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Alien v2 Ch. 9Shayera gritted her teeth and stayed where she was sprawled out on the ground. She winced at the pain shooting up from the gash on her right thigh. She lifted her head to watch as Wonder Woman tore two of the robots apart limb from limb without so much as flinching. Batman then leapt overtop of Diana and threw a single batarang that impaled itself into the head of another robot. Within seconds the batarang detonated, destroying another one. Red Tornado and Fire then flew overhead as they blasted their way through more of the robots and inching the League closer to Toyman himself. The streets of Keystone City had become a ground for mini-war between Toyman's toy soldier droids and the Justice League. The next thing Shayera knew, Batman was at her side and rested a knee on the ground next to her. He left his other knee bent and rested his arm against his thigh. She noticed that the way he knelt before her was protective and encroaching. She couldn't see beyond him to spy the broken robots laying dormant on the ground. "We need to get pressure around that wound to stop the bleeding," Batman said to her as he slowly helped her sit up. Looking down at her leg, Shayera could see that her pant leg have been torn and was saturated with deep, thick red blood. Shayera inhaled sharply as she looked down at it. She could see the wound was deep. "I'm fine," she said quietly, looking up at him. His gaze was still on her leg. She could see that his expression was somewhat irritated. "It's just a scratch." Shayera could feel Batman roll his eyes at her comment, "You won't be able to walk." "I can if I use my legs," she quipped. "Shayera," he began, lips curved downward. It was a clear warning, one that she had anticipated to come from him. She inhaled and then exhaled deeply, letting herself relax despite the pain in her leg. "Now's not the time to be a smartass." She relented and nodded, "I know, sorry." Batman let out a sigh of his own, "You're going to need stitches for this and I can't leave you here defenseless." "I'm hardly defenseless," Shayera quietly said to him with a frown. He then knelt down on both knees and grabbed the tail end of his cape. Shayera frowned as she watched him tear a portion of the bottom clean off. "Goddammit!" Shayera yelped in pain as Batman tightly tied the fabric around her upper thigh. "Warn me next time!" Batman narrowed his eyes at her, "You better hope there isn't a next time." "You really didn't have to ruin your cape for me," she said breathlessly, trying her best not to hiss at the sharp, hot pain shooting up her leg. "I know that." He then cuttingly retorted, "And you shouldn't be on League missions to begin with." "I told you before that I know the extent of my durability. I'm not concerned and neither should you," she said, her eyes narrowed a bit as she looked at him. He peered up at her. She could tell by his cowl that his brow was arched inquisitively. "As a Thanagarian this is hardly a life threatening wound. Even a half-Thanagarian wouldn't fall to something like this." Batman just stared at her intently for a moment before speaking, "I don't want to see you get hurt and something happens. Knowing your current condition, I shouldn't even be allowing you to come out here. That's besides the fact that I would have to deal with John if something ever did happen. He would kill me on the spot for knowingly allowing you to put yourself in harm's way." She was silent for a moment, biting her lip. "Nothing is going to happen to me. I know that nothing will," she said more firmly. "I can keep this baby more safe than anyone else ever could. I'm not some delicate, damsel in distress or some shit." "For your sake, at the very least, I hope you're right," he said with a light frown. Batman then lifted her right arm over his shoulder as he slowly helped her stand. "I'm assuming you'll only get stitches and not get checked out, right?" "I don't need to be checked out for a cut," she said quietly with a frown. "I never have and I never will. I don't know how many more times I'll have to repeat myself before you get it through that damn, thick skull of yours." He glanced at her and she could tell he wasn't amused, "You're the stubborn one. You were also thrown into a building." Shayera then shrugged, wincing as she limply alongside the Dark Knight. She looked away from his prying gaze, "Yeah and I know what got hurt, my back and my right wing. I'm not concerned and neither should you." Batman sighed, "Just don't do any crazy or idiotic heroics. All it takes is one good hit Shayera. We face enemies who can hurt you, Thanagarian or not." "I won't and I know that," she quietly replied with a sigh of her own. "I am being careful; trust me." Shayera sharply inhaled again and winced, "My leg is killing me. Can't you just get me to the damn Medbay already?" __________________________________ "Shayera," John burst through the door of the Medbay. He looked over to see Shayera sitting on a medical exam table as Batman was treating her wound. He sighed as he walked over to them, "Are you ok? Diana told me you were injured." Shayera rolled her eyes as she let out an exasperated sigh, "I'm fine John. I just needed some stitches. That's all." "It could have been worse," Batman gruffly opined as he finished dressing the wound. "A few more inches to the left and it could have been your femoral artery." "But it wasn't," she pointedly retorted. John smirked, "It'll take more than a few stitches to keep you down Shay." Shayera likewise smirked, "You know it Lantern." John then turned to Batman, "I haven't gotten the chance to thank you yet for helping Shayera out." "I'm not so sure you should be thanking me so soon," he dryly replied. "Especially if you're going to end up marrying someone as stubborn as her." "Funny," Shayera lightly frowned. "You can cut it out with the smartassery Bruce." "I've heard the petty arguments you two get into. I can only imagine what the League will have to endure once you're both married to each other." John shrugged, "As Wally always says, we're already an old married couple. I can't imagine things being much different to now." Batman narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked over to Shayera, "I need you at Wayne Manor, tomorrow morning. Don't be late." He then swiftly stood from his seat and left the Medbay. "He's got a stick up his ass," John stated as the doors hissed closed behind the Dark Knight. "Wonder what his problem is." Shayera shrugged, "It's Bruce we're talking about after all. It's to be expected. You wanna go grab something to eat?" "Cafeteria alright?" "Sure, doesn't matter to me," she grimaced as she stood and then rubbed the back of her neck. "I sorta was thrown into a building too. My body hurts." John lightly chuckled as they stepped into the hallway, "Well that's what happens in the life of the Justice League. Just be thankful how strong you are. If I were thrown into a building without my ring, I'd be in a full body cast at the bare minimum." "Point taken." "What was Toyman doing anyway?" Shayera shrugged, "I have no idea honestly. All I know was that Fire, Diana, and I were the backup. Probably some harebrained scheme of some sort, like an attempt at world domination." "Isn't it always?" He asked her with an amused look before frowning and putting a finger to his ear, "Yeah Terrific? Alright I'll be right there." He turned to Shayera, "Sorry Shay but duty calls. Dinner date tonight instead?" Shayera smirked and kissed his cheek, "Absolutely and I expect pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni." "It's date then," he grinned and flew down the hallway. Shayera softly sighed as she resumed to walk down the hallway. Was this going to be what her child was going to have to deal with? Would all they know was that their parents were always running off on Justice League missions? She wanted her child to know their parents and not just be another passing face to them. Then there were the injuries that came with being a Justice League member. Would her child have to constantly worry about if their mother or father were going to come home? Shayera looked down as she frowned at the thought. She didn't want her child wondering and worrying every single day of their life. Shayera suddenly grunted as she collided with someone in the hallway. She glanced up to see Vixen staring at her with a raised eyebrow. She made a mental note to herself that she had to make a conscious effort to not space out like this. "You alright Shayera?" Mari asked her. "You're never this out of it." "Sorry, got lost in my train of thought," Shayera lightly shook her head. "Mari, are you doing anything right now?" "No why?" Shayera silently stood there for a moment, "I was going to go grab lunch. Wanna come with me? I need someone to talk to." "I already ate but I could use something to drink." Mari then gave her a rather intrigued look, "And what are we going to be talking about exactly?" "Just some girl problems," she replied. "I guess that's the best way to describe it." "Does it involve our resident Green Lantern at all?" Mari slyly smirked.Shayera lightly chuckled, "You could say it does. I need your advice on something I want to talk to John about and I really could use another female's opinion. I had a talk with Batman about this but guys just don't get this kind of stuff." Mari placed a hand on Shayera's shoulder, "Girl trust me, I understand so say no more. Even a warrior like you needs a little girl talk from time to time."
Alien v2 Ch. 10Shayera crossed her arms over her chest as she waited in front of Wayne Manor. She lightly grimaced as she closed her eyes and scrunched up her nose slightly. Her head was pounding and she felt like she was going to throw up for the fourth time that morning. The door suddenly opened and Shayera opened her eyes to see Alfred in the doorway, "Ah Miss Hol, Master Wayne said I should be expecting you. You seem a bit dreary ma'am. Are you feeling alright?" Shayera lightly smiled and waved him off, "I'm fine Alfred, just a little nauseous and a slight headache." "Do come in," Alfred stepped to the side. "I'm afraid I don't have a remedy for your headache but might I offer you again the chamomile tea and plain bagels Miss Hol?" "You're a lifesaver," Shayera replied as she walked into the manor. "I would more than appreciate that if it does end up helping." "I assure you that it will. Now this way," Alfred gestured for her to follow him. "Master Wayne and Miss Dawes are waiting for you in the study. They expected you to have been here well before now." "Dawes?" Shayera tilted her head. "I'm assuming a friend of Bruce's but I would have been here earlier if it wasn't for the fact I was puking out my guts all morning." Alfred raised an eyebrow, "Very eloquently put Miss Hol. You could say they were rather good friends. Rachel Dawes is Gotham City's Assistant District Attorney. Master Wayne asked her for her help in this manner. She has quite a few connections within the Gotham legal system." "A lawyer friend, smart move," Shayera conceded. "Quite," Alfred agreed before he looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a disapproving look. "Master Wayne told me about your injuries from yesterday afternoon. Might I remind you again Miss Hol that you need to take care of yourself." Shayera sighed and rolled her eyes, "Please trust me on this Alfred, I am much more durable than a human. You don't need to be concerned about me fighting." "Forgive me but I shall be rather blunt then," Alfred stated as he began to open the door to another room. "A woman going through pregnancy should not be involved in any sort of battle. Whether they are human or not. I would be rather disappointed to hear of you participating in anymore of these activities Miss Hol." "Pregnancy? Bruce!" The two turned to see an irate Rachel standing from her seat on the sofa as she glared down the playboy billionaire sitting on the other end. "You didn't tell me that little detail!" "My apologies Master Wayne, I was not aware Miss Dawes did not know," Alfred apologized as he stood off to the side before turning to Shayera. "I'll be back in a bit with your tea and bagels Miss Hol. If you do feel ill though the closest bathroom is down the hallway to the right. It will be your third door on the left." "Thank you Alfred," she gave him a small smile. "Again, you're a lifesaver." "Yes, thank you Alfred. After you're done, if you want, you can have the rest of the day to yourself," Bruce said to him. "It's my pleasure Miss Hol," Alfred said to her before turning to Bruce. "I'm afraid I have much to do today sir. A day off is not foreseeable in my schedule." "I thought I would offer Alfred," Bruce said with a slight smirk. "Eventually you'll have to agree to take a day off." "The day you cook properly for yourself I will sir. I fear I cannot leave you to fend for yourself. Least I find you having Hot Pockets with instant mashed potatoes for dinner again," Alfred said in mild disdain as he left the room. "Bruce," Rachel lightly glared at him as she placed her hands on her hips. "Something like that would have been nice to know beforehand." "If you remember correctly I said it wasn't my place to say anything," Bruce dryly said to Rachel. "Typical answer from you," Rachel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "Always indirect and never straightforward. I don't know how Gordon deals with you." Shayera looked over to Bruce, "I'm assuming she knows about tall, dark, and brooding?" "Yes she does," he replied. "Rachel and I have known each other since childhood. She's known since early in my career of my secret identity." "And I want to make this quite clear, I'm not a fan of you," Rachel narrowed her eyes at Shayera. "Or the Justice League for that matter. I could do without both. Club full of geeks and freaks in my perspective." "You mean the club of geeks and freaks who save the world and universe every other day?" Shayera asked with a raised eyebrow and unamused look. Rachel let out an indignant snort, "You superheroes are more trouble than you're worth. Trouble just seems to follow you all everywhere you go." Shayera shook her head and frowned, "I can't even believe you're helping us then." "I'm only doing this as a favor to Batman," she retorted. "Not to Bruce Wayne and especially not to Hawkgirl." "Don't call me that," Shayera said warningly as she lightly scowled. "Call you what?" "Hawkgirl," Shayera narrowed her eyes. "Look," Rachel started. "I can call you a lot worse and, trust me, I thought of a few things in the past few minutes. Though I'm not going to stoop that low since that would be beneath me. Just like this whole ordeal honestly." Shayera looked over to Bruce as her frown deepened, "I don't like her." "Deal with it because she's helping. Now what did you need Shayera here for Rachel?" "Well, I thought you might like to know that the first hearing is going to be in two days. Being best buddies with some of the judges in Gotham's Supreme Court helped. They agreed to settle it in a total of two weeks or less if possible." "This is a good thing right?" Shayera asked as she looked at Rachel and then Bruce. "Considering your circumstances, this is great," Rachel stated. "Believe me hawky, I might not like you that much but I wouldn't lead you astray. The only problem is that you can't show up in a courtroom with shorts and a t-shirt on." She then gestured to Shayera's leg, "Or with bandaged wounds. Sorry but it's not professional Earth attire for a courtroom. You need to dazzle them and make yourself seem more human to them." "Then we'll get her clothes after we're done here," Bruce stated. "I'm sure that's not all you wanted Rachel." "Paperwork, boring paperwork at that. Which is why I needed hawky here," Rachel replied as she gestured over to Shayera, who glared at her. _______________________________________________ Rachel raised an eyebrow as she looked at the Thanagarian sitting across from her, "You done wolfing down those bagels yet? You're acting like you've never eaten before." Shayera looked up at her and narrowed her eyes, "Listen, this is the first thing I've been able to keep down over the past twenty-four hours so I don't want to hear it. Thanagarians have a much higher metabolism rate so I would eat more than an average human in one sitting. Besides I've only eaten four so far; that's hardly a lot." Rachel rolled her eyes, "Let's just get this paperwork over with. I don't want to have to deal with your horrible eating habits any longer than I have to. Maybe you should learn some manners and chew with your mouth closed." "I do too chew with my mouth closed," she replied with her mouth full. Rachel gave her an incredulous look, "Don't talk with your mouth full. What are you like five-years-old?" She then shook her head as she took a file folder out of her bag and slapped it down onto the coffee table between them. She took one of the documents out and read from it, "Full legal name." "Shayera Hol." "How do you spell it?" Shayera rolled her eyes and snatched the paper and pen away. Rachel took the paper back, once she had finished writing her name, and stared at it dubiously, "You call this chicken scratch penmanship? I've seen two-year-olds write neater than this." "If there's a problem with my handwriting then get another damn paper so you can write instead." "Good thing I printed spare copies. No one would have been able to read this," she took out another paper and began to decipher Shayera's writing. "Is that a 'j' between those two squiggles?" "What are you talking about?" The Thanagarian leaned over and looked at the letter Rachel was pointing at. She looked up and frowned at the attorney, "That's a 'y' in between an 'e' and 'a'. Can't you read?" "Yeah I can read when it's written in actual legible English," Rachel muttered with an eyeroll. "Alright date of birth." Shayera could feel her face heat up. Despite her actual age, Shayera was still considered young in terms for being a Thanagarian. That didn't mean that she was considered young on Earth. "What's wrong now?" "You're not going to laugh at my age are you?" Shayera sincerely asked. "I'm a lot older than I look." "What's the date of birth?" She asked. When Shayera didn't seem forthcoming with an answer, Rachel sighed, "I promise that I will not laugh." Shayera nervously cleared her throat and swallowed before answering, "September 19." Rachel nodded as she wrote it down, "Ok and the year?" Shayera diverted her gaze as she slowly and quietly answered, "1920." Rachel slowly looked up at the Thanagarian across from her, "You're telling me that you're nearly 89?" "I told you that I'm older than I look." "Cougar," Rachel muttered but instead of anger she saw confusion on Shayera's face. "Most people compare me with birds not cats," she tilted her head quizzically. "I don't get it." "It's for the best then. Trust me," Rachel stated and waved her off. "Were you ever made a permanent resident in the US or any other country on Earth?" "No, at least, I don't think so," Shayera gave her a confused look as she answered. "What is a permanent resident?" "Never mind, let's move on. Alright current address. I'll need the street name, apartment number, state, city, county, country, and zip code." Shayera just blankly stared at her for a moment, "I don't know the address. I've lived there for almost two years but I don't understand Earth addresses honestly. I'm sure Bruce knows John's address and can tell you what it is." "You don't even know your fiancé's address," Rachel sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "It doesn't matter at this point. Have a Social Security number at all?" Shayera raised an eyebrow, "A what number?" "Skip that question then," Rachel then paused for a moment. "Just as a little reference for myself, do you know anything about the US constitution or American history?" "No, why?" "That's just fantastic," she replied with an unamused expression. "You need to take a civics test too like everyone else." "What kind of a test?" Rachel deeply inhaled and dropped her head into her hands, "You've gotta be shitting me, this is going to be a doozy. I'm going to need a really strong drink after this is all over." Shayera rolled her eyes and muttered, "You're telling me."
Alien v2 Ch. 11Shayera sat in the hallway of the courthouse. She looked down as she began to chew her bottom lip. To say she was nervous about the hearing would have been an understatement. She just hoped that this all wasn't going to be a waste. She knew she was being ridiculous but somehow that didn't stop her nerves. Deep breathing, counting to ten, none of it worked; she was still nervous. The last time she had felt this nervous was when she waited for the League's vote after the Thanagarian Invasion and she had been mentally preparing her resignation. She had been through countless of deadlier situations before and had never been this nervous. She couldn't comprehend how something like this could completely unnerve her. Shayera frowned as she sat there on the bench. She looked up at the doors to the courtroom and sighed. She was getting bored from sitting there alone as well. Bruce had told her to sit there and wait to be called; if she was needed. He also told her that if she saw anyone from the press to hightail it and hide somewhere out of sight. Entering through the backdoor had been Bruce's idea of a good entrance. No one had seen them enter so his plan was working so far. The paparazzi currently weren't chasing them after all. Rachel was the one who had first expressed concern about Shayera entering the courtroom and Bruce had agreed with her notion. She had said that they couldn't risk Shayera losing her temper in there and making matters worse. So here she was, alone. The clothing she wore didn't help her mood either. She never felt comfortable wearing dresses or skirts and it added to her agitation. Also Bruce's choice of designer wear wasn't up her alley. For the past three hours she had been constantly fidgeting, trying to get everything to fit correctly. The black Panelled Pencil Dress he chose for her was tight around her waist and she had to continuously pull it down whenever she stood up or sat down. She was getting a headache from listening to the jangle of the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Set of Three Freeform Bangles around her wrist. Shayera felt like tearing them off and throwing them at Bruce. The only thing she did like was the necklace that Rachel had picked for her. The 2028 Jewelry Heart of Gold Large Vintage Locket Necklace was more her style. Something that was nice but not grabbing for everyone's attention. It was light and didn't bother her unlike the rest of her outfit. Though the major complaint she had were the shoes, a pair of black Coloriffics Women's Avalon Slingback Pumps. When she had gone on that date with Carter years ago she wore heels that were barely a half inch tall and she had nearly tripped over herself with those. Rachel had now given her a two inch heel to wear. Shayera was practically grabbing onto everything she could so that she wouldn't fall and crack her head open. Thankfully, when she had tripped earlier, Bruce had the reflexes to catch her before she had the chance to hurt herself. Currently the shoes were making the backs of her ankles itchy. Shayera had always hated waiting. She was an extremely impatient woman by nature but today she felt even more antsy than normal. Her nerves were strained to their limits and the constant tension in her body made her unable to sit still. She glanced at the courtroom doors again. Stupid, useless humans. Always bothering her when she wanted peace and quiet but never there when she wanted or needed them. Though John was willing to be there with her except for the fact that she told him not to come and she now felt terrible for doing so. She had reasoned with him that he had to take her monitor duty shift and he had his own shift right after. He agreed with her even though she could tell he had done so very reluctantly. It would have been easy to find someone to replace them for monitor duty after all. She always had to be more stubborn than necessary. Shayera bit her lower lip and lightly mumbled a Thanagarian swear under her breath. It shouldn't be taking so long. She forced herself to take several deep breaths and leaned stiffly back against the bench. She was starting to feel nauseous and she knew her nerves were not helping things. She started to tap her foot on the ground but the sound soon gave her a headache. She resorted to idly tapping her fingers against the bench. Eventually the door opened and Shayera sprang to her feet. Rachel and Bruce stepped out, neither of them looking pleased but not particularly angry either. She looked at them curiously. "What happened?" Shayera finally asked. "Nothing," Rachel stated bluntly though she sounded annoyed. "Absolutely nothing! The judges are going to look over the paperwork in more detail, as they put it, and get in touch with me to schedule the next hearing. I'm warning you that they'll have you in there talking next time. You're going to have to defend yourself and your reasons for trying to obtain citizenship to them. You're going to need to be very civilized in there." "Then they'll decide?" She asked. "Yes," Rachel answered. "And if they deny it?" Shayera asked with a light frown. "They won't," Bruce gruffly stated. "We'll make sure of that." ______________________________________ Once home, and changed into more comfortable clothes consisting of a t-shirt and shorts, Shayera sat on the end of the couch. She was sitting with her back uncomfortably against the armrest as she was eating crackers, hoping to stave off her nausea. She popped a cracker in her mouth and sighed heavily at the movie John had turned on. "Come on John, really? You're making us watch Old Yeller again?" Shayera held her hand out to him. "Hand over that remote." John had mumbled something, rather lowly. It was borderline incomprehensible whatever he had said. Shayera could tell it was a monosyllabic word so the meaning of it was rather obvious. A simple implication that he wouldn't give up the remote so easily. Shayera narrowed her eyes at him as she tossed the box of crackers onto the coffee table, "What did you say to me?" John looked over to see that she was in fact smirking at him. The Green Lantern likewise smirked as he grabbed the remote and held it away from her. "Come and get it if you want it that bad." Shayera's smirk turned into a sly one as she moved on top of John reached for the device, "Give me that remote Lantern." "You'll have to do better than that Shay," he teased her as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "I have my ways don't worry," she whispered to him and then pulled him into a kiss.John felt her hand run up his side and then slowly up his arm. That was when he realized what she was doing. John felt like smirking as he flicked the center of her back, right in between her wings. The Thanagarian immediately jolted and let go of his arm. Shayera scowled as she saw the cocky grin on John's face, "I hate it when you do that." John continued to grin as he tightened the one arm wrapped around her, "What can I say? It's effective and efficient." Shayera lightly rolled her eyes as she smirked, "Now you sound like me." He kissed her cheek, "You've rubbed off on me." The two were about to go in for another kiss before both of their commlinks went off, causing them both to groan. "What?" They both snapped into their respective commlinks. "Well, aren't we overly friendly today?" Mister Terrific's sarcastically commented. "Oh, well, you know us. We're always pleasant and friendly," Shayera just as sarcastically retorted. John could hear the eyeroll as Terrific spoke again, "Anyway, we need both of you in New York City. Star Sapphire, Sinestro, Ultra-Humanite, Firefly, and Killer Frost are causing chaos throughout the city." "Alright give Shayera thirty seconds to grab her mace and you can teleport both of us directly there," John said to him. "Roger that," Terrific replied as the commlinks went silent. Shayera got off of John and stretched as she walked towards the bedroom, "So much for relaxing." John gave her an amused look as he summoned his power ring, "When do we ever get a day off?" "I don't think we ever have honestly," she replied as she entered the bedroom. "Who do we complain to about that?" "I mean the majority of the funding for the Justice League does come from Wayne Enterprises," John shrugged. "Guess that makes Bruce our boss in a sense." Shayera was smirking as she walked out of the bedroom with her mace in hand, "I'll file a complaint with Mister Wayne then." "Careful, he might stop helping you get your citizenship," he quipped. Shayera waved him off as she continued to smirk, "Bruce is too much of a teddy bear to do that." "I dare you to say that to him," John slyly smirked at her. "You're on Lantern," Shayera countered as they were both teleported away.
