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By loveariddle
watched Brave the other day and must attempt to draw dat hair (which i quickly got lazy to shade..)
anyway forgive my mistakes for the stance bc i didn't really look it up much;;;
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Loved this movie. I wonder if Kingdom Hearts 3 will have this as a possible world to go to? Considering the entire game is pre rendered graphics and some CG Disney movies have been confirmed? It would fit.

Plus the movies themes of choice and fate would fit with some of the latest themes of Kingdom Hearts. Like the tagline for Birth by Sleep: Destiny is never left to Chance.
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Oh, I love this so much!
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I love the intensity of her gaze, as it matches the fiery brilliance of her hair. :heart:
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Wow,that is amazing!!I love how she look's a little anime in the eye's:heart:Great work:)
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nice job i really love this and i really love the movie
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Oh god. That is beautiful.
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I love this Chick's hair!
--and you've done well with it.
great work!
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she is si cute!!!!!!!
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I think you did a great job with the hair. :D
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cuter than the Pixar's Merida.
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I love the style of this piece and your take on Merida. I featured it here. ^^
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ahh thank you so much! ^^
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I see a lot of awesome art on Merida: STOP IT! I'm french, it's not in the cinemas yet! That make me awfully impatient, stop torturing meeeeee!
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I love the movie and your fanart! :-)
JUST SAW THIS MOVIE! It was so inspirational I cried. Damn, it makes me wish my mother loved me like that. :3 Everything about it was beautiful. And this picture captures her spirit wonderfully. <3
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OMG is beautiful

i love this ^u^

great job
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