons could defend themselves when hatched but... a cat dragon, I looked at the other egg what if i kill it! what if i hurt it! I was barley myself anymore and i knew that would not be like my original self once they hatched... just before they hatch i will fly the cat dragon egg away, ill put it near Flame's clearing... but what will azul think... how am i supposed to tell him that i will not be like myself anymore, just walk up to him and try to explain that i used to be a flame dragon...........  I wont tell him I felt myself begin to sob.  I WONT TELL HIM!!! 
                                 5 Weeks Later....
Tonight is the night...  The night i will leave the catdragon egg. I have to tell Azul.  I Was mean i growl i shout, i dont wake Azul with a gentle Tap, Ill fling my tail as hard as i can into his side. i wont hesitate to kill now. I grabbed the cat dragon egg with my teeth, gentely, i was about to take off when i get stopped by Azul "What Are you Doing!?" I had to make up an excuse other that just to say too keep it safe. I growled "CATDRAGONS ARE WEAK!"  I did not face him "Im abandoning this.. this egg!" he snarled at me "WHAT! YOUR THROWING AN EGG OUT INTO THE COLD!!?" He faced me He bared His teeth"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" I felt a tear run down my cheek "SENSE WE'RE CATDRAGONS, I CAN UNDERSTAND BEING MEAN BUT THIS!" He snarled more "if your willing to do that to a helpless egg... THEN YOU"RE NO MATE OF MINE!!"  He took Off Flying into the night, i set the egg down. "N-No! no! No! COME back!  please! Im sorry! AZUL! Please!" i looked at my paws "w-what have i done! Azul... p-please come back" i felt my sadness turn into anger "catdragons...CATDRAGONS ARE WEAK!!" i was lying to myself. I grabbed the egg and flew above a tiny clearing near flame's and dropped the egg. i felt myself start to sob as i flew back to my cave, I cried for what seamed like hours, when i heard a loud CRACK outside I knew what it was... he has hatched.... Then i looked at the nest in my cave the tiger dragon egg was moving, then it opend with a loud CRACK as a tiny dark grey dragon with lighter grey stripes, red eyes with yellow irises, and a fin down his neck, fell out of the egg... i felt my bitterness rise.


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Chibi fullbodies
No nsfw
please specify shading or a pose
will be fully finished with lineart and shading
Oil Paintings (digital) (headshot)
These will have a longer turnout than others and are more expensive due to how time-consuming they are.
please tell me if you want them looking in a direction or if you want a certain lighting or head pose.
Fullbody Sketch
same rules apply.
They will be rough and uncolored or lined. 
headshot Sketch
They are uncolored and rough.
Full Bodies
I love drawing dragons.
Once again, specify shading, poses are free, just describe what you want me to draw in detail.

No Humans
No offensive content 
Fully digital, Fully colored, and shaded. Please state whether you would like Cel or Airbrush shading! ^^

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