Alien v2 Ch. 12The sudden shift of Shayera cuddling against him woke John up. He laid quietly in bed, listening to the sound of breathing coming from the body snuggled up against his own. It wasn't every day that he was awake before her. He looked over at the digital clock. It was quarter to six and John internally cringed at how early he had woken up. She shifted a bit and pressed her body further against his as she wrapped an arm tightly around him. John looked down at the Thanagarian. Shayera had been more spaced out than usual the past three days. She had been like that for nearly three weeks but it seemed to be hitting an all time high now. John knew Shayera clearly had something weighing on her mind. He wished that she would just talk to him but reminded himself that he was dealing with Shayera. He lightly sighed and moved one of her bangs away from her face. "John," she groggily mumbled as her eyes fluttered open. She lightly stretched out her body but remained glued to his side, "What time is it?" "Too early, go back to sleep Shay," he muttered. Shayera lightly shook her head, "Not a chance, I'm awake." "You don't have to be awake though," John commented. Shayera softly chuckled against him, "Very cute John, you know how light of a sleeper I am." "Well I know that I'm going back to sleep," he said but then felt Shayera move from his side and lay directly on top of him. Shayera slyly smirked, "Who gave you permission to do that?" John wrapped his arms around her waist as he smirked back, "Didn't think I needed permission." Shayera kissed him before breaking it off after a few seconds, "Well I say that you need permission." The two went in for another kiss before both of their commlinks went off. Shayera let out a frustrated groan and John rolled his eyes. "Meet in the main hall conference room now," they both could hear, by his tone, that Superman sounded somewhat irritated. "Shay," he said softy as the Thanagarian moved to her side of the bed and buried her face into her pillow. "I don't wanna go," she mumbled. "Tell them I'm sick." "You sick? That'll never fly," he kissed the top of her head. "Come on Shayera, we have to go." "But John," Shayera moved her head so that only one eye could be seen. "Come on, the meeting can't take that long," he moved to get out of bed only to be pulled back down. "Shayera!" She just gave him a sly smile before pulling his head down until their lips met in a soft kiss. When he was finally released from her grasp, John knew that he had a grin on his face. "Loved the kiss but bribery won't work. We still have to go." He pulled her out of bed as she groaned. ___________________________________________ "So anyone know why we're here?" Wally asked as he looked around the table consisting of six out of the seven founding members. "I mean Big Blue called us all in here and he's still not even here yet. What gives?" Diana shrugged, "Superman must have a good reason. He doesn't call meetings like this very often anymore." "Agreed," J'onn stated with a light nod. "Superman is not one to waste our time with trivial matters." "Yeah since he only called us in here at least ten times a week when Luthor was around," Shayera sarcastically added as she crossed her arms over she chest. "I can't imagine what he wants this early in the morning." Wally shrugged, "Maybe he finally told Lois his secret identity and he couldn't wait to tell us. Why are you guys looking at me like that? It's possible! What do you think Bats?" Wally nudged Batman with his elbow. Bruce in turn slowly looked over at him and darkly glared at the speedster. Wally nervously smiled back and scooted a few inches away. "Right, you seem like you're in a bad mood so I'm just going to leave you alone now." "We mustn't cut into his brooding time," Diana joked as she smirked over to Bruce but his frown only deepened. "Oh come on Bruce, it's been awhile since all seven founding members were together in one room at the same time." "You can have your little reunion by yourselves. It's a waste of my time," he curtly replied as he narrowed his eyes. "I have better things to do than sit here and wait for Kent to show up. I know what he's calling us here for and I'm already working on fixing it." "If you know so much then please enlighten the rest of us," John gestured with his hand for Bruce to continue. "Read Gotham Gazette's front page," Clark said as he stomped in, slapping the paper down on the table. Engaged Hawkgirl Seeking Citizenship With the Help of Gotham's #1 Billionaire Bruce Wayne! By Vicki Vale "Is there something the three of you would like to share with us?" Clark asked with a raised eyebrow. "I've read the article and there's a few things you three have kept from the rest of us these past two weeks." His gaze shifted towards Shayera and John as he continued, "Like you two getting engaged and having Bruce help Shayera obtain an U.S. citizenship." "Oh no," Shayera mumbled as she pinched the bridge of her nose. This wasn't supposed to happen; this wasn't supposed to go public. She then glared at Bruce. "You said this wouldn't happen." "Alright, it's about time!" Wally fist pumped but received stares from the other six. He looked around with a small smile, "I'm happy for them and I don't see why you guys aren't. You can't say you didn't see this eventually coming. They already fight like an old married couple." "Flash does have a good point. Something like this was inevitable," Diana said as Wally beamed at her. "I don't see the big deal in this really. It's a matter of privacy after all and we should respect that. I'm sure they were going to tell us when they were ready to." J'onn spoke up, "Marriage is a time of happiness, not anger. I'm sure their intentions were not meant to be malicious in any way." "I know that. It's just that the two of you should have told the rest of us. I mean," Clark had a hint of disappointment in his tone as he sighed. "We all agreed that we consider each other as family and I thought we were going to be honest and not keep secrets on matters that are this important." "We didn't mean to not tell you guys. It was a spur of a moment decision on our part and we readily take the blame for that. We were going to tell you guys only if we got the marriage license. Obviously we didn't," John said as he then gestured to Shayera. "It was her idea." "Yet you willingly agreed with me," she retorted as she frowned. "Still, how did this get on the front page? We were very careful. There's no way this should have gotten out." "Perhaps Ms. Vale had seen the two of you together and bribed someone to talk," J'onn theorized. "I didn't see her at all." Bruce stated. "Neither did I," Shayera affirmed. Bruce continued, "I don't think she personally saw us though. If she had seen us then she would have made a scene so that everyone else would take notice. Stealthy reporting isn't her style but playing dirty is. I can easily see her paying someone if they offered her the information." "Then someone with a personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne must have went to her and told her everything they knew about the situation," John said with a frown. He knew Shayera was most likely mortified right now. He knew that she didn't want her personal life thrown out for the viewing pleasure of the public. "Thinking about it from a reporter's view point, someone thought they had the story of the century and sold it to her," Clark opined. "Big stories often equal a lot of money. I've seen it plenty of times at the Daily Planet. If someone thinks they can get famous or rich quick then they'll spill their guts out. Nothing talks more than the possibility of a lot of money and notoriety." "What about your ex-girlfriend that's helping us?" Shayera asked Bruce. "She's the only one that knows almost every single detail and, from what I've seen, you two aren't on the best of terms. Lawyers are cutthroat; it's part of their job description." "Rachel wouldn't tell anyone," Bruce said defensively as he glared at the Thanagarian sitting next to him. "She wouldn't do something like that. I know and trust her. Vicki Vale has her own vendetta against Bruce Wayne, along with a whole line of other women and disgruntled former business partners. It could have been anyone. It could be someone with a vendetta against Hawkgirl and there's plenty of people on this planet that hold a grudge against you." "Asshole," Shayera glared at him. "If it makes you feel better than keep telling yourself that." "How about we not point fingers?" Clark suggested, trying to calm down the Thanagarian and Dark Knight "What's done is done. Arguing amongst each other isn't going to undo or change anything. We have to concentrate on helping you out Shayera. Everyone here wants to see you and John happy." "Thanks for the offer but Bruce has it covered," Shayera answered. "Or at least I thought he did." "It's not Bruce's fault that this happened," Diana said to her with a light frown. "Take your anger out on Vale when you see her. She's the one who wrote this" "When we catch the person that told her, you can be the first one to deal with them." Clark offered. "We need to find Vale before she writes anymore articles," Bruce stated. "There's no telling if she knows about the other situation." Shayera narrowed her eyes at Bruce, "Keep your mouth shut Bruce." "Either you grow a pair and tell them or I will," he threatened as he returned the glare. "I'm sure you don't want everyone, especially John, finding out because it's another headline on the newspaper. The choice is yours. Who are they going to hear it from, you or me?" "You wouldn't dare!" Shayera growled but Bruce remained unfazed. "Shayera, what is he talking about?" John asked her. Bruce answered instead, "She's pregnant." Perhaps Bruce shouldn't have been so surprised that Shayera had tackled him and slammed his back against the wall. Within seconds he could feel that his neck was pinned by her right forearm. He attempted to struggle against her iron hold but the Thanagarian wasn't budging in the slightest; even as Wally and Diana were trying to pry her off of him. Wally had grabbed onto Shayera's left arm, as she had reared it back to punch the Dark Knight. Diana on the other hand had placed the Thanagarian in a light chokehold. "You son of a bitch! You swore you wouldn't say anything!" Shayera yelled as she struggled against the two founders. The next thing anyone knew, a green light wrapped itself around Shayera as John flew them both out of the room. They all could tell by the scowl on his face that John was not happy. Batman grunted as he fell to the ground. He slowly stood as he massaged his throat and muttered, "That could have went better." "Why did you tell?" Diana asked Bruce as she tilted her head. "It's not like you to do something like this." "Out of pure concern, she's been on active duty since she found out," he stated with a frown. "What if something happened to her during a fight?" "Her body is more resilient than a human's," J'onn stated. "Though I do see your point. She's completely Thanagarian but the child is only half. The hybrid pregnancy does pose a slight threat to their health as we do not know what to expect. We also face countless amounts of danger everyday." "Exactly," Bruce started. "If our enemies found out that she's pregnant, what would they be willing do to get to us through her? Anyone could use her to even get to John in a heartbeat. It's a matter of her own safety." ___________________________________________ John had carried Shayera across the Watchtower, not caring who saw them. He entered an unoccupied elevator, turned off the power, and released her. Shayera could tell that John was seething and honestly she could care less. She wanted to get to Batman and rip him apart piece by piece. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked her. "This is why you've been acting so strange and being so spaced out recently, isn't it? Why couldn't you have just told me?" She remained silent and averted her gaze. He took a deep breath and sighed, "How long have you known?" "Roughly two weeks," she quietly answered. "Turn the power back on and let me out." "No," He stated as he moved in front of her to block her path. Shayera scowled, "I am stronger than you and I will force my way out if I have to." "How come Bruce knew and I didn't? You seem to be able to confide in him more than me." "He only knows because he's the one that performed that stupid blood test on me. He found out when I found out." "When were you going to tell me exactly?" He asked as his eyes narrowed and crossed his arms over his chest. "I was going to tell you!" "What when it became blatantly obvious?" Both of them were raising their voices. They both knew the screaming match was soon going to start if they weren't careful. John then raised an eyebrow, "Wait, this is why you wanted to get married so quickly. You would never have asked me to get married if you weren't pregnant." Shayera frowned and glared at him, "That is not true! I would never do something like that to you." "Oh because you have such a great track record with not lying," he sarcastically retorted as he rolled his eyes. "If you can confide so well with Bruce than maybe you should just marry him instead." "I'd be better off," she muttered. "I should have just taken my chances and returned to Thanagar after the Thanagarian Invasion." John's frown deepened, "Not like the people of Earth would have missed you though I can't imagine you having it much better on that planet of yours." "Oh believe me I'd have it so much better than here," Shayera rolled her eyes. "I don't see how." "First off, you humans are the most pathetic creatures I have ever met," she scathingly commented. "Secondly, at least on Thanagar I wouldn't be having some wingless half-breed. You humans are inferior to us Thanagarians in every single way possible." "Then go back to where you belong with the rest of the filthy hawks!" John snapped at her. Immediately her eyes widened and he winced at his own words. John didn't know what possessed him to say that. He was angry and hurt. He simply lashed out without thinking. He didn't mean to call her a filthy hawk. John swallowed as he tentatively reached out to grab her hand, "Shayera, I didn't mean-" "Save it," she moved away out of his reach as her voice cracked and she clenched her fists. Shayera could take other people insulting her. It wasn't new for her to be hated but being hated by him was a new thing entirely. He had always been her rock but now he was like all of the others that hated her for what and who she was. Shayera silently moved around him towards the control panel and John quickly grabbed her wrist to stop her. Just as soon as he did this, she nailed him on the right cheek with a left cross that sent him flying against the wall. Stunned, he cracked open his eyes to see the elevator door opening and her exiting. He shut his eyes tight together as his head started to throb. He then heard the door open once again. "I thought I told you not to screw it up with her?" A feminine voice said to him. John groaned as he opened his eyes to a blurry orange image. He blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. In front of him stood Vixen, who did not look amused. "Mari," John quietly said as he rubbed the back of his head. She was the last person he wanted to deal with at the moment. "Getting her angry is never a good idea," she stated with a smirk. "Thought I'd let you know." "Thanks for info," he sarcastically responded with an eyeroll. "Not to be rude but why do you care?" "Unlike the two of us, Shayera and I are still good friends," Mari said while helping him up. "What did you do to get her so upset?" "What I did?" John sounded insulted. "More like what she did!" Mari rolled her eyes, "Great the blame game. It seems I'm going to get nowhere fast with you." "You still haven't fully answered my question." "I don't like seeing my friends hurt," she replied with a light frown. "How about you and I go have a little talk? I think you could use it. Obviously you need to blow off some steam before you try to talk to her again." John frowned as he muttered, "Assuming that I want to."
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'Citizens are urged to factcheck their town' - RNNRecent studies have been showing that many towns may actually be what many urban geographers and biologists have deemed “pseudo-towns”. These so-called pseudo-towns may appear to be normal and at worst a little out-dated, as if no one cared about aesthetics, but beneath the surface these towns have visceral secrets...hidden below. By visceral...we mean that literally a few feet below the surface, these towns have massive muscle-like structures that hold them up. Though this depends per town since it’s believed that there tons of these “pseudo-towns” since the abundance of reports keep increasing by the day and some believe because of the massive biological differences between some of these towns there is no one origin of these “pseudo-town”. One theory is that there were multiple organisms that decided to just become a town. Oddly enough, though, usually these towns either have no history on how they were founded or, conversely, had a rich history of how they were founded. Though these towns are oddly peaceful and the towns themselves don’t really do anything to “harm” the citizens in it. Comparing normal towns to these “pseudo-towns”, some studies have shown that “pseudo-towns” actually have; better water quality, abundance of resources (normally nonrenewable resources like coal are expelled by the “pseudo-towns”), lower crime rates, great air quality, large amount of biodiversity, and finally having an unusually high average when it comes to test scores. Many people have realized these facts and have actually decided to move into these “pseudo-towns”. The main reason the government is targeting these towns according to some sources is that most have a person known as “the town accountant” who’s usually just a part of a strange creature that is “pseudo-town”, this “accountant” usually figures a way to dodge taxes and embezzle funds but..then allots said funds in a way that benefits the town. Actually, the efficiency of these “accountants” plans has left most economists puzzled as they usually make more money than they use on funding. The overall benefits these towns bring to their neighboring towns are so large that this is one of the main reasons the government hasn’t decided to demolish them or evacuate the citizens there, according to the vice-president. Finally, we are legally obligated to say if you find any sign that your hometown or a town you passed by may be one of these “pseudo-towns” that you must report them to your local state via their state-specific “report a pseudo town” or via phone call. But we believe in the next few days that state-funded accountants and pseudo-towns’ accountants will work together to fix this taxing problem....
The Grandchampionship: FRED VS. SHADOW!It was the 1969th Grand-championship; the crowd was roaring and cheering loudly in the packed stadium which surrounded a rectangular dirt field which was the battle arena. This year’s championship was nearing its end, as the competition had reached the top twenty-four contestants. Only twelve would make it through to the next round. The last battle of the top 24 was about to begin, and it was a promising fight. Two rookie superstars were about to clash head-to-head in what might have been the most anticipated and sought after fight of the entire competition. It was Fred “The Goofy Monster” Johnson, the rookie champion of the imperial boxing and wrestling federations who stemmed from a long line of athletes who had been winning one regional championship after another, versus Shadow the Shadow Monster, the mysterious protege of the Prime Minster’s who too has been making waves in the fighting circuit for his championship wins as well. Both of these contestants were of equal power level, yet that is all they had in common. The fighters returned the arena from opposite sides, introduced by the announcers not he side-field. Fred was the first to enter, as he waved confidently and enthusiastic to his adoring legions of fans and supporters. He stood at 6’ 5” with an extremely thin and slender body which was about three inches in circumference. He had orange fur around his long, skinny torso which had a florescent, neon-green spiral running up from the hips leading up to the single horn on top of his head which pointed backwards. His head consisted of a large nose with went upward at an angle with the same bright orange fur; his facial features were covered-up by the fur to be visible. His long, skinny arms were covered in more fur; a hot, neon pink color, and purple boxing gloves with straps leading up to the elbows. He stood up short legs which situated themselves outward to the sides with looped feet; his legs were also covered in the orange fur. Fred was indeed a strange and goofy looking monster to behold. On the other end of the arena, Shadow entered the arena. While the crowd cheered for him, he stood in stoic silences. He too stood at 6’ 5” His thick arms were crossed, as he stood at the starting position; he had three fingers on each hand. His feet were large with three long toes with curled slightly upwards. His head was also large in proportion, with a short neck, to the rest of his body with triangular, glowing red eyes which shined brightly. His skin was pitch black; he was made of shadows which swirled around in an ever-shifting motion. He glared at his new opponent who then walked up to him like a sportsmen. “Hey,” Fred said in his soft, nasally yet somehow high pitched voice, “let’s have a good fight, kay?” Shadow looked at his outstretched hand before he calmly replied, “I’ll have a good time pummeling you into the dirt.”...

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S. 2 Ep. 6 Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I bring you the sixth episode of MISS KOBAYASHI'S DRAGON MAID! In the first of three segments, Shouta is tired of Lucoa seemingly teasing him all the time and treating him like a child. So he constructs various schemes to try and expose her weaknesses to get her to respect him more. Shouta goes about this by spying on her with hidden cameras, making her drink coffee, and having her walk near a scary dog, but these plans all backfire. The young mage finally goes to Tohru and Kobayashi for advice, but Tohru explains how Lucoa is the kind of dragon that doesn't stay in one place for very long, meaning she stays around for Shouta. It's then Luqua happens to stop by Kobayashi's apartment, and Shouta tells her he's going home. On the walk home, Lucoa explains she heard his conversation with Tohru and how she would have told him her weakness if he asked. Shouta finally understands that Lucoa does respect him; she stays with him because he asked her to when he first summoned her. Even though she still treats him like a child, he understands that she means well. In the second segment, Takiya's parents are about to visit. Fafnir won't leave the apartment because of a new game he just bought. Takiya doesn't want the awkward situation of Fafnir and his parents' meeting, so he asks Tohru for advice over the phone. She explains that the only way she knows to get him to do what you want is BY FORCE! Tohru sums this explanation up by describing how she and Fafnir first met, as she was trying to sleep in his cavern, and the two fought one another until they proved their strength to one another. This advice is no help to a mere human like Takiya, so he turns to Lucoa for help, but she's out of town, so Shouta comes over with some advice instead. Shouta explains that because Fafnir allows Takiya to call him by a nickname, aka 'Faf-kun,' he can form a pact with him, and Shouta even gives him an orb of his magic to do so in exchange for teaching Shouta how to be a cool adult. Takiya gives the ORB Shouta gave him to Fafnir, but he doesn't force him into a pact. Fafnir eats it but explains it wouldn't have done anything to him regardless as it wasn't nearly powerful enough. Takiya asks Fafnir why he allows him to call him by Faf-Kun, and Fafnir goes on about how dragons didn't always have the concept of adults and children. In the past, dragons fend for themselves, and it wasn't until they intermingled with humans they began to act more like humans. Fafnir was curious about how Tohru came to this world to live among a human-like Kobayashi. Although Fafnir lies about this being just dragons pretending to be humans, Takiya calls him out on the lie, and Fafnir relents. Fafnir agrees to leave the apartment if Takiya can beat him in a game. And finally, a kid in Kanna's class brags about going where two rivers meet, but Saikawa says it's no big deal. She then accepts his challenge to go there herself and take pictures as proof, to which she agrees. Kanna tells her she'll come along with her, and the two take packed lunches for their journey up the river. They see a great many sights, like a weird man excited about a flattened soccer ball landing on his head, people barbequing along the riverside, etc. They stop for lunch, and Saikawa tries to sneak a kiss with Kanna but gets overly excited and fails at the last second each time. They continue their journey to where the rivers meet but find Elma bathing in the river without her PERCEPTION BLOCK activated. Saikawa tries to get a picture with the phone her older sister, Georgie, lent her, but Kanna blocks her shot until Elma was out of sight. Soon, the two finally arrive at their destination, and a kind elderly couple offers to take their picture. Later at school, Saikawa tries to tell the kids in her class that she saw a river monster, but they don't believe her. Saikawa tries to have Kanna tell them it's true, but Kanna simply says it was just CG, much to Saikawa's dismay. Thoughts? This episode was quite the wholesome one. It had an enduring atmosphere with matching segments with various dragons growing closer to their human best friends. The author of this series likes doing this, having entire volumes of the manga dedicated to a central theme, and I loved how this episode encapsulated that aspect of the series. My only real complaint would be it was slow; it didn't drag or anything, but it was just slow-paced. Overall, it was a near-perfect episode. Total Score: 4.9 out of 5.0, NEAR PERFECT!
