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My business card YEAH

New business card!!

Well really it's my first one... I never used the other ones I designed much.
Both :iconjacobryan: & :icondavidrapozaart: helped me make this!! Shows how good I am at Photoshop. D:

I think I'm happy with these, what'd you think of them!!

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Are you going to cut the rounded bits out? it could be very time consuming!
if i were you, I would go to a library and put my business cards in the books! nothing is more fun than a secret note in the book you are reading!
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I Loves It! :D <3 :)
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They look great :) The stitching in the letters really underlines the right feeling :D
I agree that you could add a slight color variation to the monsters to make them pop more though, but doing that there's always a risk they pop TOO much and you stop being able to read the text :)
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The red is a bit hard to read
But the blue and green look great!
I think the green is my fav~
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Cool)))I'd put some of this in my small bag))))
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Yes, you should list some things that you do. Also, i think having a slight variation to the monster face per color of card would be interesting, like different mouths.
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I love the colors,they really catch your eye. I like the stitch detail on the letters.
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I love the color of the bottom one. :]
I think they all pretty much promote you (from what little I know about you, lol) and your work excellently.
The only thing that gets me is the stitches - I think they're fantastic, but on certain letters ( e, a, i ) there isn't spaces in the letters where there should be, so it's harder to read.

Could be just me, I just woke up. :]
The monster in the background is super neat, too, btw.

Also, just because I'm curious, are you keeping the white areas or are you cutting around them to have a rippled edge?
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This is the most fun business card ever.
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Nice! I like the stitches :)
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They are really cute! Love them. :3
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haha those are AWESOME!
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i think they'd work well to catch eyes and give an idea of your style of work the name in my opinion is good also because i'd think most people would read "love and a sandwich" and think something like "Wait. What? What is that?" and then be compelled to check it out you could print a bunch and leave them at galleries, art supply stores, tattoo studios, cafes, restaurants, and even on free ad boards at places like grocery stores this is what i used to do when i was still doing photography
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Oohhh yes!! That's a great idea, thanks!
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