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Han Solo Costume

Finished my Han Solo costume for New York Comic Con & Halloween!

I made the vest, holster/belt, and pant stripes.

If you'll be at New York Comic Con on Saturday keep a look out for me! I'll be with Luke too. :)

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This is awesome!! Reminds me of Carrie Fisher actually saying that she wanted to be casted as Han Solo, cos it would be so badass!! I love the costume!
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♐️Perfect female counterpart 
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I find this quite attractive and cute (Because of the chewie plush)
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Nice work, I'm in the process of making a Han Solo outfit myself :)
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What did you use for the stripes?
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Side note, the Wookieepack actually did make me laugh out loud!
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jaja Genial ! XD
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Really cool take on it! :D
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crazy cosplay
thumbs up
Where'd you get the shirt? I'm gonna do Han for Halloween.
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super awesome!!! I <3 it!
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Okay, I absolutely love this. I have the same Wookiee backpack :)
Also, I really just cant find a top like this one anywhere and its driving me crazy!
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dont know if its still there bt i got mine from forever21 online :)
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That's so awesome. I hope Luke had a Yoda like that Chewie. :D
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this costume is spot-on! very well done! i love the little wookie too, nice touch! :)
moved-to-ENGL4ND's avatar
Omg best thing ever
toooooo cute ^^
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Ohh! you look awesome!
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OH my gosh this is fantastic.
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Nice! A buddy and I used to joke about Luke running around with a Yoda doll on his back... this makes the same bit of sense. I especially love the how you treated the holster.
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