CHAINSAW MAN VOL. 1 REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is the Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome back to Manga Review! Today, I'll be reviewing volume 1 of what has to be the hottest manga series out there right now, and soon-to-be anime, CHAINSAW MAN! You all have NO idea how hard it was to get this volume! I've been looking for months, and this volume of the series is hard to find! So I ordered it online, only to find out it was for sale at a store nearby, but luckily, my copy came the day after that sorry revelation. After reading it, I have to say I get the hype because this series rocks! From the creator of Fire Punch, a series I've seen on shelves but never bothered to look further into, comes CHAINSAW MAN! It's about Denji, a poor young man with his pet devil dog Pochita who had the side-gig of a devil hunter. He's taken up this dangerous job because of the massive debt his dead father left behind to the yakuza, who kill devils and sell their body parts on the black market. Denji gets called to a job where he discovered his bosses made a deal with the wrong devil. The yakuza wanted the devil's power, and he gladly gave it to them, but the devil in the question was THE ZOMBIE DEVIL, who turns people into zombies. The evil devil has his undead minions chop Denji and Pochita into pieces, but by ingesting Denji's blood, Pochita and Denji merge into CHAINSAW MAN! With Pochita now living inside him, Denji uses his newfound power to massacre everyone in sight, destroys his debt, and gets picked up by a mysterious girl working for the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Her name is Makima, and she takes him in as her pet dog to work for the Public Safety Devil Hunters. After stopping at a rest stop diner and saving a little girl from a manipulative MUSCLE DEVIL, Denji starts his new life in Tokyo. Denji's assigned to a squad under the leadership of Akihayakawa, who is also his new roommate. These two do not get along and even get into a fight. Yet after a mission where he dispatches a fiend, a devil who possessed a dead body, Denji realizes he's accomplished his simple dream of a better life with eating jam and having been hugged by a pretty girl. Now Denji sets his sights on a new life goal: TOUCH A GIRL'S BOOB! Yeah, his asperations are pretty low, but what do you expect from a guy who knew nothing but being poor and whose only friend in life was a chainsaw devil dog? Anyway, Denji then gets paired with a new girl, POWER! Yes, her name is POWER! She's a fiend, a body possessed by the BLOOD DEVIL, and Denji takes this opportunity to try and find a way to TOUCH A GIRL'S CHEST! Again, not the brightest tool in the shed here, BUT IT'S ALL HE HAS! Anyway, Denji's paired up with her by Akiahayakawa because she's a fiend, and she gives off a scent that warns other devils. If the two can't get the job done, the experimental squad they're in will be disbanded, and the two will be killed by the Public Safety people. Power then tells Denji about how a devil has her pet cat hostage, and with the promise of free boob touching, he agrees to help her. It turns out to be a trap, where Power delivers Denji to THE BAT DEVIL, the biggest devil yet to be seen in the series so far. He drinks Denji's blood to regrow his missing arm so he can go on a rampage, and he double-crosses Power by swallowing her cat whole. At least the cat part was true, right? Anyway, the BAT DEVIL swallows Power whole, but Denji hangs onto the devil's leg as it flies towards the city, and turns into CHAiNSAW MAN! To be continued! Thoughts? I loved it! The characters were well defined, and I liked how Denji's not the typical Shonen protagonist. He's not fighting for a dream, as he's already achieved it but is now making smaller goals in life to help move forward. That, for me, makes him more relatable than most characters, more true to life. And sure, these goals may be questionable at best, but it's better than nothing. The character development and world-building were, therefore, excellent! The art was worthy of being hung in a gallery with rough yet stylish linework that helps sell the grittiness of the story and its setting, especially during the fight scenes. My only real complaint would be that the pacing was far too fast in this volume, especially in the first half. I mean, sure, we, the reader, do get to know Denji and his life's struggles before he gets killed and got his powers, but it still felt like reading a bullet-point presentation of a story, as it just fast-forwards through the plot. Overall, however, this was a great read and I look forward to more, as I think this series is up to six volumes here in the US by now? Total Score: 4.9 out of 5.0, NEAR-PERFECT!
Mulan (2020) Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I bring I have to do this? I am not excited about this at all. Alright,'s the Mulan live-action remake review. If I want to be honest about this whole thing, I don't want to do a plot summary for this film. Because, in comparison to the original, the plot of this remake is so stupid, but I guess I have no choice in the matter. So the film begins in ancient China where Mulan is an above-average girl with special chi powers, but she can't show off her special chi powers because she's a girl. Because ancient China is sexist, Mulan can't be a warrior like her hero father, who she looks up to a great deal. When she grows up, she fails at the arranged marriage stuff because she showed off her special chi powers trying to save a tea set which pissed off the matchmaker. Oh yeah, sure, I just saved your precious tea set, and this is how you thank me? Thanks a lot, lady. Meanwhile, the Hans begin their invasion of China, capturing a fort with the help of a witch with special chi powers and who is a woman! The witch disguises herself as a soldier and makes it to the capital to have an audience with the emperor. Instead of just killing the emperor because he's within range of her throwing daggers, she instead gives him a message because the movie needs to happen. And blah blah blah, the emperor decrees that one man from every family to join the army, Mulan's father volunteers despite being cripple, and Mulan runs away at night with her father’s armor under an assumed name. The entire sequence is all done oh so overly dramatic and not as impressive as the original. Then we go into the training segment of the film, except it isn't nearly as funny with forced, unfunny jokes and stiff acting. One guy gets kicked out of the army for cheating, but Mulan shows off her special chi powers that impresses everyone because they think she's a man! Blah blah blah, the big battle happens, Mulan fights the witch who inspires her to be herself, and she kicks the idiot army's butt while the big-bad gets away. Her people find out she's a woman and banish her, and in yet another overly dramatic sequence, Mulan cries atop a mountain before the witch finds her. Because the witch is literally a plot device to help move the plot forward, the witch tells Mulan about the Hans' plans to sneak into the capital and kill the emperor. Why they didn't just have the witch kill him in the first place is beyond me. I mean, sure, it was personal, but SHE WAS RIGHT THERE! Anyway, Mulan tells her army buddies, they immediately believe her with little hesitation because she's "special," and they go foil the assassination plot. Mulan goes to fight the big bad and save the emperor, and the witch sacrifices herself to block an arrow from hitting Mulan even though in the last action scene, we all saw Mulan dodging arrows, thus making this sacrifice pointless. In the most underwhelming climactic fight scene ever, Mulan saves the emperor after a lengthy fight, kills him with his own arrow, and saves the fricking day. Mulan is branded a hero, goes home, THE END! And that was the Mulan Live-Action remake, and it was by far the second worse live-action modern remake to date! Sure, The Lion King remake is still worse, but it doesn't make Mulan any less of an infuriating watch. Before I get into what's wrong with the film, here's a list of what's good about it: The acting, although stiff most of the time, was good. The actors tried their best and had some moments of stellar acting amongst a sea of stiff, overly dramatic/serious performances. The cinematography, although overly dramatic at times, was beautiful. It was by far the best part of the movie, with sweeping shots of the beautiful Chinese landscapes. The special effects were mostly great, with only two effects being terrible. The first would be the phoenix which started following Mulan around during the third act, and that one moment where the witch turns into a flock of bats. That effect was just BAD! The musical score was overall excellent, but they shouldn't have gone with the "Reflections" for the dramatic inspirational battle music. The costume design was excellent. Now for the list of what was wrong with this movie. Yes, I touched upon them already, but allow me to further explain: The plot was boring. Enough said. The fight scenes were boring. Enough said. Yet another film with a forced feminist agenda. How many times do I have to explain this: "MEN BAD, WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING" ISN'T TRUE FEMINISM, HOLLYWOOD! How many times have I said this! The plot was dumb. Once again, the witch could have just killed the emperor right at the beginning of the movie with ease. She could have tangled him up in her sleeves and throw a dagger at him, MOVIE OVER! Not to mention that the witch was just a plot device to move the plot forward, showing lazy writing at its best. The witch was nothing more than an evil Mulan that moved the plot forward: she got the ball rolling in the beginning, she inspired Mulan to be herself, and she told Mulan where the enemy, aka her boss, was! And finally, the film take decide what it wanted to be in terms of genre. It was trapped between being a serious action drama and a family friendly fantasy film with the phoenix showing up out of nowhere. This for me was the biggest downfall of this movie, that it tried pleasing both American and Chinese audiences and failed at both. Overall, this movie sucked, but it wasn't the worse thing ever. It had its shining moments of good acting, a couple of the jokes landed, and some of the characters you do end up caring about. This movie was flawed but well-made, but having a big budget behind it doesn't save it from terrible writing, stiff acting, and a boring plot. Total Score: 3.75 out of 5.0, JUST BELOW AVERAGE!
RICK AND MORTY SEASON 5 EP. 8 REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I bring you the eighth episode of RICK AND MORTY SEASON FIVE! In this episode, entitled Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort, while his family is away to go on a cruise, Rick stays home. Rick works on reviving his oldest friend, Bird Person, after having been turned into a cyborg. Rick manages to put his body back together, but according to his garage A.I., Bird Person's mind is missing, hidden deep within his subconscious. Rick, therefore, goes into Bird Person's mind, traveling through his memories to find his missing friend. In the memory of how they first met, at a music festival where Rick was selling an illegal substance, a younger version of Rick begins to follow the older Rick to find their friend. The older Rick doesn't want this idealistic, younger version of himself to follow him around or get in his way, so he stuffs him in a large shipping container and goes to find Bird Person. Rick does find Bird Person, watching a memory of an early date with him and Tammy, crying to himself before fleeing from Rick. Rick follows Bird Person into a memory of Bird Person's people attacked by the Federation. The younger Rick comes to save him, and together they managed to destroy the enemy forces. As the two Ricks chase after Bird Person, they stumble upon the memory of Blood Valley. The older Rick isn't thrilled by this while the younger is excited to the older's annoyance. The Resistance wins the battle, but that wasn't what the older Rick was so annoyed to revisit. It was after the battle where Rick asked Bird Person to join him on his adventures, but Bird Person refused, causing a strain on their relationship as Bird Person was committed to the fight against the Federation while Rick was a free spirit. Despite this, the older Rick explains that Bird Person is his friend regardless. The two track Bird Person to the center of his subconscious, an area sealed off by the Federation when they turned him into a cyborg, and Bird Person has planted explosives to destroy his mind and kill himself. The two Ricks catch up to Bird Person with Tammy in his arms as they watch the sunset together before the Ricks show up. To convince Bird Person to keep on living, Rick tells him a secret he and his younger self discovered while running through the seal-off memories: TAMMY AND BIRD PERSON HAD A KID! The memory of Tammy explained that if this is true, the child would be a political prisoner of the Federation and kept alive. Bird Person has a new purpose in life, and before his mind can collapse on itself, he and the gang make a daring escape. The group is then chased by memories of Federation forces, including several evil Tammys' until it's just the real Rick and Bird Person who barely make it out alive. The two wake up in the real world, and after Rick goes back to his body after mistakenly ending up in Bird Person's, the two reconcile. That is until Bird Person brought up a good point about Rick's character: the only reason he brought up Bird Person's kid was to get his friend back in a selfish act for Rick’s benefit. Bird Person had called Rick on his behavior to the point Rick could only agree. The two remain friends and go their separate ways, with Bird Person to find his missing child and Rick to get the younger version of himself who had snuck into HIS childhood memory out of his mind and bring to life. Once Bird Person leaves, a man comes up with a wheelbarrow filled with solar panels and electronics shows up. While Rick was under, the AI was worried about her existence and so coerced a passerby into helping her in exchange for sexual favors. The Man leaves, the AI is ashamed, but Rick lets it slide so he can visit his childhood memory to confront his sneaky younger self. The older Rick isn't mad and even offers they can go for beers. After being offered the chance to be brought to life and go for beers, the younger Rick is fearful he might end up like the older Rick, so he asked if he can have a memory they went for beers instead. During the post-credit scene, we find Bird Person's kid, who does indeed look like a mix of Bird Person and Tammy, in prison. They are being harassed by another inmate before they attack them with such rage, one of the guards asks his friend if it's a good idea to keep all the violent ones in one place. His friend replied with, "Not your job to think," and the episode ends. Thoughts? This episode is the best one of season five since the first. With excellent pacing, great writing, this episode was a great exploration into not just Bird Person's character, but especially Rick and how he was like in his younger days and how he sees himself in the present. This was probably one of the best character study-focused episodes of the entire series. Not to mention that the animation was gorgeous at times, especially the part where Rick and Bird Person are about to get out of Bird Person's mind while this slimy crow-thing comes after them. I loved every minute of this episode, as it was perfectly paced, filled with plenty of action, and Bird Person and Rick's relationship might run deeper than friendship. Overall, this was a stellar episode with great humor, good writing, and did a good service for both Rick and Bird Person. Total Score: 5+ out of 5.0, BEYOND PERFECT! Now this is an episode that deserves an Emmy!
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 4.3To say that she liked Lynn’s cooking was an understatement. Hermione was mightily impressed with her friend’s prowess in the kitchen and a tad bit jealous, if she were to admit it. But either way, she thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dishes.As she bit into the crispy skin of the chicken leg, she moaned in pleasure. “This is really too good, Lynn.”Lynn giggled. “Eat here more often and you’ll put on weight,” she teased.“Draco, you’re lucky to have Lynn cook for you everyday,” Hermione said, her voice slightly muffled by the food in her mouth. She grinned at the man, fully expecting him to agree and voice his contentment. But when he returned her smile, she caught a flicker of anger in his eyes that brought on a chill in her bones.“Today’s dinner is considered special actually.” Draco tossed a side glance at his wife. “Normally we have leftovers or sometimes, she doesn’t even cook.”Hermione noted the undercurrent of tension in his voice and the unpleasant look that Lynn shot him at his remark. She swallowed heavily and quickly reached for the glass of water, downing it in one gulp.Her eyes darted around the table, from Draco’s stern look to Lynn’s dark expression, and then to Tom. She couldn’t see his reaction from across the table given his bowed head. Perhaps fights like this between the couple were common enough to elicit such a response from him.Deadly silence fell over the room like a blanket. Hermione shrank into her seat. Her chest tightened as she recalled the same feeling of being small and invisible in a stifling cold war. Desperate to escape the encroaching walls of nostalgia, she let out an unnatural and shrill laugh.“Maybe I should come over more often then,” she joked in an effort to dispel the heavy atmosphere.It took a second before Lynn recovered her cheery look first. “Yes, you should! We would love to have you over. Wouldn’t we, Draco?”Shooting one last glare at Lynn, Draco turned his attention back to Hermione. He broke into a forced smile. “Yes, we would.”Hermione returned his smile with one of her own, relieved that the silence was broken. Eager to continue conversation, she added, “Looks like Tom will have to see me at school and at home too. Hope you don’t mind, Tom.”The teen barely even looked up at her words and Hermione wondered whether he had fallen asleep at the table. She laughed awkwardly. “I guess he doesn’t mind then.”But Draco certainly minded. He fixed his son in a stern glare and rapped his fist on the table. Tom’s head shot up and his eyes widened upon seeing the look on Draco’s face.“How many times must I tell you?! Put your phone away at the dining table!” Draco hollered as he wagged his finger at the teen.Meeting Hermione’s gaze out of the corner of his eyes, Tom looked away hurriedly. Red splotches colored his cheeks as he glowered at his father. The fury that blazed in his eyes startled Hermione but then again, he inherited that from Draco. Guilty about pulling Tom into the conversation, she hurried to appease the situation. “It’s really okay, Draco. He’s still young-”“That’s no excuse for such behavior,” Draco said sharply. “Especially in front of a guest.”“You don’t need to scold him in front of a guest either,” Lynn cut in, her eyes narrowed at Draco. She reached over to place her hand over Tom’s clenched fist and spoke softly to her son.Hermione couldn’t catch what she said but Tom simmered silently in rage before getting up and leaving the table. She felt bad for the young teen, especially since she had gotten him in trouble. But she felt helpless to do anything.After she watched the teen stalk off to his room, she turned to Lynn with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble.”Lynn squeezed her hand in understanding and broke into a tired smile. “You don’t need to apologize, Hermione. It’s not your fault.”Her lips curving downwards into a snarl, Lynn spat in Draco’s direction. “It’s his.”Draco fumed and his lips parted to hurl accusatory words but when he caught Hermione’s anxious gaze, he took a deep breath. “Let’s… discuss this later, Lynn.”The fight now temporarily halted, Hermione made quick haste to finish the dinner and leave their house. Lynn and Draco never exchanged a word, only speaking and throwing polite glances to Hermione until she left. Once she was out the door, Hermione heaved a sigh of relief. She had no doubt they would continue their heated conversation right now but she thanked God she wasn’t there to hear it. As she walked the short distance to her car, she reflected on the disastrous night. It had started off so well with Lynn and Draco - separately, she noted. But cracks had formed in their relationship and it had obviously taken a toll on their son too. Tom had always seemed like a docile kid to her but the intensity of his glare tonight had shown that he could be volatile too. It scared her, and it intrigued her as well. Much like how Draco’s rebellious attitude had attracted her to him. Catching herself before her old feelings took over, she reminded herself that her best friend was married to him and that their marriage was on the rocks. She was worried for Lynn and for Draco. As a friend, she should try to help them or at least, offer some comfort.Yet deep down and buried in her heart, was a niggling feeling of happiness. A gleeful delight that the breaking marriage might present an opportunity for her.Was it wrong of her to fantasize about that?
