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People Vector Brushes

Here are 79 vector brushes of people doing various things. These include:
ice skating
stripping XD
and skiing

All of the brushes are pictured above.

Feel free to use them but please post a link of the picture you've made with them in the comments below so I can see your work! Thanks!
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thank you so much!

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Hey ho!
I've used your brushes here :3

Trunks*Mai - On the Ice
used this for a Book cover:…

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Looks great! Thank you for sharing :) 
Very useful. thank you so much
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Glad you used them! 
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Thanks so much for this, I run a fitness blog at, so you'll find my work with your stock. Thank you.
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My pleasure! Thank you for sharing you work!
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How to download your brushes? Can somebody help me?
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To the right, on the side, above "More from ~Love2B" but below "Browse More Like This" is a button that says "Download File." It should download once you click it. In your downloads folder, double click on the download and it should install. The next time you open photoshop, the brushes should be there!
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you are THE BEST!
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Haha, thank you! :)
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Hey just a question. Is it ok if I use some of these in a website design?
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For sure! I'd love to see you design when you're done, though. It'd be awesome if you could link back! Have fun :)
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Sure thing. will do :)
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hello :) I used your beautiful brushes here : [link] :sun:
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Wow! Thank you! :hug:
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:hug: I am glad you like it
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Used it Here [link] Thanks :rose:
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Awesome! Thank you!
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