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Apophysis 3d
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Hi, as I can purchase this image in excellent resolution? I love it and I would use it on a banner
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hi , its from 2008 , dont have higher , but you are free to use this if you can :)
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D'écomposition de la lumière. Très beau.
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I just wanna let you know that I use this as my desktop background, and I've never seen anything as awesome as this!
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Glad you like it Colby ;)
Where does this hypergate lead to, I wonder? Another universe, perhaps?
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Beautiful! Amazing work to get this all! :wow:
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Nice piece of work dude... which prog do you use to design this?
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Its Apophysis 3d :)
TheWizeTim's avatar made this with Apophysis? Wow, that must have been hard to make. Awesome work.
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Yes Apophysis :thanks:
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This awesome fractal has been featured as one of my favourite fractal pieces of all time. The feature is separated into parts, so you may have more than one piece featured during this. Thank you for inspiring me to continue making art of my own. You may view the feature here: [link]

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wormholes to paralel dimensions? :)
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