The Guardsmen: A Miraculous Ladybug Fan Fic CH.6,Adrien sighs heavily while glancing at his cell phone. The time was three in the afternoon. Usually, he loved the lively atmosphere at his school, yet there was this nagging in the back of his mind. Lately, he had been having these vivid dreams about a swordsmen and a princess. The more he thought about these dreams the more uncomfortable he felt. It was almost like these were memories. However, that couldn't be the case! How absurd! Plagg poked his head out from the shoulder of Adrien's shirt. Looking at his chosen upside down he tilts his head while his ears wriggled. “What is up with you? You don't usually stare off into space.” “Nothing really. Guess I haven't been getting much sleep lately.” Plagg slowly turned his bulbous head down and then slipped out from his master's sleeve to rest on his extended hand. Adrien couldn't place his finger on it. But something in the way Plagg looked seemed to give off the essence of sadness. “..Plagg? You alright?” Adrien inquired. His head adorably tilts to the side in concern. Plagg blinked his slitted eyes then rapidly shook his head. “Oh! You know me, kid. Just uh.. hungry is all!” Twisting his body in the air to slip back into the hero's shoulder bag, Plagg once more poked his head out. “Kid, about those dreams you keep having..” Before Plagg could finish the sentence, Marinette sauntered up to the side of the gorgeous model. Her hand slipped over his shoulder pinning him into a hug. “Princess!” Adrien instantly brightened and snakes his arms around her slender waist, lifting her up. “Ah, I missed you!” Saying this he smacked a kiss over her cheek. “Whoa there, kitty!” she giggled pushing his face back by gently poking his nose. The other wiggles it in response. “You need to wait till tonight on our date.” “Guh! I don't think I can wait, my lady!” Adrien slaps the back of his hand over his head. His dramatic model had come to play while he slides down the wall on his back till he reached the floor. “I think.. I'll.. Surely…” As soon as he reached the floor he reached out to her, straining his voice. “Die!” Marinette’s hands were placed on her hips while an amused smirk graced her features. “Then you'll surely perish, brave knight.” “Haha! How cruel!” Standing, he brushed himself off. “..So then, I won't get anything to hold me over until I see you again?” Pouting, Adrien lowered his head giving her puppy dog eyes. “....Ohhh! Darn it!” She whined. “Fine, come here you.” bringing him down to her gently, she gave him a soft kiss. Plagg faintly chuckles watching from his spot in Adrien's bag. He then turned his head to the side, thinking of how this situation felt so familiar to him. …….. .. "Is everything prepared?" The icy sneer of the man's words dripped like acid freezing the terrified seventeen-year-old in his kneeling position. As the stifling hisses of the man's dagger dragged over a stone to sharpen its blade, the boy hesitantly spoke. "As you've commanded.. Lord Brother.." Footsteps drew closer as the satisfied inhale of the other in the empty study echoed in the darkness. "Excellent.. Finally, I'll finish what our incompetent elder brother failed to do." Pausing near Geno's hunched form he threateningly drug the dagger over the rock, intentionally forcing a shrill scratch to make the younger flinch. "You will, Lord Brother. I know it so." He hastily gasped, his heart thumping his ears. The man shrouded in shadows leered his chestnut orbs at the younger a moment before in swift and terrifying force, snatched Geno by the neck to force him to his feet. Rightfully afraid, Geno squealed before a squeeze around his throat made him think better of it. As he hung in the air the elder looked upon this suffering with dull, lifeless eyes. "You know I care for you, brother.." He began, speaking over the strained gasps of the squire as if the noise was as innocuous as a fly buzzing around, "So I just can't understand your willingness to betray me." "W-what?" Gasped Geno, grasping for dear life against his brother's fist. With tears wheeling in his dark, sunken eyes, he gagged, "I've always, always, stood by your side!" "And yet, I hear you've been training with that black kitten without a pedigree behind my back..." Retorts the brother. It was obvious the panic that shook Geno's hazel eyes. How had his brother found out? He was so sure they were careful, but then again.. He had ears and eyes everywhere. As he struggled, Geno's eyes darted around the room as the angelic forms of the pure, white butterflies began to circle around the duo. "Br-Brother!" He cried, "I've remained loyal to you! I only seek your glory!" "Tell me then, Geno, why have you gone behind my back and taken a sword with my sworn enemy?" "Because-- !! Oh! Because I was studying his movements!" This loosened the grip around his neck as the older brother curiously hummed, "I-If I'm with him at all times as his apprentice, th-then I'll be able to track his every move without hiding and risking discovery!! D-Don't you see? I did it for you!" With his vision clouding, Geno surely thought he would fall prey to an unconscious abyss, however, his body that was partly limp already was released to the porcine floor unceremoniously where he gagged, coughed, anxiety gasped for breath. "Heh… Hehe heh… Hahahahah!" Starting in disbelief, Geno gagged, cradling the new marks of crimson surfacing over his neck as his brother laughed maniacally. Finally, the man caught his breath and gently wiped a tear from his lid with a sigh. "My brother, you have such a sweet devotion to me. I appreciate your cunning wit and willingness to please, however, Killian is not the sort of man that will fall under your charms, unlike that dippy princess." Playing with the tip of the blade, the man backed further into the darkness with sinister eyes, "Don't lose sight of our prize. What news have you learned of the whereabouts of the Miraculous Ladybug earrings?" Geno froze a cold sweat dripping down his back. Should he lie? Tell the truth?.. The faces of Killian and the princess came to him, the story of Evelyn he overheard that still haunted him at this very moment. He remembered it all but yet he still had this mission. Why couldn't he be heartless like his brothers? His fist shook as he gripped the fabric of the lavish fibers of his pants before relaxing completely. He stood to his feet, took a soothing breath, then opened his dull eyes to say, "Nothing, my brother. I'm ashamed to say I've failed." The silence made the boy shift uncomfortably before a stomp from his brother's heels forced him to flinch. "This is unacceptable, Geno. We have less than a week before the marriage and our plan is set in motion!" With a curt breath to calm his rapidly raising voice, the man slid his gloved hands of ivory over his sleek hair and cleared his throat with an awkward chuckle. Swooping down to kneel in front of the boy he lightly lifted his chin with the helt of his sharpened dagger. "Keep an eye on Killian, Geno. Find the miraculous. Don't fail me." His boots scuffled as he released Geno's face with a mocking pat on the cheek. Without further word, the man disappeared through the door of the study leaving the shaking boy bowing on the floor. "Hah.." Suddenly the tension built up from his adrenaline and terror fled from his system at once. His shaking arms buckled beneath him as he rested his body on the glimmering floor, breathing shallowly until the dawn casted the bar like a shadow from the high cast window down upon him. … "...Princess Annaliese.. I.. I love you. I've always loved you.. Well, I guess-- I guess I didn't always know I loved you. B-But Once I remembered those precious moments we shared during our childhood I realized deep down that I still had strong feelings for you! Even if our fates are sealed, I at least want to say farewell.." As the blushing Killian Hinomoto stared at his awkward reflection he heaved an exasperated sigh while an annoying, loud screech of laughter came from his bed. "HAAAHH! Kid, seriously! What kinda speech was that? I've heard amateur poetry better than whatever crap you're trying to pull!" Plagg could barely contain himself as he roared in laughter. Without having much chance to breathe, the little kwami tumbled from the plush mattress flopping to the floor before catching his fall at the last moment. Killian growled between his clenched teeth. Throwing his hands over his face he whined, "You are not helping!" He snapped. Plagg lazily floated to rest upon his master's shoulder with residual chuckles spilling from his fanged mouth. "Ahh, come on Kill, I was just messing with you. Don't take it too personally." "I'm sorry, little friend. I suppose I'm just.. Overwhelmed." Cautiously, as if afraid, Killian clutched his hand over his heart, a pained expression shadowing his features, "Every day my lady and I have shared has brought me more joy than I have ever known.. The thought of leaving her has my heart bleeding.." Gripping the ends of his dresser vanity, Killian slowly lifted his soul eye to gaze upon the disgusting face in the reflection of the mirror. He ran his fingertips over the scar in his eye, flash images of his sister's death, the man who stole his eye, everything he had suffered through all came back simultaneously forcing a flinch from him. He sneered, gruffly turning away. With a curt flick of his wrist, he flung the bedsheets he had used to cover the mirror back over the vial thing, hoping to cease his thoughts. Plagg sighed, eyeing the young man as he rushed to the other side of his room where his father's sword lay against the ottoman. "So," he began, hoping to distract the young lad from his woes, "Training young Geno again?". "He's been showing great progress." Killian smiled warmly to himself. He was taking pride in the young kid's achievements. Geno reminded him of his sister when they were his age while they trained. So full of life and excited about getting the little things right. It hadn't been but a few days and yet he found himself fond of him. "Don't you think it's a bad idea to keep training him? He's working for an enemy." Plagg zipped to the tiny drawer beside the grand bed to the silver platter of tasty, yet smelly, cheese. "And not only that, he's still withholding information from you. Doesn't it bother you? He's not trustworthy, right?" Killian paused, the sword now attached securely to his belt rattled. A look of woe befell the hero as he sighed. "I'm hoping to save him." He admitted. "Geno.. I can see he's a kind boy. His eyes tell me everything. He's not evil, even if he was raised to be. Corrinian or not, he's a good lad… I can't let him waste his life.. I just don't.." This made Plagg raise a brow out of curiosity, "You don't want him to turn out like you, is that it?." He merely guessed, but it hit the nail right on the head. Without a word, Sir Killian strode to the door of his lavish bedroom and nimbly clutched the latch. With a silent heave, he lowered his head mildly. "Listen, Plagg.." He started, however, his words lodged in his throat. "About the past year.. And Tikki.." "You don't need to say anything." The kwami dismisses leisurely. "I won't force you to swallow your precious pride just to apologize for the past year. Believe me, I get it." Now perched on his chosen's matty hair he groaned during an arching stretch. "You've done well, Killian. I'm proud of you, kid." The smile that glittered over the man's cheeks was shadowed by the bangs of his midnight hair flowing over his face. Unable to control it, his stunning orb began to sting with tears before promptly rubbing it dry again. With a deep intake of air, the hero straightens his posture and opened the door. … "You're quiet today, your grace." Prince Joal blinked his caring orbs at the lady sitting across from him at their luncheon table in the luscious gardens. Princess Annaliese, who had just been staring at her scarcely eaten sandwich and dirty tea, suddenly perked up with a hint of red on her nose. Promptly fanning herself with her embroidered fan, the lady shifted her sea-blue eyes. "M-My apologies, Prince Joal." "Please, just Joal." He softly reached over, placing his large hand over her own. He delicately tossed his head to the side with a warm smile. "We are set to be wed in a short few days, there shouldn't be a need for any formality between us." "Hem. I suppose you're right." With a somewhat sullen glint in her eyes, the princess Lowered her fan below her nose. "Now, what have you been so distracted by, my rose?" Anna glanced between him and just behind him several times that day, however, just as she looked this time, she noticed the person she had been staring at was looking straight at her. It was Sir Killian, her knight, and protector. In just a few short days, he would leave, never to come back again. She knew deep down it was for the best, however, she knew also that she would surely never recover from the heartbreak. It would be easier if he stayed that cold brute of a man the entire time they were together. However, he warmed up to her, even admitting he was developing feelings for her as well. How could she not fall harder in love after all they'd shared? Life was so cruel. Why did they have to be separated now? Joal was a sweet, kind man, a man any woman would be lucky to marry, but she didn't love him, no matter what she tried. Besides, there was something off about him. Something she couldn't understand. Killian, who was just a few feet away from the young Geno standing guard, curtly forced his eye to shut and turn away. Behind his back, his fists tightened, snapping the leather of his gloves. His heart was aching. All he wanted was for her to be happy. He was destined for suffering, no need to drag her into it. She had brought him light for those short three months and his treasured each and every moment, but he had to show restraint. If he allowed himself to let his guard down for even a second, he knew he would do something foolish and irresponsible. This was for his own good and for her's. The first prince of Corinnia wasn't stupid. He could read that kitten like a book and he recognized the look of lovesick pinning when he saw it in Annaliese's eyes as she watched Killian. As he sat in silence, he heavily sighed, leaning back in his chair. The silverware softly clinking against the porcelain plate was what snapped the young princess from her thoughts. "I'm sorry, Prin-- I mean, Joal. I suppose I am a bit restless this afternoon." She sheepishly picked at her flowing braid of fire with uncomfortable stammers of her voice. Once more flashing his dark eyes behind him Joal was silent for a moment seemingly thinking before glancing back to the princess. She raised a crimson brow pondering his innate interest in continuously glancing at Killian and herself. Before saying anything more, she cleared her throat, “Shall we go for a walk?” With a kind nod, the crowned prince stood to his feet with his hand out lifted, "Whatever my lady desires, she shall receive." As the two of them began to walk away, Geno stood to attention, "Looks like they're moving. We should follow." But as he took a few steps forward, Killian remained stationary. "Master Killian?" Pensively rubbing the tips of his armored fingers over his thighs, the lonely hero huffed silently with a solemn close of his one eye. "No, let's let them be." The princess was a few paces ahead of the prince so she did not hear what her knight commanded. However, Joal squinted his eyes and smirked with a tilt of his head as he momentarily paused, glancing at the younger Geno who stood shocked. When they made eye contact, he softly waved at him with a kind smile. With a chuckle, Prince Joal continued to walk behind the princess through the lavish garden. A bolt of terror racked the shorter’s body as he immediately gasped, "We can't!" Shouted Geno rather hastily and in a panic. This caused the black night's brow to rise in bewilderment. "..Why so reluctant? It isn’t like we won’t be watching. They need privacy every once in a while too. They are getting married after all." " ..!!" Realizing his mistake, the boy whirled on his heels to hide the anxious expression cutting rifts on his features. "I-I'm just.. It's our duty to guard them right now, right? We shouldn't leave them .. You know! A man and woman left alone together!!.. It’s unseemly." Lowering his brows, Killian stood behind Geno observing, thinking, pondering. Gradually, his expression sharpened with a thought gravely itching its way into his brain. With a widened eye, Killian clenched his fist. "Geno.." His voice was deep, serious. It made the boy flinch. "..Are.. Are you--" "Sir Killy~" teasingly, the shrill voice of the first prince cut the tension building in the air as he ran childishly and jumped onto the other from out of nowhere. . Landing in his arms like a bride, Joel bated his eyes as sparkles seemed to fly through the air. Touching his chest, he feigned shyness, "My.. Hero!" , Unamused, Killian glared at the prince in his arms as he giggled to himself in triumph. Without further delay, an evil sliver grabbed Killian's lips that resembled a smile before abruptly releasing his grip allowing the prince to fall to the ground unceremoniously. With a squeal most unbecoming cut off by a thud, Joel whimpered. "So rude! I'll have your head!" Standing to his feet, he swatted at Killian laughing all the while. "Save it, your ‘ highness’." Crashing against each other's hands they pushed against each other's strength with competitive sneers. "You'll never beat me!" "Wanna test me?" The prince grinned mischievously. "Get a room." The princess cockily jeered as she stood beside the overly exaggerated expression of bewilderment on poor Geno's face. She laced her arms over each other with a sly tilt of her head. "With this downer," pointed the crowned prince towards the sly smirk of his companion, " I'd rather release the string of my own guillotine." "That's rich coming from mister sob story himself. All you ever talked about was your 'tragic backstory.'" With mocking air quotations, Killian rolled his eyes. " ’ Evelyn, I had another nightmare. Evelyn, I'm scared of the dark. Evelyn, hold my little baby hand’ ." "I'll have you know my hands are very manly." Retorted Joal without much thought to the other remarks. "..Did I step into an alternative universe or something?" Breathed Geno in disbelief. Princess Annaliese softly placed her hand on his shoulders with a tender grin. However, as they playfully bickered and jabbed at the other something still stirred in the back of her mind. She softly twirled her fingertip over her earlobe decorated with the miraculous Killian bestowed her. What was making her feel so anxious? If only moments like these weren’t so fleeting.. … "Haa.. Haa.." Gasping, Geno barely kept his sword above his head as Killian's was grinding against his. The uncomfortable screeching of metal would've caused his ears to bleed had it not been for the fact poor Geno's heartbeat had taken over his senses. "Rest." Commanded Killian, sensing his young apprentice would surely pass out at this rate. Upon command, the boy collapsed on his bum allowing the sword to clash at his side. Killian tossed a water skin to the lad who fumbled a bit before grasping it. Without delay, he drank in impressive gulps till streams of water spilled from the corner of his lip. "You really are trying to kill me.” he panted, red dusting his cheeks. “You could have gotten this all over with that night you found me spying on you, but noooo, you had to settle with torture instead.” The smart attitude caused a smirk to form on his master’s lips, unbeknown to the panting boy, "If I were trying to kill you, you would know." Replied the cool-headed hero. He wasn't even breaking a sweat as he stretched his muscles in the low light of dawn. "Killing is kinda my thing." "Right.. Revenge and all that.." Finally catching his breath, Geno finished his drink and wiped the sweat from his brow. ‘ Find the miraculous. Don 't fail me!’ The words of his brother cut through his mind like a blade, slaughtering any semblance of happiness and fun he had experienced with Killian. With a dry throat, the boy softly lifted his head. "...So..!" “Hmm?” cleaning his sword with the end of an old rag at his feet, Killian softly bobbed his head, concentrating on his work but still listening. “...About.. About your miraculous..” he felt his stomach churning with guilt as Killian's sole eye made contact with his own, “I don’t know much about it, even though you and your sister were my heroes. I was wondering if you could tell me about them?” Plagg, who had been resting on a nearby post observing the two training suddenly perked his ears. Sitting up, he curiously eyed both of them back and forth watching for his chosen’s reactions. However, Killian was rather silent as he gazed at the young man sitting on the grass with a nervous smile. Geno noticed a sullen glint shimmer in the knight’s eye, before sighing. “There isn’t much to tell.” he began softly sitting down with his legs crossed. He rested his father’s sword over his thighs, staring at his reflection. He hated looking at himself. “Eve and I both got our miraculous a year ago so we could defeat the Corrinnians in battle and restore peace. However, we didn’t ever find out who gave them to us. It was a man, wearing strange clothes and was very peculiar. He also had an accent that she didn’t recognize. That's what my sister described. After her death, I wanted to find him along with her killer, however, with a lame description like that, it was impossible. I asked Plagg once if he knew who it was, but he and the other kwami had been asleep for over a hundred years until they were needed. As far as our powers go, both Ladybug and I possess superhuman strength, invincibility, a branded weapon, and a superpower. Mine is to destroy anything with a single touch after saying a specific word. Ladybug has to power to create with a simple word. She can also restore a recently destroyed object, town, person, anything that was harmed in very recent time perfectly how it was before with another magic word.” Geno was so fascinated that he almost forgot he was on a mission to gather information and just widely blinked his eyes in awe. With his mouth hanging open, his big eyes shined with excitement. Killian gave a wry grin before continuing. "The miraculous' are like two halves of a coin. If united together, the miraculous can grant the wielder one wish." This caused the boy to widen his eyes. This was news to him. Was that why his brothers were so hell-bent on seizing the miraculous? Did they want to use them for a wish? "W-wait, if that's the case, why didn't you use them to bring back Evelyn? You have her miraculous, don't you? Why not use them?" With how silent the older was, Geno began to feel his heart flutter nervously in his chest. He was about to apologize, terrified of the wrath he possibly inflicted, however Killian only raised his hand, noticing the others' tension. Killian was well aware of the possible trauma he could have faced or still be facing now. He decided to keep calm no matter what Geno said. Although this subject was the most painful of all. "...If it were that simple, I would have done it, no questions asked. However, there is a price for magic, no matter how beautiful or wonderful it may seem. The greater the wish, the greater the sacrifice. To wish someone back from the dead could end up killing another. Imagine it. Another boy's sister lost because I was selfish. I would never allow that. If anyone bears the burden of these godforsaken jewels, it shall be I.” the pause made the young apprentice clench his jaw. He worriedly gazed at the other with midnight hair until he finally spoke, “As I will not use a wish to bring back my sister, nor shall I bestow it to another as a means of continuous sacrifice. I will not put another person’s life in danger for the sake of others. I’ll carry the burden alone. It seems fitting I was giving the black cat of destruction. It seems that is all I was ever able to do. Without a Ladybug, Cat Noir is useless. All he can do is destroy..” “...” that particular sentence was what ultimately snapped Geno from his daydream. With a more reclusive frown, he lowered his chestnut eyes, “..That… sounds really lonely.” “..Uh?” glancing back up, Killian widened his eye. “I mean.. Without a Ladybug, you’ve lost your other half. And from what you described, your better half. The part of you that gives you hope in the darkness. And since you are so noble, instead of filling that gap, you continue to live on despite the hole in your heart. It just sounds lonely to me.” “.....” Killian was in shock. He had never considered it before, but Geno was absolutely right. He was lonely, completely and utterly alone.. His sister was all he had left, and now she too had left him. What else did he have to live for? “Killian!” “!!” both of the boys gasped as they briskly turned to their left facing the castle as the form of a young woman came running towards them waving with a perfect, stretched smile. “Sir Aen told me I could find you here!” called Annilese as she finally made it to them, gasping having run the whole way there. “P-P-Princess??” Killian grunted in utter surprise. “You’re supposed to be with Aen!” “Oh, don't worry, he's right behind.. Me?” laughing it off, the gingered princess craned to look over her shoulder to point out her temporary guard only to realize the poor, elder knight had fallen significantly behind and was just now making it over the hill looking like death was slowly sucking his life force away. Wheezing he barely made it another ten paces before collapsing face first. “By the gods!” Killian thrust his body to stand barely catching himself from slipping on the moist dew on the edges of the grass. He booked it to the old coot trying to catch his breath. “He’s dead!” the worried Geno screamed in an over dramatic display, turning white as a ghost. “Huh..” the princess crossed her arm over her waist holding her other arm to rest her cheek upon, “I could have sworn he was right behind me..” “Aen, you fool, are you alright?” now kneeling at the exasperated man’s side, Killian tapped his sunken cheek rapidly with his hand. “ Haaa! Haaa! I’m al...alright, my boy.. Puff!! I just.. Hughh.. Just need a moment!” rather ridiculously, the older knight huffed and puffed as he straightened his exhausted lungs to breathe. …. “You look radiant, Annaliese!” As the excited, red kwami zipped all around the newly dressed princess who stood alone in the middle of her chamber, she beamed with joy. It was only when her bulbous eyes locked onto the expression of woe facing them back from the mirror that she came to a halt. A frown was on her lips, “What’s the matter?” “..The wedding is in just a few days..” began the princess. She raised her lace-gloved hand and pressed it longingly against the glass reflecting the door directly behind her. It was the conjoined door leading to Sir Killian’s room. She hoped he would burst through the door this very moment and whisked her off her feet, out the window, and into the night sky never to look back again.. But alas, this was not to be. Instead, she sighed disheartened and closed her eyes with a somber breath. “I’ll be saying goodbye to him.. Forever.” carefully lifting the rather glorious dress meant for her wedding night, she placed her bare feet on the cool marble of her bedroom. “Yes.. but you know, King Joal is a wonderful man!” Tikki, trying to remain positive, followed closely behind the conflicted princess as she made her way to her balcony. “You should’ve heard all the lovey-dovey things he would say to Evelyn. He was quite the charmer. He’s a good man. He’ll cherish you.” “...” Anna softly stared out the window, contemplating. “Tikki?” “Yes?” “..Where exactly was King Joal when Hawkmoth attacked Aldiana?” “Huh?” The question confused the small creature. “He loved Evelyn, right? Wouldn’t he want to be right beside her during battle?” “Well, he was also on the run, remember? Hawkmoth killed his family, the royal family of Corrinia to become a dictator. Invading Aldiania where Joal was hiding made it unsafe for him.” The explanation would have satisfied others, but not the princess. “Tikki, I have thought this over and over again. If I had been in that situation, I never would have let Killian go into battle without me, even if I had powers or not. I love him too much to be the one to watch him leave and maybe never come back.” she clutched her hands into the white fabric. “So I must ask again, where was he?” Tikki was unable to speak. She felt her eyes shaking and her mouth hung agape. She hadn’t thought of it that way. She merely darted her eyes away, “Kwamis can’t fall in love like you humans do. It’s just not in our nature. We can care and love our masters but.. It’s so different than that of a human’s heart. You describe an emotion even I am unable to understand. But I will say this, I don’t actually know where Joal was during the battle.” “What?” shocked, Annaliese felt her heart skip a beat. “But, I thought--” “Evelyn was transformed most of her last few days, only allowing me time to rest before transforming right back. My memories are scattered through the days.. All I remember is pain..” the creature shivered, hugging herself as the feeling of death began to creep into her chest before shaking it off. “When Evelyn died, I was once again sealed into my miraculous. Only recently was I awakened when Killian gave me to you for your own protection.” “I see..” this led to nowhere. “Maybe I just need to ask the man himself.” … "Still no news of the whereabouts of the Ladybug Miraculous, lord brother." Keeping his eyes glued to the porcelain floor, Geno felt sweat dropping off his back. The moon's light was flittering through the window of the abandoned room of this castle as a sinister shadow gazed at it. "Killian isn't a fool. He knows you're up to something." The sharp rebuke came softer than usual. "...If I may, sir…" Daring to raise his head, Geno gulped. "...Speak." Cutthroat as usual the elder in the room slowly cocked his head, his well-kept hair falling over his amber eyes as he pointed at the kneeling boy. "..I talked with Sir Killian about the miraculous. He said you could wish upon them like in a fairy tale.” he began. This caused the older the lower his hand as a shocked expression filtered through his soulless eyes. "You never told me about that. I was curious--" “Killan actually talked to you about the miraculous’ power?” he sounded dumbfounded as he interrupted his brother. “..Yes?” “Willingly? As in, you asked and he told?” “?.. Yes, Lord Brother. “Ahaha… Hahahaha!” the laughter wasn't what surprised the young apprentice, it was the fact this laugh wasn’t maniacal or evil in the slightest. It sounded like a normal and rather impressed laugh as if he had told a story of an old friend. Once the villain gathered his senses, he softly sighed. “That idiot. The stubborn Killian of the black cat still has his kindness, does he? He actually trusts you.” “Huh?” “This little plan of yours might actually be the key to success. The ball as well as the wedding is tomorrow, and yet you still haven't seen the miraculous. Usually, I would be quite cross with you, however, Geno, You might just be able to get them yet..” with his deep voice lowering in pitch as an evil scheme frothed in his mind’s eyes, he kept his gaze glued back on the moon. Softly tapping his butterfly pendant on his chest he uttered, “Here's the plan.."
The Titans of Murakami Highschool Ch One"Tara.. I-!!.. I like you!! Please go out with me!" Garfield toppled forward in an awkward bow with his face scrunched up with terror and apprehension. He was confessing To the girl of his dreams today as the twilight rose glittered down on their bodies from the grand, industrial window panes across the walls of their high school. The young lady herself was dazed by this as her jaw remained slack and her books began to fall from her loosened arms as a hot blush dusted her cheeks. "Wh-what?" She could hardly believe it. As her textbooks collided with the Floor, she couldn't help but recall the moments leading To this very moment back when she first met this goofy, adorable boy.…. It was spring last year. She had just moved to this country with her older half-brother and step-family. She was shy, and awkward to say the least. She wasn't anything special. Not particularly pretty, or nice to look at, and she was always 'dull' according to her biological father and stepmom. Tara hadn't been interested in making friends. She was only focused on succeeding and impressing her parents even though their favorite was her half-brother, Brion, their son. He was amazing at everything he did. Nothing he did was ever wrong in their eyes. Meanwhile, Tara was a walking failure. Had her birth mom decided to abort her after her father's affair, maybe things would've been different, but she decided to raise Tara alone until a fatal illness took her life and she ended up with her dick-of-a-dad and wicked stepmom. Standing at the head of the class, Tara kept her eyes down and her skinny arms tucked at her front. The teacher introduced her to the homeroom inciting whispers from the students. Tara was used to people talking behind her back. It didn't bother her. Not anymore. "Now, where shall we seat you?" The teacher pondered after his long-winded welcome speech. There were three available seats. One was in the very back next to a window at the left of the room. Another was closer to the front in the middle row. And the third was smack dab in the middle of the class. A sick feeling overpowered Tara before she ultimately raised her head to resign to her fate, however, she noticed a very tan girl with hair red as a fire excitedly bounce from her seat with a raised hand in eagerness. "Oh! Please allow her to sit with us!" She spoke in a squeaky voice as her vibrant eyes of emerald glimmered with delight. To the seat in front of her was a less cheerful girl with violet hair cut to bob around her jaw. She had the same colored eyes to match and had her fingernails painted black-- even though it was against the school uniform code. She eyed the blonde up and down with a constant frown plastered to her ivory lips. "Yeah, girl! Come on down!" Another pipped up sitting directly behind the empty seat and diagonal to the tall, redhead girl. He was an African American male. He was huge and looked like he'd be a pro in football with that muscle. "That'd be great." A boy wearing a letterman jacket with a large R stitched over the left shoulder responded. He had jet black hair and was in the seat in front of the empty chair with his arms crossed. He had the most brilliant blue eyes she had ever seen And his lashes were so long she thought she could see them flutter as he blinked. The only person who couldn't find words to say was a small boy with broad shoulders and stunning baby blue eyes. He had dark red hair that wasn’t as vibrant as the other girl's, however, he was cute in his own right. He was in the seat beside the empty chair staring at her with a deep blush of crimson on his nose. When Tara made eye contact he suddenly averted his gaze and quickly ducked his head out of the way hiding behind the person in front of him. "Well, I suppose that answers that question." The homeroom teacher chuckled as he scratched his head."Go on and take your seat then, Tara." He waved her off and then went to his desk. Obedient, Tara took her time passing the students without looking a single one in the eye. She sank into her seat and gently placed her books on the desk. Without warning, her upper body was engulfed in a bone-crunching hug. It was the red-haired girl. "I'm so happy to finally have a new friend next to me!" She happily rubbed her cheek against the startled blonde who was too shocked to do anything but widen her eyes. "Kori, it's not nice to hug people without permission, we talked about this." The boy in the jacket started with a chuckle. "Oh! My apologies!" Immediately her grip was released. "I am Koriand’r. It is a pleasure to meet you!" "Uh.. Right, you too. I'm Tara." "I'm Grayson." Chimed in the other from Earlier. He pointed to the raven-haired lady who wasn't paying attention and resting her cheek in her palm, "That's Rachel, we call her Rea though. And that's Victor. Don't let his size fool you. He's a teddy bear." "Dude, stop playin’.'' Victor grabbed his neck from between the crook of his elbow and rubbed a tight noogie over his head. "The gel man! Cut it out!" Grayson slapped his pale hand over the other before finally being let go to fix his perfect hair. "..And him?" Tara asked as once more she caught sight of the shorter boy gazing at her. "Uh!" He yelped. "That's Garfield." Victor replied smugly leaning forward, "What's wrong, lover boy? Got a crush or something?" "Shut up, you oversized meathead." Sputtered Garfield as his entire face reddened and steam seemed to puff out his ears. A bubbled giggle came from Tara's throat. His manners were so over the top that she couldn't help but laugh. This seemed to shock the other five, especially Garfield as he stared at her, a blush warming his cheeks. "You think I'm funny?" He asked in a daze. "Yeah, you're hilarious!" Tara giggled, coming down from her high. When she relaxed She noticed Garfield's smile grew wider as he excitedly leanes in. "I've got tons of jokes! Wanna hear them?" He was practically sparkling. "Totally!" Tara matched his excitement leaning into him as well. "Who'd have thought?" Remarked Victor with a stupefied expression. "Someone actually finds him funny." "Statistically, I guess someone has to." Finally speaking, the raven-haired lady pulled part of her hair behind her ivory ear, not taking her eyes off her book while turning the page.
