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of scarves . and hats .

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lol perspective mistakes ))): sasuke's 2 cool for a hat, so he wears... wonky-looking glasses instead.

OC3.02 ; PSCS2 ; scarf patterns from masterjinn
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ehhhhhhhhhh?! omg your the one who drew this??! i have this pic and i had it a looong time ago!! XD
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Such moe moe faces ; 3 ; You have a lovely style!
Arikawaii13's avatar
Sasuke with galsses= Artsy not emo :) XD
Geezus-Sneezus's avatar
n'aaaaaaaaawwwww!! its so amazing!
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i like ur veriation on these charactersXD there great & ur sakura makes me want 2 like her more cuz shes so adorables:3 but yes haha
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Hehe, I love their clothes design!~ ;w; <333
Lovely job. c:
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waaaa!! theyre all so cute X3
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i love how you drew naruto!
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sasuke is hot.


and naruto and sakura are so cute... = w =
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Awesome!! :D :) I love their expressions!! :D :)
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great outfits and naruto is just so lovable in this picture! they're all so cute and the eyes really stand out! the perspective looks fine to me, keep up the great work! :D
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I'm not even a die-hard fan of Naruto anymore, but your stuff is eye candy <3
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super cute love it fav
XxKeira-TsukiyomixX's avatar
Aww, I found this picture before I had DA on Photobucket. I loved it, and attempted to draw it. xD
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oooooh! this is really cute! I love this picture sooo much! I prety much love all your Naruto fanart > <
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Ah! This is so beyond adorable. I was wondering, would you mind if I use the same pose as you but do different characters and clothing? :love:
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yay they all look so cute!!!!

espcially naruto

but i might be bias becuz im a naruto fangirl
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whoops, nevermind. You're right, he's too cool for hats XD
thirteenth-Capricorn's avatar
how come Sasuke doesn't have a hat?
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Sasuke having that glasses is perfect!!What a pretty pic you drawn^ ^
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lols. you're right- sasuke does look too tall & i can't see naruto's whiskers unless i tilt the screen waaay back. (they're so small!) but i still think it's really cute.
"Sasuke. To cool for his own hat." :) but sasuke usually looks pretty good with glasses anyway.
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Gasp... How did you know that wonky-looking glasses increases a guy's hottness factor tenfold?

But it is sasuke..... so..... he should be grateful, those wonky looking classes pull him out of my pit of uncool emo jerks.
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