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Light Symphonia 13

Apophysis 3D
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You color choices are phenomenal. >:U I LOVE IT. ♥
cool one thx for ur work and for sharing it
so pretty, thank you!
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Oh wow :wow: Thats so beautiful! Your taste in colours is the best :nod:

Im telling you, Im working on commenting on every one of your arts. even if it takes me forever! :hug: Cos I know its worth it :)
love1008's avatar
:floating: So lovely from you its wonderful to see you exploring my works :blowkiss:
MeLoveGiggles's avatar
Thanks :blushes: hehe. exploring is fun :eager:
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hm for about one year your works were much more abstract, could that be? well, anyway, I like this better!
how long does it takes you, to do something like that?
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yes , now i explore fractal dimensions more than abstract :) ... technically it can be done in about an hour or two but exploring the parameters and experimenting with them take longer ...
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You have been featured in my journal! :heart:

Stay pink! [link]
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Hey there! Just dropping by to let you know this piece has been featured in my "Wallpaper Wizardry" Journal, as of today, 11 -|- 25 -|- 08.

Thanks for making awesome art!
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Dancing energy! :)
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Can't keep my eyes off of this pic :)
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(o.o ♥ pretty (^^
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I can't make my stuff look like that. Lol.
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like Tales Of Symphonia!! XP
awesome work! what do you use to make this?
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free Apophysis 3D : [link]
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