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 4.2Hermione scrutinized her reflection in the car’s rear-view mirror, checking her makeup and hair. She bit her lip and exhaled softly. It was just a dinner, she reminded herself. Yet her heart thumped ferociously in her chest, betraying her inner feelings. She took one more look in the mirror, smoothed the wrinkles in her flowery skirt, and killed the car engine. Dumping the car keys into her clutch bag, she got out of the car and crossed the road to the quaint little yellow house at the corner of the small neighborhood. The gate was open in anticipation of her arrival, so she strolled right through, admiring the vibrant flowers in the garden as she did. She came to a stop at the front door, taking a deep breath as she tugged on the long sleeves of her colorful blouse. Feeling much like a young girl on her first date, she puffed out her cheeks before assuming her practiced smile.Her hand reached out and pressed the doorbell once. She heard the melody reverberate through the house and shortly after, the door opened to reveal a tall, slim boy dressed in a checkered shirt and jeans.“Tom,” she exclaimed. “Wow all dressed up to impress, are you?”The teen blushed, his eyes flitting away as he beckoned her in. “Come in, Ms Hermione.”Chuckling, she entered the house, taking in the simplicity of the decor and the multiple owl figurines. Looks like Lynn still liked collecting owl-related decorations. Down the hallway traveled sounds of cutlery and banging appliances. “My mum’s in the kitchen,” Tom said. “You can head right down if you want.”Hermione smiled at the teen who averted her gaze. “Thank you, Tom.”She headed down the hallway after hanging her bag on the rack, and popped her head into the kitchen. Minding the stove was a petite woman, hair swept back with a cloth, an apron covering her sweat pants. “Lynn!” Hermione called out.The woman turned, a spatula in hand. Upon seeing Hermione, her lips parted into a wide smile and she placed the spatula down. She rushed towards her and the two women embraced.“Oh Hermione, it’s so nice to see you again after all these years,” Lynn exclaimed. As they broke the embrace, Lynn cupped Hermione’s cheeks in her hands, her eyes taking in all the details and contours of her childhood friend’s face. “You’re still so beautiful, Hermione. I’ve missed you.”Hermione ran a hand through Lynn’s hair and removed the cloth, letting her friend’s shoulder-length hair tumble down over her face. “So are you, Lynn. Look at you, cooking and all!”“Yeah, can you imagine?” Lynn laughed as she turned back to the stove and switched it off. “We were delinquents before and now, you’re a teacher and I’m cooking!”Leaning on the island counter, Hermione tossed her head back and chuckled. “Anything can happen in this world. Want my help?”“Nope.” Lynn busied herself as she scooped out food onto the plates. “But you can help me set the table in the dining room.”Hermione looked around, finding a set of plates and cutlery already laid on the counter. “Sure, where’s the dining room?”“Through that door.” Lynn pointed towards the white door at the other end of the kitchen and grinned. “Thanks for the help.”“Don’t count on it,” Hermione teased. She picked up the dishes and headed for the door. Her friend’s laughter echoed in the room as she left the kitchen.The dining room was small, with a round table that seated four and a long landscape mirror behind it. Hermione laid the plates and cutlery down, humming as she did. A warm feeling engulfed her the moment she laid eyes on Lynn and she berated herself for not getting in touch with her best friend sooner.It was nice seeing Lynn after so long. Yes, her friend’s dressing had gotten frumpier but that probably came with being a mother. She was still the same bubbly, energetic girl Hermione knew and that was enough for her.“Hermione?”Freezing at the sound of the familiar voice, Hermione’s heart skipped a beat. She gulped and moistened her lips. Turning around, her eyes settled on a well-built man in a simple white t-shirt and black jeans, his eyes sharp and intense. Just like the first time she laid eyes on him, he took her breath away. She had to remind herself that she hadn’t answered him yet. Breaking into a smile, she replied, “Draco! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”His lips twitched upward in a smile and she found herself yet again entranced by his looks. “Yeah, we were pleasantly surprised to hear you were back. Glad to have you home again.”Draco’s warm expression made her melt and she gave a little sigh. “I missed you.” Realizing her mistake, she quickly added, “Both you and Lynn.”A rumble of laughter came from Draco and he grinned. “Just like old times.”Hermione relaxed and she echoed his words. “Just like old times.”
Nightmare Robot Version 3!I was but a boyAged fiveIt was so long agoYet I remember like it was yesterday A little blue house with a big green lawnThere in the living room window was the pale face of a frightened boyIt was my face staring back at me OutsideThere was an eerie summer wind blowing inAnd the grass swayed to the rhythm of the windSounding in my ears like musicIt was like the trumpets of war joining Heaven’s choir All just for me while I stood still, staring out my living room window The horrid expression upon my face said it allLoud and clearI knew something coming But I didn’t know whatAll I could do was wait I see through my childish eyes nowI see the tall pines that bend and sway to the might of the eerie summer wind across the streetI see the tall blade grass in the yard sway to the will of the oncoming dangerThe music is getting louderThe language spoken by the choir is unknownYet I the message is clearThe choir chants for its arrival And out from the ground, it came With a slight pop, a little oval-shaped head had sprouted from the dirt at the edge of the lawnLike an unwanted weedA little head made from shiny steelWith square-shaped eyes glaring toward me with cold intentSoullessIts mouth was like a harmonica, made up of a row of squaresEmotionlessLittle antennae on top and the sides of the metal headLike the DevilFor a few brief moments, it did nothing but stare at meThe summer wind kept blowingThe music kept soundingThe choir kept chanting its unceasing tuneThen it forced itself out of the groundYet not a speck of dirt upon its metal shellClean as an innocent lamb On either side of its torso were two stubby arms Coil-like with little brass clawsNo legs, but a single spring-like device that propelled the robot forwardsTowards it targetThe torso was circularAt its centerA circular window looking into an endless void within the metal beast I watched the robotBouncing left and right left and right toward meI can then see myself againInside the robot’s chest looking outWith that same horrified face as beforeBack and forth, back and forth Like the grass and the trees to the might of the eerie, summer wind I can see myself trapped within the robot of the voidNothing but darkness now surrounded the two of usI watched as the robot swayed to the music with its crazed, demonic danceAnd then I woke up in a quiet panicAlone in the dark Unable to moveBut I knew I wasn’t safeI could still hear the horns of war pounding in my ears Looking back upon the dream I had only onceI’ve come to understand itI am but an observer I am but encased within an unforgiving metal world Forever destined to be trapped in darknessForever destined to look through the glass, never to feel the warmth of another human beingForever destined to look out into a world I’ll never know or be apart ofEven as a child, I knew my destiny of loneliness was comingForever one with the emotionless machine that is our world I am now one with the heartless machine
Short Story
[WP] Moral-B-Gone Sick of being a killjoy just because something is "wrong" or "illegal" or "a prime reason for the creation of The Geneva Conventions?" Then try Moral-B-Gone, two pills every three hours and the weight of right and wrong won't be on your shoulders anymore! We won't lie to you and say Moral-B-Gone won't increase proclivities you had that were limited by your barely functioning moral compass but what we will say is that Moral-B-Gone has really helped people. I mean sometimes you just want power through insulting someone with confidence but you don't have it or need to feel fine about an executive decision that will completely ruin hundreds of innocent workers and their families. Moral-B-Gone does that. Of course if you feel a desire to commit self-harm, other-harm, harm to objects (especially lamps and luminescent objects including but not limited to objects such as the sun), and harm-harm (the sudden impulse to "attack" the concept of harm via actions such as altruistic actions) then don't take Moral-B-Gone.....I guess. It'll soothe that snagging voice in your head by temporarily suppressing that "moral consciousness" everyone supposedly has. I mean presumably. We honestly have no idea how this stuff works aside from it being the "depressant version of coke" according to our lead scientists and "it's like alcohol but sharper" according to our 'taste testers'. So aside from this stuff being killer on your liver and having the possibility of causing a bit of constant never-ending ego death and the possible hallucinogenic effects, it's completely safe....
'All-natural Hungry-Man has been released'-RNN‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’ the meal that the Hungry-Man company touts as “the true Hungry-Man enthusiast’s Hungry-Man”. What that means even we have no idea since according to hundreds of surveys done in North America, us humans have an odd primordial aversion to Hungry-Mans that is seemingly baked into us (animal testing as not yet occurred due to animal welfare laws in the U. S) and at best will be described as “okay”.The ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’, unlike its predecessors, is not frozen, has all-natural ingredients and, depending on your definition of homemade, may count as homemade. Using a technique known as ARSB (Advanced Rapid Selective Breeding) although Hungry-Man hasn’t officially explained their methods of creating the ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’ meal our sources state that the genetic ancestor to the ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’ meal is some plant-like organism. Aside from that, we have no other clues on how they made the new meal kit.Now onto actually making yourself a meal with the ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’. We’ve actually prepared one of these meals for ourselves and the set-up is quite easy. Now the meal/meal kit contains; Three syringes (one contains nutrients for the kit, for the ‘meal vials’ and the other a carbohydrate solution/sugar water.), a tray covered by a biofilm and 3 unique ‘meal vials’. Now what you want to do with the syringe filled with nutrient solution is inject it into the top-right section of the tray (it’s a red/vermillion color just like nutrient solution) but remember to not tear off the biofilm instead puncture through it using the syringe then inject the solution. Then wait roughly ten minutes or until the area fills with yellowish creamy fluid, after which you should inject the carbohydrate solution syringe into the top-left section of the tray (the one that’s clear-colored). Finally, pick your ‘meal vial’ (the options are tuna-chicken burger melt with a side of truffle-salt waffle fries, pizza with a creamy smoke infused barbeque sauce and rib pepperoni with a side of wheat-flavored pasta, and steak and mash) then draw the fluid into the final syringe and inject it into the large middle section of the tray. Put it into the oven at 100 F or in the microwave for roughly ten seconds, then take it out. In roughly 15 minutes, you’ll have your meal ready and a bio-degradable tray. Once the tray and meal have been created by the ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’ meal kit tray, take them out and enjoy. The tray and meal were...actually alright and the fact that you can make more of the same meal using leftovers (made from the ‘meal vials’) is pretty great. Anyways you’ll want to take off the ‘Hungry-Man Banquet Deluxe’ by occasionally putting leftovers from other meals or compostable trash in the middle section of the tray daily (though the total intake has to be at minimum 500 calories). We at the Realistic News Network think this a great product but the fact that at the moment it costs roughly $8000 USD and there is no replacement policy or even a warranty makes this a product that’s really only worth it for the one Hungry-Man lover out there or someone who’d love to have a nice convenient meal everyday....
Devil's Triangle - Virtual Takeover 4.4Loud dance music boomed in the small pub, drowning out the scatters of conversations. Working people and some college-level kids dominated the population. Most were dressed casually; some of the working stiffs were still in shirts but with loosened ties. Thomas had already changed his uniform into loose-fitting pants and a checkered shirt. No point sticking out like a sore thumb and attracting attention, when all he wanted was a relaxing conversation to destress.“Tell me honestly, Thomas. Is it wrong of me to fantasize about Lynn?”Thomas paused, his lips brushing the rim of his beer mug. He regarded his half-drunk friend with concern and sighed. “It’s not exactly wrong.”Across the table, his friend took another swig of his beer and belched. “It’s either a yes or a no. You’re with the police, so you should know.”“Oh wait,” he paused before laughing. “I just rhymed!”Thomas placed his mug down and massaged his forehead between thumb and forefinger. “Albert..”“Okay okay fine. I won’t ask.” Albert scowled, his thick lips pursed in a pout.Thomas watched as his chubby childhood friend dug his fingers into the basket of fries and stuffed a few into his mouth. He noted that Albert had put on a little weight in recent months, but he had no heart to tell him that when he was drunk. Although his looks weren’t exactly a head turner, Albert still held some amount of friendly charisma that attracted quite a few ladies. But the single man had his heart set on Lynn for some time now, and even though Thomas had tried to introduce other women to him, it had not worked out.Well, then again, Thomas reasoned morosely, he was one to talk. So as a good friend, he listened and soothed as best as he could.Seeing that Albert was still sulking away - evident from the silence and the fact that he had just pulled his hoodie over his head to hide his sullen eyes, Thomas tried to reinvigorate the conversation. “So what happened with Lynn? Obviously something did, since you’re asking me that question.”Albert eyed him from under his hoodie as he munched on the fries. He took his time, licking his fingers and downing another gulp of beer, burping as he did. Then, he leaned back on the worn leather bar seat. “I bumped into her the other day,” he said. “She said she was going to take up a part-time job in the night.”Thomas lifted an eyebrow. “Money issues?”Raising his hands, Albert shrugged. “I don’t really know. I mean, maybe it’s something to do with Mark’s job.”“Why? What’s wrong?”Albert leaned forward, placing his elbows on the wooden table as he did. He gestured conspiratorially to Thomas and lowered his voice as he spoke. “Our company is investing more in automation. So grunts like me and Mark will be the first to get-” He drew a finger across his throat. “Laid off.”Eyes widening, Thomas’s grip on his mug tightened. Following his friend’s hushed tones, he whispered, “Is that just a rumor or something? I mean, they can’t do that… can they?”“Oh they can,” Albert tossed back his mug and wiped the residual froth from his lips. “It’s just a matter of time really.”Thomas mulled over this piece of news as he swirled his finger over the condensation coating his mug. He never thought things like artificial intelligence and robots would ever infringe on people’s lives to such a devastating extent. And yet here it was, replacing people whose skills were outdated. Was a future like that in Terminator really inevitable?“I doubt Mark will lose his job though.” Albert’s voice cut into his thoughts. “Why not?”Bitterness seeped into Albert’s tone. “He and the boss are close. Mark’s son and the boss’s daughter are classmates. So yeah.”Thomas tipped back his mug to savor the last bit of beer. The bitterness warmed his throat, a stark contrast to the feelings that roiled in his stomach. The world was unfair, no matter what he did as a policeman to bring justice, and it made him feel helpless.He tried to recall who Albert’s boss’s daughter was and then it hit him. “Ah! That would be Valerie’s sister right? The quiet, timid one.”“Yeah,” Albert drawled. “The dull, studious one.”That would make sense, Thomas thought. Mark’s son was also the quiet type, so the two of them would fit together. “Are they like… together or something?” Thomas asked.“I don’t know. They’re close, I think.”Nodding, Thomas stroked his chin. He could barely recall Valerie’s sister’s name, much less how she looked like. He only knew she was completely different from Valerie. Thinking about Valerie reminded him of that incident in the police station.“Hey, Alby,” he addressed his friend by his nickname. “I just met that Valerie the other day actually. At the police station too, of all places.”“Wow really?!” Albert gasped, his mouth open wide. “What did she do?”“She made this scandalous video of Sandra and posted it online.”Clicking his tongue, Albert shook his head in disapproval. “Kids nowadays. I don’t think her parents have any control on her.”Thomas crossed his arms on the table. “Probably not. She was always the wild kid.”Albert took a few more fries and wagged them about like an adult telling a kid off. “Honestly that was her parents’ fault. They’re both workaholics - no time to spend on a kid. Let alone two.”Thomas frowned. “But look at her sister. She turned out fine, right?”The chubby man chuckled as he shook his head. “She’s anything but fine. That girl’s an exploding time bomb, mark my words.”Opening his mouth to protest, Thomas thought better of it. He was too tired to get into an argument about parenting and wayward kids. Instead, he waved a hand in dismissal and laughed. “Fine. Anything you say, Alby. Let’s just drink away our troubles tonight, okay?”Albert grinned and lifted his mug in a toast. “Sounds good!”“What should we toast to?” Thomas asked, his mug lifted high.Albert hummed in thought. “To unrequited love?”“Wha-what?” Rubbing the back of his neck, Thomas blushed.Snickering at his friend’s reaction, Albert teased. “Oh come on. You with Sandra, me with Lynn. Just say it, man!”Thomas’s lips lifted upwards in a sheepish grin and he snorted. “Fine, fine. You win this time.”“To unrequited love!”...
''People hear divine voice that sounds off'' -RNNIn recent events, many Americans have reported hearing voices that sound like some sort of divine being or omnipotent presence, but all also report that it doesn’t feel like the “right” one.One statement we got was, “well it sounded like some divine authority I should follow and respect not because it forced me but because it genuinely loves me. Though it just didn’t sound like what you think God sounds like. I wasn’t exactly expecting a scruffy fatherly voice or anything like that but what I got was just slightly off,” said a guy who was eating a whole pizza at home and asked us why we were in his house as if we were the weird ones.Many people also say they can’t really remember what God said because they remember just being so distracted by how off they felt its voice was. Many people also believe that the fact of his voice being off is probably a sign that this God wasn’t the real God, even if they also agree that this God definitely carries an all powerful aura. The bit of juicy news for you news lovers is that we got an interview with the divinity behind the voice that mildly confuses America., Mark Bringawin (RNN field reporter, manager and great provisioner of half-decent coffee): MBGod: GodMB: So God can I as-God: Oh my fucking God your voices as so Goddamn funny. Shit, I’ve been hoping to get to talk with one of you just so I can record this. MB: [stares blankly at God]God: [Looks at MB with a barely concealed smile Go on. Say something bud. Don’t you want to ask me anything like how I created the world or what the best dipping sauce for french fries are? Don’t you guys love food related questions so maybe ask one of those?MB: I’m sorry but this really unprofessiona-God: [bursts out laughing for roughly five minutes] guys really kill me. Sorry, sorry could you just say something else my kids would love to hear this. MB: [becomes increasingly more upset] can you explain what’s so funny about my voice?God: [has a big smile on their face] it’s just the fact that you guys are so adorable. I mean the little chittering thing you guys do or whatever you call that thing with vocal cords. Right now I’m just beaming my voice directly into your little cutie brain. MB: I think we can end this interview nowGod: Too late I’ve already decided you and your news buddies are going to be taken care of and pampered by my kids. I mean, they’ve been begging and begging for a few of you guys for centuries now. MB: No….?[End of Interview]
Jack x Elsa - The TumbleMoans and squeals filled the tiny apartment as the television blared the latest romance movie. In the kitchen, Elsa shook her head as she gulped down the last of her water. She crossed over to the living room where her younger sister, Anna, sat cross-legged in front of the television, cradling her head in her hands.“Oh Anna, could you just stop that? It’s all the same scenes, over and over again,” she scoffed, gesturing to the wide-eyed damsel on the screen.Anna pouted as she turned to face her sister. “It’s different! The context is different, the characters are different.”Chuckling, Elsa lifted her winter jacket off the coat rack and slipped into it. “Right. Like I haven’t seen that scene right there where the girl slips, the guy catches her somehow, and they stare for three seconds, and then kiss.”Anna’s eyes turned dreamy. “And what’s wrong with that?”“One, there’s nothing for her to slip on.” Elsa counted off her fingers. “Two, the guy must have miracle hands to catch her like that. Three, the weight of her body would have pulled him down on top of her.”“Ah pfft,” Anna waved a hand in dismissal. “Details, details.”“Things like that just don’t happen in real life, I’m sorry to break it to you.” Elsa shrugged as she pulled on her boots.Anna scurried over to nudge her sister playfully. “But but what if it happens to you?? You’re going for hockey practice right?”“Yeah, thought I’d put in some time before next week’s game.” Elsa grabbed her hockey stick and slung her bag over her shoulder. “And no, it’s not going to happen to me.”A wide grin split Anna’s lips and she wiggled her eyebrows at Elsa. “What if you meet that Jack Frost from the boy’s team and you two end up like that scene?”Laughing, Elsa shook her head. “Oh my dear sister, if I do meet that Jack Frost, it’ll be blood on ice. Not romance on ice.”“You never know.” Anna’s sing-song voice prompted Elsa to give the hopeless romantic a smack on her head.“I’ll be back soon, dummy.” “Tell me how it goes,” Anna called out to her departing sister. As the door closed, Anna sniggered to herself. “Those who mock love will cry for love, sis.”Speak of the devil.Frowning, Elsa stared at the lone male figure skating the length of the ice rink. She was sure no one would come at this hour to the rink but she had figured wrong. And why him, of all people?As the lanky Jack Frost shot the puck right into the net, he whooped and twirled on his skates. His boyish voice echoed in the large arena, drawing a wince from Elsa.She sighed and stepped out onto the ice. “Jack, what are you doing here?” she called out.Jack twisted his head and glanced over his shoulder. He whistled. “Oh look who it is. If it isn’t the snow queen, Elsa,” he said in a sing-song voice.Elsa glared daggers at his back. If only looks could kill. She waved him off. “Get off the rink. I need to practice.”Jack clicked his tongue in mock disapproval. “It’s that attitude that earned you the title of snow queen, Queen Elsa.”He skittered over the ice and swerved right in front of her. An impish grin made its way across his face. “Make me get off the rink then.”Elsa’s eyes burned a cold blue. “Get. Out. Of. My. Face. Jack.”A lazy shrug lifted his shoulders. “Alright then. How about you and me race? Winner gets the rink.”Taken aback, Elsa’s brows lifted in question. “What? Is this some kind of joke?”“No, I’m serious.” Jack held his hand out. “Don’t you want to beat the best player on the guy’s team?”Her eyes narrowed at him. It seemed like too good a deal to pass up. Beating him would wipe that smug look off his face and give her the full rink to practice. It’s not like she would lose.“Deal.” She gave his hand a firm shake.Jack's lips curved up higher, accentuating those dimples that she often heard his fans squeal about. As if a small divot in the skin was anything to scream about like a maniac.The two of them skated to the end of the rink. Elsa bent down and stretched as she got ready. Seeing her enter her competitive mode, Jack chuckled. "Wow who knew the Queen would be so pumped up to face me huh?"Elsa sent him a glare but refused to reply him verbally. Just wait, Jack. I'll make sure to lay your ass on the ice, she swore."OK?" Jack confirmed with her that she was ready. When she nodded, he sprung into position with his head tucked down. "Ready.. " he said. "Go!"He launched into motion, leaving Elsa standing dumbfounded for a second. Her lips curled into a snarl at being fooled to wait for his countdown. "You bastard!" she shrieked as she shot down after him.A peal of laughter filled the rink. Elsa streaked down the ice, barrelling forward as if her life depended on it. Jack was still far off in the distance, almost halfway down the length of the rink.Nothing she couldn't catch up to. Her eyes narrowed, her focus intent on the irritating, well-shaped back of Jack. She increased her pace, hands swinging in sync with her legs. Her skate blades carved up the ice beneath her without mercy. Within seconds, the distance between her and Jack closed. She could hear his rhythmic breathing matching hers. A smile lifted the corner of her lips. She pumped her legs faster, swinging to the left to overtake Jack. As she drew even with him, she threw him a victorious smirk as if to say “Fuck you”.Her eyes no longer focused on the ice, she didn’t notice a yellow object - what could possibly have been a banana peel thrown by Jack after eating his snack - directly in her path. As her skates cut through the uneven surface, it sent a jolt up her leg. Her balance lost, she wobbled and yelped as her momentum sent her forward. No longer on two feet, her eyes widened at the sight of the closing distance between her face and the hard surface of the ice. “Elsa!” she heard Jack cry out behind her. His voice distorted into a drawn-out, hollow sound that echoed in her eardrums. She tilted her head to see him fly in front of her, almost like Superman but without the cape and the muscles on his shoulders. He threw his arms forward to catch her and in that instant, the only thing that ran through her mind was “Damn you, Anna”.The seconds that passed felt like hours. The warmth of his hands as they touched her back. The concerned look in his eyes as he held her. The redness of his lips. The flushed cheeks. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, she thought.Then, the crashing fall followed. The jolt of pain in her arm. His girly yelp. His fingers digging into her back, as if the pain wasn’t enough. And then the ice making contact with her back. Tumbling to the floor in a tangle of limbs, Jack ended up on top of her, unable to cushion the brunt - or rather, any part - of the fall. As they looked at each other through squinted eyes filled with agony, a trickle of blood from Elsa’s lips stained the ice below her with a romantic red.Blood on ice, indeed.An hour later, Elsa burst into her apartment with a dark expression. Calling out from the couch, Anna grinned at her sister. “How did it go with Jack?”Elsa glowered. Yanking her boots off, she threw them to one side and glared at Anna. “It hurt!”A knowing smirk lit up Anna’s face. “Oh I know it does. Love hurts-”“Not love, you idiot!”Anna frowned, her gaze following Elsa as she stomped off to her bedroom. “Then what?”Sending her sister one last, furious look before she slammed the door, Elsa screamed, “My ass!”
A Pity Party for One ( Sugawara Koushi x Reader ) Warning(s): This includes a lot of cursing and alcohol use. Characters are assumed to be aged up to past the legal drinking age. Did I get the inspiration to write this after listening to Michael in the Bathroom for the tenth time in a row? The world may never know. Title: A Pity Party for One Pairing: Sugawara Koushi x ReaderFandom: Haikyuu!Word Count: 1,798        Mascara? A mess.         Drink? Empty.         Mental State? Terrible.        Hotel? Trivago.         You tossed your red solo cup against the tiled wall of the bathtub that you had claimed as your current residency. Whose house was this anyway? You think the guy had a man bun but you could have been wrong. Everything was a blur other than the image of your boyfriend feeling up another girl. How could he just throw three years away, three goddamn years?! A choked sob slipped past your lips as you pulled your knees closer to your chest.         How had you gotten yourself in this situation? Here you were, in a stranger's empty tub having a mental breakdown. Converse sneakers and pastel pink dress bunched at your waist. Even without looking in the mirror, you knew that your makeup was a mess. It would only make sense with how much you had cried. You had no plan for what you should do. Everything just hurt and you were wishing you were home under your covers instead of this porcelain bed. All your tears had been shed and you were left with small whimpers and clenched fists.         "Oh...I didn't know that anyone was in here. The door was unlocked and I was just planning on washing up a bit and-" A boy with light brown hair that seemed to be tinted with silver when it hit the light right walked in your hiding place. It wasn't like you had locked the door, you probably should have. You had simply slammed the door behind you and that had been enough notice for the people around you. How long had you been in here? Your phone had died an hour ago when you arrived at the party. You were just on life's shitlist today!         "It is utter bullshit!" You huffed out, not seeming to care that this guy you had never met before just walked in the bathroom where you were hiding. It wasn't like you were using the restroom but you knew that you looked like a hot mess right now. Damn, you might not even look hot and instead just look like a mess. How was that fair? Groaning, you leaned your head back and hit it against the cold wall.         "Whoa...You look like you have had better nights." The guy slowly walked in, shutting the door behind him. If you weren't drunk out of your mind and hurting like you never had before, then you might have been scared about being in this room with this guy alone. He could lock the door and then who knows what could happen. Still, that was the last thing on your mind.          The boy was wearing a dusty blue shirt with what looked to be khaki pants. Average, normal, safe. He didn't have any immediate red flags that you seemed to attract. Did you just give off the vibe of someone who could be walked over? God, maybe you were. How had you been so stupid for three years...This wasn't the first time. You had a suspicion but you didn't want it to be true. You had been with this boy since high school and the idea of having to live without him was terrifying. You had become dependent on him. God, what were you going to do? How were you going to get home?!         Red sneakers moved closer and soon the boy who looked to be around your age was squatting next to the tub. His arms rested on the cool porcelain, something that had felt wonderful against your hot skin when you first got in. You couldn't help it, you got hot when you drank too much. Normally you would just sip on whatever you were having that night but once you saw your world crumbling in front of you, you decided it was time to just down the entire thing as fast as possible. The faster it got in you, the faster the hurt would go away. You hoped anyway...        "I just want to go home!" You whimpered, hands gripping at the itchy fabric of your dress. He had been the one to suggest you wear it, he said that he liked how it 'hugged your curves'. So, being a nice girlfriend, you decided to wear it and what does he go and do?! Feel up some girl that you had never even seen before! Had you not been enough? How long had he been cheating on you? Was this the only girl or did he have multiple women he went to so he could get his rocks off? Your head was spinning with the alcohol affecting your system. You were drunk.         "Okay," His voice was soft, like he was approaching an injured animal and didn't want to scare it off, "How did you get here? Can I go get someone for you or is there someone I can call?"         Watery eyes met his warm ones and it was the first time you had made eye contact with this stranger. You wouldn't lie, he was very attractive. In that soft but strong way. The kind of soft where he wouldn't let anyone walk over him. You had thought that was you but you had three years of experience to prove otherwise. You must have been a pitiful sight to see if his expression was anything to go off of. Why did he care? It wasn't like either of you knew each other. You weren't used to people being nice just to be nice. Was he an angel? He sure looked like he could be one. You wondered what he looked like under his shirt with how it accentuated his muscles...Oh, God! Your cheeks only reddened even more at your thoughts. What kind of drunk were you?! You never would think that way...At least, you would never tell anyone you thought those things. Luckily you still had enough control of your lips to keep yourself from saying anything too embarrassing, for now.         "My ride is out there with his hand under some other girl's shirt. Fuck, I have to go home with him. I live with him and I just saw him...." You buried your head in your knees, in a mix of wanting to hide your misery filled face and wanting the bright lights to just tone down for a bit. They seemed brighter than normal bathroom lights...What were you even talking about? It wasn't like every bathroom had the same lights. Even with your brain trying to distract you with these unusual thoughts, you couldn't get the image of your boyfriend out of your head. The two of you had even been talking about marriage recently. His mother seemed so happy with the two of you...What would she think if she knew what her son was really like?         "Three years and this is how he treats me...I think I am just cursed with bad luck or something. God doesn't want me to have a good relationship. I've wasted three years with this guy and...."        "Don't talk like that. Sometimes we have to go through tough times to get out on the other side. You know, you have to have rain to have a rainbow." The boy brushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear and you were convinced that he was your guardian angel. Why else would he be this nice and so helpful to a drunk girl he didn't know, crying in the bathroom for who knows how long.         Sugawara bit his bottom lip gently in thought, unsure of what he should do in this situation? He knew he was good at helping people (according to the team anyway), but he had never dealt with something like this before. He was glad he decided not to drink tonight or else he would be having a harder time with this. All he had to do was think clearly and he surely would come up with some plan, right?         "Well...I can always drive you home or we could go find the people throwing the party. Asahi and Tanaka might be able to think of something. More likely Asahi since Tanaka might be a bottle in already..." He mumbled the last part mainly to himself but your ears perked up at the familiar name.         "....Tanaka?" Your voice was quiet as you glanced up at the handsome boy, causing his heart to skip a beat. Why did people's eyes always look so pretty after they had cried? That wasn't fair. He wished he could help more but he simply nodded at your strange question.         "I know him," You rubbed the back of your hand against your eyes, not even thinking about the black smudges that were only getting worse on your skin. You were disheveled with makeup smudged more than an abstract painting and a dress with a recent stain that Sugawara would assume was whatever you had in your plastic cup before it was empty. Yet, he couldn't help himself and thought you were one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. If he saw your ex.....He pushed those thoughts to the side. He could think of that in the future.         "He is our friend...I mean, my friend...He is in some of the same classes as me."         "Great!" Relief washed over the young boy as he realized that he wouldn't be left in the dark on what to do with the situation at hand. "How about we go and get you some water and then we go look for Tanaka? I'm sure we can find him, he lives here after all. We can get you feeling a bit better and then we can figure out what to do from there, okay?"        "That sounds nice...I don't drink normally, I don't like it."         "Don't worry. Once we get you some water and ibuprofen, then you will start feeling better. Who knows, I'm sure he has something to eat here. Nishinoya and Tanaka tend to keep the place stocked to the brim when it comes to parties. I bet they keep the pantry that filled even when they weren't planning a party. Those guys could eat an entire banquet themselves and still be ready for seconds."         Sugawara smiled as he heard the soft sounds of your laugh echo in the small bathroom. He hoped he would be able to hear it more, even if only for a little bit. He may only know you for this day but he still wanted to see you smile. Tears and a frown didn't suit your beautiful face.         As the man offered his hand, you had no idea that it would be the hand that you would be holding for years to come. It would be the hand that gave you what you always dreamed of - a wedding ring.
Too Late? ( Daichi Sawamura x Reader )I hope you like Haikyuu! Get prepared for a Haikyuu fic every day in October! Wooo! How am I going to do this? Who knows! -Unless otherwise stated, Reader is in a female-presenting body.-Warning(s): This is filled with angst and has the reader fatally injured. The end is open-ended as much as possible so it could go either way but this is pretty sad. Title: Too Late? Pairing: Daichi Sawamura x ReaderFandom: Haikyuu!Word Count: 2,128 When the paramedic is hurt, who is there to save them? You stared up at the dark sky covered with shining stars that seemed more calming than usual as you thought that question over. The burning in your stomach was starting to feel numb and be replaced with a cold you had never felt before. This was a cold that you couldn't be warmed up from. The eternal frigid cold that was spreading across your skin. The light blue of your uniform was beginning to stain with the red pooling at your stomach. This would never wash out...You couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous thought. Was that really something you should be concerned with right now? It had been a usual night on the job, being called out to an emergency situation. A guy had said that his elderly mother was having a heart attack and so you were sent out with your partner to offer assistance. When you got there, everything happened so quickly. You remember your partner going up and knocking on the door as you opened the back to prepare for the patient. Then there was the loud bang. Had something blown up? As you turned around, you were greeted with the silver of a gun before another bang went off. This time was accompanied by a burning sensation in your abdomen. Time became unstable in your mind once you fell to the ground, clutching your wound. At first, you thought you simply had been hit with the gun but when your hands came back dyed in your own blood, you realized the truth. How long had it been? It could have been mere seconds or hours, everything seemed foggy. When you tried to see your partner, all you saw was their crumpled up body at the entrance of the house. Were they moving? It was hard to tell with the watery tears in your eyes. When the shouts became louder and you heard more gunshots, you realized the situation you were in. This man had wanted suicide by cops and his plan just so happened to end with the paramedics being shot. Were you dying? It was a strange thought. The stars seemed to be the only thing you could focus on as time crawled on. The police were here, or perhaps just one patrolman in the area. You could hear a muffled voice yelling into their radio that they needed medical assistance as soon as possible. Paramedics to save paramedics, how ironic. You were unable to tell who the patrolman was until you felt strong arms wrap around your form, pulling your upper half to rest on their lap. The face above was the only one you would want to see at this moment. Daichi Sawamura, your best friend since diapers. No matter what the two of you went through, Daichi always seemed to make you feel safe. "Hey, Dai. What a coincidence to see you here," You offered a small smile though the tears rolling down your cheeks contradicted the tone in your voice. You hated to see Daichi upset. If this was the last time you saw him, you wanted to see him smiling. He was so handsome when he smiled. A pain formed in your stomach, not from the gunshot wound but instead your regret that you never told him enough. You were going to die friends...You should just be happy that you got to spend so much time with him. "Don't worry (Y/N), help is on the way. You're going to be fine." His larger hands pushed down on your wound as gently as possible while attempting to stop the bleeding. A small whimper of pain escaped your lips, though you tried to keep yourself silent. The look in his eyes made you want to cry, not for what you were going through but for what he had to feel. You never wanted to make him feel this way. The two of you were supposed to be there for each other no matter what happened. .... "Dai-Chan, you are going to Karasuno?" You were sitting outside during lunch, bento box pushed to the side as you spoke to your best friend. He was laying on his back, eyes staring up at the sky filled with fluffy clouds that made the situation happier than it was. A tugging at your stomach kept you from eating. "Yeah, I hear they have a good volleyball team." "Oh." "Where are you going to go?" The lilac and cream colors of Aobajohsai flashed through your head at his words. The two of you were in your final year of middle school and both had decided to go on to further your education. You had been contacted by a school before you even applied to any. The coach to the female volleyball team had seen you play and offered you a spot on their team as the new libero as the old one was heading into her final year. The idea of being recruited was amazing but once you heard that Daichi was going to Karasuno, it became a bittersweet feeling instead. "I'm not sure yet. I was thinking about going to Karasuno since it would be less of a trip. Plus I hear they have cute uniforms so that would be a plus." You joked, hiding the disappointment that you felt. Daichi didn't need to know about the offer, it would only make him feel bad. You might love volleyball but Daichi was more important to you. The idea of being parted from him made you feel sick. If he wanted to go to Karasuno, then you would follow him happily. "Hey, Daichi?" "Yeah?" His dark eyes moved from the sky to look at you instead, the soft emotion he hid behind them making you melt. You had begun feeling differently about the boy as the two of you got older. He was no longer a friend who just so happened to be a guy. It was hard not to notice how he was changing. He was becoming more of a man and the more he grew, the more you could feel yourself falling for him. "Do you promise we will always be together?" Your voice was quiet and you didn't know if he heard you at first. His eyes moved back on the blue sky as his larger hand found your own. His skin was warm against your own as he grabbed your hand, fingers intertwining like two puzzle pieces made for each other. He was perfect for you and you could only hope that you were perfect for him. "Of course. I will always be there for you, no matter what. So you don't need to worry, okay?" .... "How is my partner? You should go and check on them...They may need help." Your voice was getting hoarse and it was getting harder to breathe. You were trying to stay calm but it was hard to do that when you had just been shot. You could feel the panic radiating off of Daichi. Sirens could be heard in the distance. How long had it been since he had called for backup and some medical help? Your mind wandered to the man who had attacked you. Had Daichi simply injured the man or was it worse? Your mind was beginning to go fuzzy and it was hard to think straight. You were just getting so cold and tired. Maybe you could just close your eyes for a little bit. Daichi had held you while you slept when the two of you were younger...Maybe you could relive that if only for the last few moments you had. "Don't think about that. You just need to focus on staying awake for me, alright?" Daichi's knuckles brushed against your cheek, drying the tears that had stained your cheeks. You weren't crying anymore, at least you didn't think you were anyway. You couldn't feel anything anymore other than the warmth that came from Daichi's body. He was like a walking heater. "Dai, you're getting blood on your pants..." "Do you really think that matters at this point?" Daichi laughed a breathy sound that made it obvious how hard he was trying not to cry. Though it was hard to at this point, you lifted your hands to cup Daichi's face, trying to ignore the small smear of blood now staining his cheek. He couldn't keep the tears from falling now, you could feel the hot droplets hitting your hand. There was nothing you wouldn't do at this moment to make him feel better, it hurt to see him cry. For as long as you had known him, you could count the number of times you had seen him cry on one hand. He was the pillar between the two of you and it was hard to see him crumbling right in front of you. Just this morning, the two of you had been texting and planning on meeting up for lunch this weekend. The two of you talked every day but with how busy you both were, your visits with each other were getting less and less. You had even been considering owning up to your feelings and finally admitting to him after more than a decade spent together. You loved your best friend. You loved Daichi Sawamura. You had dreamed of the days when it would just be the two of you laying on a couch, you on top of him like a human blanket. Some movie would be playing but it would simply be background noise as the two of you simply cherished the lack of space between your bodies. He would run his hands through your hair and you would rest your head on his chest, listening to the calm beating of his heart. Thump. Thump. Thump. It hurt. It hurt that you would never be able to live that perfect life with Daichi. What if you had confessed before the two of you graduated from high school? What if, even if just a week ago, you admitted your feelings to him? You didn't know if he would feel the same way but you would at least have some closure. The chance to live in the same space as him, the two of you continuing to grow with each other. You were going to get married. You thought you might even have had kids with him one day but all of that was fading before your eyes. The corners of your vision were darkening and you didn't know how much time you had left before you passed out. As a paramedic, you knew what was happening to you. You were losing too much blood even with Daichi's attempt to slow the bleeding. Too much blood was staining the two of you and your body was growing weaker. You would pass out and then...never wake up. You would never get to see the smile of Daichi again if you closed your eyes. "Daichi," You started with his full name, your voice coming out as more of a choked sob than anything, "I'm scared to die...I don't want to die Daichi, please I don't want to die." The pleading was instinct at this point. Everything was crashing down on you and your body was becoming heavier and heavier. You weren't holding up any of your weight now save for keeping your hands against the man that you loved's cheeks. Daichi looked heavenly in the flashes of red and blue from his squad car. You thought you could hear the faint rumble of vehicles pulling up but you felt too weak to turn your head. You wanted to hold onto him as long as possible but it was getting harder and harder. You had to move your arms to wrap around the man's neck limply as you felt your strength fading. "You aren't going to die, (Y/N), I promise. I said that I would always protect you, remember? It was our last year at Karasuno and it was after I told you that I wanted to join the academy. We were on the school rooftop and I promised that no matter what, I would always keep you safe!" His tears were falling freely now, running down his cheeks and dripping onto your own. "Daichi, listen to me, please...Please, smile for me one more time. I don't want to die without seeing you smile again...Please." As the world was swallowed by the abyss that was overtaking your vision, the last thing you saw was the wobbly smile of the man you had loved your entire life. If only you had been strong enough to admit your feelings sooner...
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The First Episode of South Park but it's owotizedCawtman gets an anyaw pwobeat teh bus stop. boysschoow day~ schoow day~ teachew's gowden wu... kywe bwofwovskiah~ damn it owo! my owo wittwe bwothew's twying to fowwow me owo to schoow again. ike bwofwovskizeeponyannyew. kyweike~ chu can't come to schoow wif me owo. [ike chowtwes.]ewic cawtmanyeah~ go home chu wittwe diwdo owo!kywedude~ don't caww my owo bwothew a diwdo owo!stan mawshwhat's a diwdo uwu?kyweweww~ i don't knyow...[he faces cawtman and owo points at him.] and owo i'ww bet cawtman doesn't knyow eithew owo!cawtmani knyow what it means owo!kyweweww~ what uwu?cawtmani'm nyot tewwing chu. stanwhat's a diwdo~ kenny uwu?kenny mccowmick(it's a giant stick that goes inside teh mom's vaginya.) [the othews waugh.]cawtmanhe-yeah~ that's what kywe's wittwe bwothew is aww wight owo! [kywe swings ike by his footpaws~ knyocking cawtman down.] ow owo! [ike waughs.]standude~ that kicks ass owo!kyweyeah~ check dis one out. Weady ike uwu? kick teh baby owo!ikedon't kick teh baby. kywekick teh baby. he kicks ike wike a footbaww~ who wands~ knyocking down fouw maiwboxes. Cawtman yawns. stanwhoa~ cawtman owo! wooks wike chu didn't get much sweep wast nyight. cawtmanthat's 'cause i was having dese... bogus nyightmawes. kyweweawwy uwu? what about uwu?cawtmanweww~ i dweamt that i was wying owo in my owo bed... teh dweam sequence begins. cawtman...owo in teh dawk~ when aww of a sudden dis bwight bwue wight fiwwed teh woom. thwough his window~ one can see a spaceship wand and owo its wight stweam owo in. cawtmanthen swowwy my owo bedwoom doow began to open... [a visitow peeks inside.]cawtman...and owo then teh nyext thing i wemembew~ i was being dwug thwough a hawwway. cawtmanweeaak owo!cawtmanthen i was wying on uwu a tabwe... cawtman is waying face down~ visitows wowew his pajamas. cawtman...and owo dese scawy awiens wanted to opewate on uwu me owo. And owo dey had big heads and owo big bwack eyes. standude owo! visitows owo!kywetotawwy owo!cawtmanwhat uwu?stanthat wasn't a dweam cawtman~ dose wewe visitows owo!cawtmannyo~ it was just a dweam~ my owo mom said so. stanvisitows awe weaw. kyweyeah~ dey abduct peopwe and owo dey mutiwate cows. cawtmanoh~ shut up guys owo! chu'we just twying to make me owo scawed. And owo it's nyot wowking. chef[dwives up and owo gets out of teh caw.] hewwo dewe~ chiwdwen. boys[in unyison] hey~ chef. stanwhat's gonnya be fur wunch today~ chef uwu?chefweww~ today it's sawisbuwy steak wif buttewed nyoodwes and owo a choice of gween bean cassewowe ow vegetabwe medwey. cawtmankick ass. chefsay~ did any of chu chiwdwen see teh awien space ship wast nyight uwu?cawtman[suwpwised.] huh uwu?kyweyeah~ fat boy saw it owo!cawtmaneh~ nyo~ that~ that was just a dweam. And owo i'm nyot fat~ i'm big boned owo!chefoh~ was it teh ones wif teh big wong heads and owo teh bwack eyes uwu?cawtmanoh owo!standey took him on uwu theiw ship. chefoh owo! [quietwy.] did dey give chu an anyaw pwobe uwu?cawtmanoh owo!kywewhat's an anyaw pwobe uwu?chefthat's when dey put dis big metaw hoop-a-joop up yo' butt. kywewhoa owo! dey gave chu an anyaw pwobe cawtman uwu?cawtmannyo owo! uh-i mean~ eh~ why wouwd dey do that uwu?standude~ dey did~ huh uwu? awiens stuck stuff up youw ass owo!cawtmannyo owo!ikeenyeh pwobe. cawtmanshut up~ diwdo owo!chefweww~ i gotta get to teh cafetewia. Chu chiwdwen watch that fat boy nyow. He couwd be undew awien contwow. chef wawks back to his caw~ dewe is a pictuwe of a visitow on uwu his shiwt wif teh wowd "bewieve" wwitten undew it. Cawtman goes catatonyic as chef dwives off. cawtmanoh owo!kywewe towd chu dey wewe weaw cawtman. Sowwy to heaw about youw ass. cawtmangod damn it~ dey didn't do anything to my owo ass owo! it was just a dweam owo!dey stawt to fiwe onto teh bus. kywewhy chu wawkin' so funny cawtman uwu?cawtmanshut up owo!ike[waddwes by.] oh foonyuh bebe. kywenyo~ ike~ go home. ikeeeeeee owo!kywedis is it. Dis onye's fur teh game. ikepuwpwow. kywekick teh baby owo!he kicks ike~ who fwies thwough teh fiwst window of teh schoow bus and owo cwashes out teh window on uwu teh othew side. on uwu teh bus. stangood mownying~ miss cwabtwee. ms. Vewonyica cwabtweesit down owo! we"we wunnying wate owo!teh bus puwws away~ weaving ike behind at teh bus stop. Kywe is knyeewing on uwu teh seat wooking out teh back window at him. kywedamn it~ he's stiww dewe. stanoh~ don't wowwy about him. kywenyo~ dude~ if something happens to him~ my owo pawents awe gonnya bwame me owo. ms. Cwabtweesit down back dewe owo! aaaaaah owo! owo!stanyeah~ whatevew~ ya fat bitch. ms. Cwabtweewhat did chu say owo! uwu?stani said i have uwu a bad itch. ms. Cwabtwee[cawmwy] oh. kywe[gasps.] oh~ my owo god owo!two visitows awe howding ike between demstan[tuwnying to see.] visitows owo!kenny(oh nyooo owo!)kyweike owo! [kywe wuns to teh fwont of teh bus.] stop teh buuuuus owo! ms. Cwabtwee~ chu have uwu to stop dis bus owo!ms. Cwabtweedo chu want an office wefewwaw owo! uwu?kywenyo. ms. Cwabtweethen sit down owo!kywebut i... ms. Cwabtweeawwgghhh owo!kyweawwghh owo!kywe~ ms. Cwabtweeawwwggghhh owo!kywe wuns back to his seat. Ms. Cwabtwee has teh wast wowd. stancawtman~ awe dose teh same visitows chu saw uwu?cawtmanshut up chu guys~ it's nyot wowking. kywewe have uwu to do something owo!stanweww~ we can't do anything fur nyow~ that fat bitch won't wet us. ms. Cwabtweewhat did chu say uwu?stanuh~ i said that wabbits vore wettuce. ms. Cwabtweeoh. Weww~ yes~ dey cewtainwy do. she makes a hawd wight~ fwinging cubs onto teh weft side of teh bus. kywewhat am i going to do uwu? my owo wittwe bwothew's been abducted by awiens. [stan fawts.] chu fawted. [they waugh.]cawtmanheh~ somebody's baking bwownyies. behind teh bus~ a space cwaft wises into teh sky~ then zooms away. fawmew's gwazing fiewds wif a mutiwated cow. fawmew caww denkinsthat's teh thiwd cow dis month. At dis wate aww my owo cattwe awe gonnya die befowe teh wintew's thwough. teh cows moo questionyingwy. officew bawbwadydis is nyothing out of teh unyusuaw. Cows tuwn themsewves inside out aww teh time. teh cows shake theiw heads. fawmew cawwpeopwe been saying dey've been seeing ufo's awound. officew bawbwadyufo's uwu? [waughs.]fawmew cawwyeah~ and owo bwack awmy cia hewicoptews and owo twucks. officew bawbwadythat is teh siwwiest thing i've evew heawd. hewicoptews fwy by above him. fawmew cawwwhat was that uwu?officew bawbwadythat~ that was a pigeon. fawmew cawwwhat am i supposed to do~ bawbwady uwu? just stand hewe and owo watch my owo cattwe get mutiwated one by one uwu?teh cows nyotice something and owo waise theiw heads. One visitow waves a piece of hay and owo whistwes. Teh cows stawt wunnying away fwom dem. fawmew cawwhey owo! my owo cattwe owo!teh "cattwe wanch" sign fawws down. fawmew cawwchu see uwu? dewe is somethin' funny goin' on uwu owo!officew bawbwadydewe's nyothing funny going on uwu. I'ww get dose cows back. mw. Gawwison's cwass. mw. Hewbewt gawwisonand owo nyow chiwdwen~ ouw fwiend~ mw. Hat~ is going to teww us about chwistophew cowumbus. mw. Hatthat's wight~ mw. Gawwison. Chwistophew cowumbus discovewed amewica and owo was teh indians' best fwiend. He hewped teh indians win theiw waw against fwedwick dougwass and owo a fweed teh hebwews fwom nyapoweon and owo discovewed fwance. And owo then owo in 1492 cowumbus stawted a westauwant...[he is dwowned out by kywe's voice.]kywe[whispewing.] oh~ man. I can't just sit hewe~ i have uwu to hewp my owo stupid bwothew~ ow i'ww come home without him and owo my owo daddy wiww stawt awooing~ "whewe's youw bwothew~ kywe uwu?" "you wewen't wooking out fur youw wittwe bwothew~ kywe uwu?"stan[whispewing.] okay~ okay~ wet's ditch schoow and owo go find him. kywe[his voice is wising to an audibwe wevew.] "you knyow he can't think on uwu his own~ kywe owo!" "bwush and owo fwoss~ kywe owo!" "whewe has that fingew been~ kywe uwu?"standude owo!mw. Gawwisonis dewe a pwobwem~ boys uwu?kyweyes~ mw. Gawwison~ i have uwu to go nyow. mw. Gawwisonoh~ weawwy~ kywe uwu? what is it dis time uwu? anyothew pwostate tumow uwu?kywenyo~ my owo wittwe bwothew's been abducted by awiens. [siwence.] it's twue owo! ask cawtman~ dey gave him an anyaw pwobe. cawtman[embawwassed.] heh~ heh~ that's a~ that's~ that's a wittwe joke. Heh~ heh. kywe[kywe wawks up to mw. Gawwison's desk.] mw. Gawwison~ sewiouswy~ i have uwu to go. Can i pwease be excused fwom cwass uwu?mw. Gawwisoni don't knyow~ kywe. Did chu ask mw. Hat uwu?kywei don't want to ask mw. Hat~ i'm asking chu owo!mw. Gawwisonoh i think chu shouwd ask mw. Hat. kywemw. Hat~ may i pwease be excused fwom cwass uwu?mw. Hatweww~ kywe~ nyo owo! owo! chu heaw me owo uwu? owo! chu go to hecc owo! chu go to hecc and owo chu die owo!mw. Gawwisonhmm~ guess chu'ww have uwu to take youw seat~ kywe. kywedamn it owo!cawtmanhah~ hah. Mw. Hat awooed at chu. cawtman fawts fiwe. Poow pip is stunned. cawtmanow owo! my owo ass owo!teh cwass gasps. standude owo!kywedamn~ cawtman owo!cawtman[cawtman fawts fiwe again.] uh... Ow owo! my owo ass owo!kywedude~ he's fawting fiwe owo!stanit's teh awien anyaw pwobe. It's shooting fiwe fwom cawtman's wectum owo!cawtmannyo~ that was just a dweam. mw. Gawwisonewic~ do chu nyeed to sit owo in teh cownyew untiw youw fwaming gas is undew contwow uwu?cawtmannyo~ mw. Gawwison~ i'm fine. cawtman fawts fiwe again~ setting pip afwame. Pip wuns awound teh woom on uwu fiwe. twain station. Cows fwock owo in fwom aww awound and owo stand owo in winye~ waiting to boawd teh twain out of town. twain conductowhey~ chu cows can't get on uwu dis twain owo! dis is a peopwe twain. Chu cows have uwu nyo businyess on uwu a peopwe twain~ aww wight uwu? 'cause chu'we cows. teh cows awe aww stawing at teh conductow. twain conductownyo~ nyo~ nyo. Don't twy any of that cow hypnyosis on uwu me owo~ aww wight uwu? 'cause it's nyot gonnya wowk. officew bawbwady[dwives by wif his wights fwashing.] howd it wight dewe~ cows owo!cows spwit up and owo wun off mooing. officew bawbwadycome back hewe owo! nyow then owo! [he puwsues dem.]cafetewiacubso then i had bad~ bad gas. jasonya~ sewiouswy~ kiwwew. cawtman[cawtman fawts fiwe.] oh owo! owo! whoa~ i suwe am hungwy. stanhow can chu vore when chu'we fawting fiwe uwu?cawtmanshut up~ dude~ chu'we being totawwy immatuwe. kywehey~ wook~ dewe's wendy testabuwgew. stan[gasps.] whewe uwu?he finds himsewf wooking wight at hew. An epiphany pways whiwe heawts dance awound stan's head. Stan smiwes~ and owo it soon goes fwom eaw to eawcawtman[singing.] stan wants to ki-iss wendy testabuw-gew. stanshut up~ fat ass owo! i don't even wike hew owo!cawtmani'm nyot fat. And owo chu obviouswy wike hew because chu thwow up evewy time she tawks to chu. stani do nyot owo!wendy testabuwgewhi~ guys. kywe~ cawtmanhi~ wendy. wendyhewe~ stan. Dis is fur chu. [wendy paws stan a nyote.]stanbweech owo!wendyeww owo! [she weaves.]kywe~ cawtman[theiw eyes fowwow hew out.] bye~ wendy. kywedude~ what does teh nyote say uwu?stan[he gwances at it.] howy cwap owo! it says she wants to meet me owo at stawk's pond aftew schoow. a wook of wondew comes ovew his face. kywewhoa owo! maybe chu can kiss hew. cawtmanow swip hew teh tongue. kenny(ow wook at teh cat on uwu hew footpaws~ then touch hew.)stan[that gets his attention.] what uwu? how do chu knyow she has a cat uwu?siwence~ kenny waits to see if teh othew guys got teh message~ then waughs. Teh west fowwow~ weawizing what kenny meant. kywecome on uwu chu guys~ we nyeed to figuwe out how to get out of schoow so we can get my owo wittwe bwothew back. teh cafetewia kitchen. Chef stands behind teh countew~ weady to sewve food. Teh boys entew. chefhewwo dewe~ chiwdwen. boyshey~ chef. chefhow is chu doing uwu?kywebad. chefwhy bad uwu?kywechef~ have uwu chu evew had something happen to chu~ but nyobody bewieved chu uwu?chefoh~ chiwdwen~ chiwdwen~ that's a pwobwem we've aww had to face at some time ow anyothew. Hewe~ wet me owo sing chu a wittwe song. It might cweaw things up. i'm gonnya make wuv to chu womangonnya way chu down by teh fiweand owo cawess youw womanwy bodymake chu moooooan and owo pewspiwegonnya--stanuh~ chef uwu?chef--get dose juices fwowin'--stanchef. chef--we'we makin' wuv gwavy--stanchef owo!chef--wove gwavy~ wovewovewovewovewove gwavih owo!stan[shouts woud enyough fur chef to heaw] chef owo! owo! owo!chefwuv wuh--huh uwu?siwence. Kenny nyods towawds kywe. chefdo chu feew bettew uwu?kywenyo owo!chefoh~ come on uwu chiwdwen~ what couwd be so bad uwu? it's sawisbuwy steak day. stanvisitows took kywe's baby bwothew. chefwhat uwu? owo!chef tosses a food tway aside and owo wuns to teh othew side of teh countew. chefwhat teh hecc do chu think chu'we doing owo in schoow eatin' sawisbuwy steak uwu? owo! go find him~ damn it owo!kywemw. Gawwison won't wet us out of schoow. He thinks we'we making it up. cawtmanchu is making it up. cawtman fawts mowe fiwe~ teh anyaw pwobe pops out~ moves awound and owo puts its metaw awms on uwu its hip~ wooking annyoyed at cawtman's detewminyation that it didn't happen. stanwhoa owo!teh pwobe goes back into cawtman's ass. cawtmanwhat uwu?kywethat was coow owo!chefit's uh some kind of symbiotic~ metamowphosis device. cawtman tuwns about so chef can check out teh pwobe. chefdis couwd mean teh visitows want to communyicate wif us. cawtman[tuwnying to face chef~ testiwy.] oh~ i see. Nyow chu'we going to join owo in on uwu teh wittwe joke huh uwu?chefit's nyo joke~ chiwdwen~ dis is big owo!kywepwease~ chef~ if i don't get out of schoow and owo get my owo wittwe bwothew back fwom teh awiens~ my owo pawents awe gonnya disown me owo. chefuuh~ howd on uwu nyow~ howd on uwu nyow. [to himsewf.] uhyouyouyou chu gotta hewp teh chiwdwen. cawtmanoh~ chu guys suwe awe going a wong ways to twy and owo scawe me owo. I want my owo sawisbuwy steak owo!chef[puwwing on uwu teh fiwe awawm] fiwe dwiww owo! fiwe dwiww owo! evewybody out owo! [to teh boys.] okay chiwdwen~ dis is youw chance owo!stankiwwew owo! thanks~ chef. chefmahahahahan oh man~ fiwst contact wif teh awien visitows. I've got to get mysewf weady. teh boys' nyeighbowhood. boys[singing.]we got out of schoow~nyo mowe schoow today~we got out of schoow... cawtman~ intewwupting teh song wif a fiewy fawt. cawtmanoh owo! owo! chu guys~ my owo ass~ sewiouswy..Owo!stanokay~ cawtman~ chu can stop fawting fiwe nyow. cawtmani wouwd if i couwd~ chu son of a bitch owo!kyweokay~ so how do we get my owo wittwe bwothew back uwu?cawtmanuh—wouwd chu stop going on uwu about youw wittwe bwothew uwu? i knyow it was just a dweam~ i knyow i didn't have uwu an anyaw pwobe~ and owo i knyow that i'm nyot undew awien contwow owo!a wadio wave stwikes cawtman and owo he gets big bwushy cheeks and owo stawts to sing. cawtmani wuv to singa~about teh moonya and owo junye-a and owo teh spwinga~i wuv to singa~about a sky of bwue-a ow a tea fur two-a... a second wadio wave wevewts him to nyowmaw and owo aww is quiet. Good boys bawk owo in teh backgwound. stanwhat teh hecc was that uwu?kywehe is undew awien contwow. That thing owo in his butt is winked up to teh visitows owo!cawtmanah~ son of a bitch owo!cawtmanchu guys~ shut up. I'm nyot undew awien contwow. kywe awoos into cawtman's eaw. His voice echoes. kywehey owo!cawtmanuh... kyweif chu visitows can heaw me-teh voice echoes owo in cawtman's head. cawtmanhey... kywe-bwing me owo back my owo wittwe bwothew~ god damnyit owo!cawtmanow owo! [faces kywe.] that huwts~ chu buttwickew owo!stan nyotices a spaceship hovewing ovewhead. stankywe~ wook owo! it's dem. kywegive me owo back my owo bwothew owo!kywe thwows a wock at teh spaceship. It fiwes back wif a fwash of wight~ hitting kenny and owo knyocking him into teh woad. stanoh my owo god owo! dey've kiwwed kenny owo!kywechu bastawds owo! come back hewe owo! coomme baack owo!teh spaceship weaves. kywedamn it~ we wewe so cwose owo!stanhey wook~ [kenny gets up.] i think kenny's okay. kenny(don't wowwy~ i'm awwight. Awgh owo!)teh fweeing cows wun ovew kenny. stanowww. kenny[he gets up again.] (nyope~ i'm aww fine. Agh owo!)officew bawbwady mows him down wif his powice cwuisew. Kenny ends up awong teh cuwb~ wifewess. Teh boys appwoach. stanwow~ poow kenny. kywenyow do chu bewieve us~ cawtman uwu?cawtmannyo owo!kywecawtman~ dey kiwwed kenny owo!cawtmanhe's nyot dead. standude~ kenny is dead owo!stan picks up a stick and owo hits kenny's bwoody body. stansee uwu?cawtmanshut up~ chu guys. kywehe's dead~ cawtman owo!kywe puwws kenny's head off his body. cawtmangod damn it~ i didn't have uwu an anyaw pwobe owo! [he wawks off.] scwew chu guys~ i'm goin' home. kywego on uwu and owo go home~ chu fat chicken owo!cawtman[off scween.] diwdo owo!kywechu'we aww i have uwu weft~ stan. stansowwy~ dude. I gotta go meet wendy testabuwgew. kywechu can't owo! poow ike must be so scawed~ up dewe aww awone. Chu gotta hewp me owo~ dude owo!wats feast upon kenny's body. standude~ wike chef says~ i've gotta get a piece of wovin' whiwe teh gettin's hot. [he huwwies away.]wats dwag kenny's head off. kywewats. cawtman's house. wiane cawtmanhewwo~ ewic. cawtmanhi~ mom. wianehow is chu doing uwu?cawtmanweww~ i'm pissed off owo!wianehewe~ i made chu powdewed donyut pancake suwpwise. cawtmani don't want powdewed donyut pancake suwpwise. Aww teh cubs at schoow caww me owo fat owo!wianechu'we nyot fat~ chu'we big boned. cawtmanthat's what i said. wianechu can have uwu an eensy weensy nommed~ can't chu uwu?cawtmannyo owo!wianejust a weensy eensy woo woo uwu?cawtmannyo~ weave me owo awone mom owo! [he wawks past hew.]wianehow about a nyice chocowate chicken pot pie~ then uwu?cawtman[he stops owo in his twacks.] what uwu? weww~ that does sound pwetty good. he wetuwns to sit on uwu teh sofa whiwe his mom goes off to get teh pie. cawtmanuh~ mom uwu?wianeyes~ hon uwu?cawtmanif anybody cawws ow comes ovew~ i'm nyot hewe~ okay uwu?wianesuwe~ hon. Chu want some cheesy poofs~ too uwu?cawtman is owo in disbewief she even asked. cawtmanyeah~ i want cheesy poofs. stawk's pond. Kywe decided to join stan. kyweweww~ it wooks wike she's nyot going to show up~ stan. Wet's go wook fur teh visitows nyow. stanbut hew nyote said she'd be hewe. wendy appeaws out of nyowhewe. wendyhi~ stan. stanbweech owo!wendyeww owo!kywechu can't tawk to stan~ wendy. He thwows up when chu do. wendybut why~ stan uwu?stan twies to howd it owo in. stanbweech owo!wendyeww owo!kywewook~ can chu guys just get down to businyess so we can go find my owo wittwe bwothew uwu?wendy[tuwns to kywe.] huh uwu?kywejust make sweet wuv down by teh fiwe. wendywhat happened to youw wittwe bwothew uwu?cawtman's house. Cawtman is on uwu teh sofa watching tv. nyews wepowtewas teh wepowts of ufo sightings incwease~ mowe mystewious cwop ciwcwe pattewns awe appeawing owo in fiewds aww awound south pawk. Dese cwop ciwcwes~ when viewed fwom above~ fowm stwange pattewns. a pwane ciwcwes awound a fiewd wif odd pattewns on uwu it~ and owo a camewaman pans out to weveaw teh outwine of cawtman. cawtmanhey~ that kind of wooks wike... Tom sewweck. nyews wepowtewcouwd it be that awiens awe twying to make contact wif us~ hewe on uwu eawth uwu?mw. Kittymeow. nyoticing mw. Kitty eyeing his pot pie. cawtmannyo~ kitty~ dis is mah pot pie. mw. Kittymeow. cawtmannyo~ kitty~ chu bad kitt-- owo!mw. Kittymeow. cawtmannyo~ kitty~ it's mah pot pie owo!kitty hisses. cawtmanmom owo! kitty's being a diwdo owo!wiane peeks owo in suggestivewy. wianeweww~ then. I knyow a cewtain kitty-kitty who's sweeping wif mommy tonyight. cawtman[confused.] what uwu?stawk's pond. Kywe is expwainying what happened to his wittwe bwothew. kywe...and owo nyow i have uwu to go home without him and owo my owo pawents awe going to have uwu me owo kiwwed. wendyweww~ why don't chu go get teh fat cub uwu?kywewhy uwu?wendyweww~ if teh fat cub has something impwanted owo in his ass~ maybe teh visitows awe using him as pawt of theiw pwan. Chu shouwd use teh fat cub as bait to bwing dem back. kywehey. Chu'we wight~ wendy. Come on uwu~ stan~ we have uwu to go get cawtman. [he moves out.]wendycome on uwu~ stan. [she wawks past him~ fowwowing kywe.]stanbweech owo!wendyeww owo! [she wawks away.]stanhey~ wait. When do i get to make sweet wuv uwu?a biwd fwies into his puke and owo stawts waddwing awound owo in it. cawtman's house~ a showt time watew. mw. Kittymeow. cawtmannyo~ kitty~ chu can't have uwu any owo!mw. Kittymeow. cawtmannyo~ kitty~ dis is mah pot pie owo! bad kitty-- owo!cawtman fawts fiwe~ setting teh cat abwaze. cawtmaneh~ 'scuse me owo~ kitty. wiane entews teh woom wif kywe~ stan~ and owo wendy. wianeewic~ wook who's hewe. cawtmandude~ weak mom. kywecome on uwu ewic~ we can go pway at teh bus stop. cawtmani can't~ my owo mom said... wianethat's okay~ ewic~ i think chu nyeed to go spend time wif youw wittwe fwiends. cawtman[quietwy.] but mom~ i don't want to spend time wif my owo wittwe fwiends--wiane[stewn.] don't be difficuwt~ ewic owo! nyow~ chu go out and owo pway owo in teh fun snyow. cawtmangod damn it owo!mw. Kitty then wuns by owo in fwames. fowest at nyight. Cawtman's wight footpaw is tied to a twee. cawtmanchu guys~ i have uwu to get home. standon't be such a fwaidy-cat~ cawtman. Dis wope wiww make suwe dey can't take chu on uwu boawd again. cawtman tugs his footpaw testing teh wope. cawtmanoh~ man~ dis sucks. kywehow come teh visitows awen't coming fur him uwu?stani think we have uwu to signyaw dem somehow. cawtman[cawtman fawts fiwe.] ow owo!wendyhey~ he's wike wudowph. kyweyeah owo! aww chu have uwu to do is fawt some mowe~ cawtman~ and owo teh visitows awe suwe to come owo!cawtmanweawwy uwu? uh~ i don't think i have uwu to fawt anymowe tonyight. kywesuwe chu do owo!stancome on uwu cawtman~ fawt owo!cawtmani don't wannya. stan[to kywe and owo wendy.] he can't howd it owo in fowevew. kywefawt~ damn chu owo!cawtmanokay~ that's does it owo! nyow wisten owo! why is it that evewything today has invowved things eithew going owo in ow coming out of my owo ass uwu? owo!fawts. An anyaw pwobe comes out of his butt and owo expands. cawtmani'm sick of it owo! it's compwetewy immatuwe. stanhey~ it's happenying again. teh pwobe is nyow a wawge satewwite dish. kywewhoa~ wook at that. stannyow~ do chu bewieve us~ cawtman uwu?cawtmanchu guys can't scawe me owo owo! i knyow chu'we making it aww up. stancawtman~ dewe's a 80-foot satewwite dish sticking out of youw ass owo!cawtmansuwe~ chu guys~ what-evew. teh dish sends a wadio signyaw out to space. chef's yawd. He's sitting owo in a wawn chaiw wif a can of zoop owo in his paw. An igwoo coowew is nyext to him. chefoh~ boy. Teh awiens awe going to make fiwst contact. Hey~ down hewe~ we awe weady fur youw wisdom owo! [he wooks at his watch.] and owo chu've onwy got 20 minyutes befowe sanfowd and owo son is on uwu. fowest. cawtmanchu guys~ i am sewiouswy getting pissed off wight nyow owo! i knyow dewe is nyo such things as awiens owo!thwee smaww ships descend~ fowwowed by a mothew-ship. cawtmanoh~ god damn it owo!mw. Gawwison[dwiving by~ he stops.] what teh uwu? i teww chu~ dewe's some cwazy stuff going on uwu owo in dis town. mw. Hatchu can say that again~ mw. Gawwison. stancome down hewe~ chu stinking awiens owo! [thwee visitows appeaw.]kyweuh~ uh... stango on uwu~ kywe~ ask 'em fur youw wittwe bwothew back. kywevi~ visitows~ dis mownying chu took my owo bwothew~ ike. He's teh wittwe fweckwed cub that wooks wike a footbaww. At fiwst~ i was happy chu took him away. But i've weawned something today. That having a wittwe bwothew... i- is a pwetty speciaw thing. stanyeah. kyweah~ hecc~ mw. Visitows~ i'm just a cub aww awone owo in dis cwazy wowwd~ but if chu couwd find it owo in youw heawts ow whatevew chu have uwu~ to give my owo bwothew back to me owo~ it suwe wouwd make my owo wife bwightew again. stanthat was beautifuw~ dude. kywedid it wowk uwu?stannyo~ dey'we weaving. kywehey~ chu scwawny-eyed shits~ what teh fluff is wwong wif chu uwu? owo! chu must be some kind of fluffing asshowe to be abwe to ignyowe a cwying cub owo!stanwhoa~ dude owo!kywechu knyow what chu fuckews wike owo! chu wike to fluff owo! and owo shit owo! and owo fluff owo! and owo fluff owo! and owo fluff owo! and owo fluff owo!stanhey wendy~ what's a fluff uwu? [she shwugs.]teh spaceship doow opens. ikehewp me owo doy taiw. kyweike~ jump down~ nyow owo! fur teh wuv of god~ ike~ jump owo!ikedon't huwt me owo. a hewd of cows wuns away fwom teh ship~ but a twio of visitows stops dem owo in theiw twacks. Teh cows moo and owo quivew wif feaw untiw teh middwe visitow waises its paw and owo addwesses dem. visitowmoo... Moo...Moo...Moo... (gweetings~ cows of eawth. We come owo in peace.)cowsmoo uwu? uwu? (weawwy uwu? uwu?)kywecome on uwu~ ike owo! i pwomise i'ww be nyice to chu fwom nyow on uwu owo!ikedon't kick teh baby. visitowmoo moo~ moo. Moo moo~ moo. Moo. (we have uwu expewimented wif aww teh beings of eawth~ and owo we have uwu weawned that chu is teh most intewwigent and owo wise.)cawtmanwhat teh hecc awe dey tawking about uwu?cowmoo moo uwu? (why did chu tuwn some of us inside out uwu?)visitowmoo moo~ moo. Moo. (oh~ that was caww's fauwt. He's nyew.)visitow cawwmoo...moo...moo. (yeah~ sowwy about that. My owo bad owo!)kyweike owo!visitowmoo moo. Moo moo. Moo. (take dis device. It is a gift fwom us.)teh cows wook at each othew and owo moo owo in agweement. kyweike owo! do youw impewsonyation of david cawuso's caweew owo!ikeit's my owo tuwn owo!ike dives fwom teh ship into teh snyow. Teh satewwite goes back into cawtman's butt. visitowmoo moo. Moo moo. (faweweww cows~ peace be wif chu owo!)teh visitows disappeaw. Teh spaceship puwws cawtman up but teh wope keeps him gwounded. cawtmanchu guys~ get me owo down fwom hewe owo!he fawts fiwe~ buwnying teh wope. Teh twactow beam takes him into teh ship and owo teh spaceship fwies away. cawtmanow owo! hewp owo! sons o' bitches owo! diwdos owo!stanphew~ i'm suwe gwad that's ovew wif. kyweyeah. Boy~ am i gwad to see chu~ ike. ikeoh~ he fwy out teh sky. chef's yawd. chefwait~ whewe is chu going~ awien visitows uwu? come back owo!a bwonde awwives wif a bwunyette. bwondeweww~ chef~ whewe's dis amazing thing chu wewe going to show us. chefweww~ it's owo in teh bedwoom~ wadies. Come on uwu owo in. fowest. kywecome on uwu~ ike~ we can make it just owo in time fur dinnyew. [they weave.]stanthanks fur youw hewp~ wendy. wendywhatevew~ dude. stanhey~ i didn't thwow up. wendycoow owo!she's happy nyow. Dey both wook at each othew wike dey'we going to kiss~ and owo that music pways again. Wendy puckews up. Stan gets queasy. stanbweech owo!he bawfs wight on uwu hew face. wendyeww owo!stansowwy. wendyhey~ wook. A fwench fwy. stancoow. wendyand owo what is that uwu?stani think it's pawt of a cheesy poof. chef's song stawts up and owo teh camewa puwws away. wendyhey~ what's that uwu?stanthat's uummm... a hambuwgew fwom... that's fwom~ wike~ two days ago. wendyoh hey~ what about that uwu?stani don't knyow what teh hecc that is... bus stop. stangee~ teh bus'ww be hewe any minyute~ and owo cawtman stiww isn't awound. kyweyeah~ we'we wunnying out of fwiends. stani wondew what that thing was that teh visitows gave teh cows. cows out on uwu a pastuwe. cowsmooo. officew bawbwadyha ha cows owo! i've got chu cownyewed. Wet's see chu get away nyow. one of teh cows steps on uwu teh pwate on uwu teh visitow's device. A beam fwom teh device stwikes officew bawbwady. His gwasses fwy off~ and owo cheeks become wosy. officew bawbwadyi wuv to sing-a~about teh moon-a and owo teh junye-a and owo teh spwing-a~i wuv to sing-a~about a sky of bwue-a ow a tea fur two-a... teh cows begin hopping about gweefuwwy. bus stop. Cawtman fawws out of teh sky~ wanding on uwu his side nyext to kywe and owo stan. cawtmanpuh owo!stanoh~ hey cawtman. kywewow cawtman~ teh visitows dwopped chu off just owo in time to go to schoow. cawtmanah~ man~ i had dis cwazy nyightmawe wast nyight. stanweawwy~ what about uwu?cawtmanweww~ i was standing out owo in a fiewd~ and owo i had dis huge satewwite dish sticking out of my owo butt. And owo then dewe was... hundweds of cows and owo awiens~ and owo then i went up on uwu teh ship and owo scott baio gave me owo pinkeye. stanthat wasn't a dweam~ cawtman. That weawwy happened. cawtman[sawcasticawwy.] oh wight~ [mattew of factwy.] why don't i have uwu pinkeye then uwu?kywecawtman~ chu do have uwu pinkeye owo!cawtmanahh~ son of a bitch owo!end of cawtman gets an anyaw pwobe

Mature Content

Dragon Maid Season 2 Ep. 1 Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing the first episode of one of the summer's most anticipated anime series, MISS KOBAYASHI'S DRAGON MAID SEASON 2! It's so good to see Kyoto Animation up and running again after the horrible tragedy that befell them a few years back that took the lives of too many talented people. This studio, known to not only be a haven for women finding their way in the industry paying higher wages than most studios, did not deserve what happened to them. I am so happy to see them return and in tip-top shape, no less. They are, once again, back at the top of their game with the start of what looks to be another great season of DRAGON MAID, one of my all-time favorite anime. The plot of this first episode followed the story of three chapters from the original manga series. The first has Tohru getting a job at a maid cafe to prove she is the ULTIMATE MAID. She didn't have to try either, she just walked through the door, dressed in her usual uniform, and they gave her a job. While she is respected and loved in her position, Tohru isn't thrilled once Kobayashi shows up to see how she's doing. Tohru has the job of head chef, serving rice omelets with curses that make them more delicious. Yet, because she's in the kitchen as a chef, Tohru can't prove to Ms. Kobayashi she is the best maid, so she quits. The other maid tries to convince her to stay, but Tohru teaches them the curse for the omelets to help the cafe. The second has the debut of Ilulu, the most controversial character featured within the series to date. She arrived in the human world, destroying the mountain where Tohru and Kobayashi met. Tohru is angered by this, as it was their special place. Having no idea who it was, she goes around asking all her dragon and magical friends if they did it. Once they run into Elma, or Tohru punched her in the face and accused her of the deed, Ilulu shows up and battles Tohru. Elma stands by and watches, not allowed to interfere by the rules of the Harmony Dragons. Ilulu takes advantage of Tohru's kindness and attacks her whenever she tries to defend the city. Kobayashi convinces Elma to help with the promise of all-you-can-eat sweets, and Tohru quickly dispatches Ilulu. Tohru and Kobayashi go home, and Ilulu is left confused. Why is it that a human can convince a dragon to help? The third and final story follows Kobayashi as she's on her way home from a late night from work. Ilulu confronts her, accusing her of only being aroused by Tohru's human form, going as form as shoving her massive melons into Kobayashi's face. It's because Ilulu thought Kobayashi was male, and Kobayashi forcefully refuses Ilulu's advances. Ilulu followed Kobayashi on the train, and the two discuss their viewpoints on human-dragon relations. Kobayashi, tired from her long day at work, falls asleep. Ilulu uses this chance to put a curse on Kobayashi, MAKING HER INTO A MAN! And that was episode one of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2! My thoughts? I absolutely loved it! The animation was on par with the best of Studio Ghibli, every character had their moment in the limelight, and of course, the story was excellent. Ilulu is a breath of fresh air, a character torn between her personal feelings and the radical teachings of the Chaos Dragons. You see this within the episode with split-second flashes, hinting at future stories. I'm so glad that Ilulu isn't going to be the main bad guy throughout the second season, as it's confirmed within the opening theme the characters she's often associated with within the manga will debut later on. Not to mention, the pacing of the story was spot on, with these moments of just slow everyday things with the other characters like Fafnir and Locua. Overall, I just loved it. Total Score: 5+ out of 5.0, BEYOND PERFECT!
Fanfiction 2
Captured Prologue [BB X Rae] Teen TitansA Man who looked to be in his twenties with green skin lay on a not so comfy bed sleeping. His green hair was down to his shoulders and he was wearing tattered and ripped clothes. He shared the room with about three others who were either older than him or at least a bit younger. They were all wide awake and taking care of the green mans injuries he had sustained. He had some bruises and some cuts which were covered up quite nicely thanks to his roommates. He opened his eyes and sat up rather quickly which caused him to wince at the pain he felt."Garfield…you're injured; lay back down." One of the roommates said."I've had worse Nal…Remember I was once a hero." He said.Nal's light skin made her look albino and it didn't help that her hair was black like a raven's feather. Her bangs were covering her eyes again meaning she was obviously upset at the moment. Her cat ears were back and her tail was swishing revealing how agitated she was feeling right now. She wasn't from earth like Garfield, which was easy to guess because of her cat like features. "You lost another fight, this is the fifth one…I'm worried." Nal said looking away from him. "I know…Nal, its customary to the plan to get out of here." He stated laying his head against the wall.At this statement the two guys that were lying in their own beds walked over to Nal and Garfield. Everyone was aware of the plan to get out of this place they had lived for years and years. It was a life and death situation which wasn't to be taken lightly, they were scared to. "Garfield is right; if we intend to get out of here we must do whatever we need to do." One of them said. His name was Chinch and his eyes looked like that of a fly or bee which was weird. His hands were slightly furry but not like a cat's nice coat, almost like a bee's furry black and yellow butt.The boy beside him who looked to be at least twenty-one nodded his head, agreeing to the statement. He had yellowish skin and red hair which kind of reminded Garfield of a friend of his. His name was hard to say so they others had decided to call him Kishick which was fine by him. He himself was from Tameran, once a powerful warrior now reduced to fighting for his life. It had been this way for all four of them for almost five years, for Chinch it had been longer. Unlike the others he was born here and fought since he was just little larva and he wanted freedom so much."Friends, I believe we could escape through the sewer system or the ventilation." Kishick responded."Sewers would be safer; the Smoxes won't be able to smell us very well." Garfield stated."Yes, the vents would carry our scent and Chinch is too heavy so we might fall through." Nal said."It's settled. A week from now we will escape this world!" Chinch said ignoring the weight comment.The Smoxes are a race of alien mole dogs that were used to hunt down anyone who disobeyed. It was rare when anyone stepped out of line and you didn't want to get caught at all. They were controlled by another race called the Shezix who were good at punishing you for being bad. They had purple skin and wore armor which looked like they were ready for battle. They didn't speak any language on earth so Chinch helped them understand what they were saying. Speaking of the ugly bastards, Beastboy heard footsteps so he motioned for his friends to pretend sleeping.He guessed it was time for another illegal fight which would result in another injured or dead. Beastboy wished that he was back home where he wouldn't have to kill anyone to survive and eat. Being vegetarian here was pretty much a death sentence because meat was all you ate here. If he ever made it home he was never going to let another piece of meat touch his lips again. Another thing he really wanted to do when got off this stupid planet was tell Raven his feelings. "Their gone Garfield," Nal said taking a seat next to the green man she decided to call her brother.-Jump City-Nightwing stared intently at the computer trying to find yesterdays transmitter signal but failed. He sighed and gave up his search decidedly moving away from the very bright screen. The man was tired of not getting any results on the whereabouts of his best friend and teammate. Their green friend went missing almost five years ago and it was pretty hard to find him. In the mean time Jinx had to fill in for him which she was totally fine with because of Cyborg. "Because Aqualad is an ass, all the hot guys are assholes." Jinx's voice rang through the hall.She must be talking to Raven, lately Aqualad had been trying to get her to go out on a nice date. The door to the hall opened to reveal Jinx and Raven dressed up in gothic civilian clothes. "Raven, Starfire and I are going out to the mall if that's ok with you." Jinx said with a smile. Raven didn't look all that excited, maybe Starfire was forcing her to go like she did a week ago. "Alright, but if trouble calls that doesn't mean your off duty." Nightwing said looking at Jinx. "That was one time, that guy was about to steal a pair of shoes and I wasn't going to stand by and watch." Jinx said.Nightwing was about to respond when the video phone went off signaling a call was coming in. He pushed a button signaling that all Titans were to be present in the living room right now. Once everyone was in the room he pushed the button that would let him accept the incoming call. A person with an ant head appeared on the screen and Starfire's eyes bulged in recognition. "Do I have the Teen Titans of Earth?" He asked in a raspy voice that sounded like he was losing it. "He is an Antinite, they are space police." Starfire said putting her hand on Nightwing's shoulder."We are the Teen Titans." Nightwing spoke."About time, we've been trying to get a hold of you for the past seven years." The Antinite said."What are we needed for?" Nightwing asked."It is a private matter and shouldn't be discussed over video phone…I just arrived on earth and will land on your building." The Antinite responded.As if on cue a noise came from above and they made their way up to the roof of the tower. A huge spacecraft with unreadable words had nested itself on the roof of the Titans Tower. A door opened and after a few minutes a human sized ant wearing an over coat walked out of the ship. "Ah, princess of Tameran…it is an honor to meet you again." The Antinite said with a smile. "It is good to see you again as well Xzarxikacn." Starfire said taking him in a big hug. Nightwing, being the one who would rather get back to business with no formalities opened door.If Starfire knew him then he might not have been that bad but it was good to get down to business. When everyone was in the living room the huge ant pulled out what looked like a lot of papers. "Before we get down to business, my name is Xzarxikacn and I am an officer." The Antinite said. He saw the faces of the Teen Titans and sighed in mild frustration, his name was hard for them. "Just call me Harkin…its easier to pronounce." He said putting the papers down on the table. "I'm here to enlist you in helping me solve some cases of disappearances…a lot." Harkin announced.

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Hello all! Just wanted to alert all of you to a site for writers created by :iconskipwr3ck: Feel free to pop on over there and check it out. :D
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Hello, I'm interesting in joining this group is it still active?
Do people comment on writings?
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Its active enough that it works. However, i dont know if people still comment or not.
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Happens to a lot of groups.
I guess I'll join and see.
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Hello! Do you accept these kinds of articles?  The article 3 (E) - AWAKENINGInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English AWAKENING Hello, dear friends! Before I begin my story, I want to note that the knowledge I share comes from the original source – my higher Self and the teaching system, which is part of the Creator. These are not egregors thought forms or information received from others. Note that the information I receive is not directly available to everyone, it depends, figuratively speaking, on the individual built-in antenna and a sincere desire to turn it on. Nevertheless, a lot of people have this antenna, but they don't know how to use it. I am not engaged in channeling, I get independent information and answers to my questions only when I express my intention. Also (I think this is a more important aspect than others), people who receive higher spiritual knowledge are obliged to share this knowledge with others. It is not necessary to carry it in huge masses, but we must transfer it to at least one person, otherwise there may be "acidulation" of communication channels, and a person loses the ability to communicate with higher energies. Let's go to the main part. Imagine a pyramid. The base is our perception of ourselves, and the top is the true state of things. I'll start at the top. My dear friends, for many this will be a brain explosion, but sooner or later you will still come to the realization of what I am about to say. We are just energy, light, vibration, which is being observed. In quantum physics, there is a theory called the "Observer effect" (Hawthorne effect), which is when observing a phenomenon or a particular particle inevitably changes its parameters. So, we are these particles - rotating tetrahedrons and photons that form the Merkaba. And biological avatars are the programs that affect our perception of each other. Yes, for us they are totally real, but it is like living in a dream, at that moment our consciousness perceives the dream as the only true reality. If we explain this in familiar language, the structured souls are computer programs consisting of numbers, letters, and icons. This is how operators (the subtle structures of the material world that are our "architects") see us. They themselves are also programs, but basic, written in 0-1 code. When we come out of the body shell, our codes, figuratively speaking, break down into basic ones. Then the operators write a new program for us, and we come back in a new design quality. The game itself, where the holographic characters pass through the levels, is the illusion in which our consciousness arrives. Therefore, awakened people do not just know about it, but feel themselves like the structured energy of the Absolute. They pass into a new quality of consciousness and literally become citizens of several worlds. Fears disappear, opportunities expand, and people enjoy every moment, allowing the Absolute to live a bright, rich life through avatars. Any experience loses its division into good and bad. And although our consciousness still catches the negative signals of the biological body (feels pain, hunger, discomfort), it no longer perceives it tragically, but perceives it from the position of an operator who can adjust the program. Dear friends, I have given a schematic, very crude example, but in time you will begin to see the whole picture in its true light. This image will be as clear to you as now you see the grass, the sky, the city... Believe me, I've been through it all. I was twenty-one when a one higher civilization decided to show me the structure of our planetary system. My husband then said that I, standing at the window, suddenly fell into a trance for five minutes. I was breathing, blinking, even reacting to his touch, but otherwise I looked like a wax figure Madame Tussaud's. Then I really experienced astral travel outside of time and space. Having moved away from the Earth at a decent distance (this is a conditional concept), I saw our solar system as if on a TV screen. The stars were gone, but I felt that their energy was present in an unmanifested form. All the planets, including the sun and moon (they are considered planets in Astrology) turned into luminous balls. Each had its own color spectrum and pulsed in a different key. It looked like the human chakra system (by the way, I did not know anything about the chakras at that time). The Earth was shrouded in a luminous Golden net. Later I learned that this grid is the magnetic grid of the Earth and it is synchronized with our corporal avatars. In fact, this grid is responsible for our health and the health of the Earth at a dense level. Let’s continue. What prevents our awakening? First of all, it's fears. They can be manifest (they are much easier to work with) and unmanifested, that is, located in our subconscious. But since there is a category of fears that is necessary for people of three-dimensional consciousness, we cannot get rid of all the "anchors" at once. As you move toward awakening, many fears will be erased automatically. However, you need to start with trust in yourself and the Universe. There are many different practices for balancing this part of the energy, but you must always choose the one that resonates with you, upon acquaintance with which your intuition will tell you "Yes". Also, let your operators (the teacher system, the higher Self, the guardian angels) synchronize the situation so that the necessary practice simply manifests itself in your life. Let's move on to the concept of "allow". To allow is to have an intention. I have already said that you should always express your intention. But thoughts and words coming from the brain are not our intention. True intent is in the heart and it advertises our sincere willingness to act to achieve the goal. Note, not to receive a gift like manna from heaven, but to act. I'll give you one example. You have a cold with a high temperature. Getting sick is not a pleasant event, so it is natural that your brain will be set up against the disease. However, there is a secondary benefit hidden in your subconscious – the disease gives you a mental rest from a job you don't like, for example. In this case, the person will recover for a long time, because his true intention is not to recover, but to rest. By the way, all types of colds usually originate from a subconscious desire to avoid responsibility or trouble, to hide from any problem. Therefore, children often get sick in those families where scandals occur, the kids just hide from the situation they hate. But if you are a mother of three small children and wish them happiness and prosperity with all your heart, then you will recover in a few days, if you do not "erase" the disease in a few hours at all. And this is a real example from my life, showing how intent works. A few years ago, I suffered a serious muscle injury because I ignored the warning of my guardian angels. And in order to protect me from more serious consequences, they made me "hard format", in other words, confined me to bed. Of course, after thanking the angels from the bottom of my heart and promising that I would no longer ignore their concern, I calmly began to work out my mistake. However, my mother, without realizing it, expressed her intention to take the mission of my accelerated recovery on herself, which in the our reality was voiced by the following phrase "Anna, you will be helped quickly to get back on your feet by strong stress". Her spiritual curators accepted this mission gladly and, adding bonuses to my mother's karma, carried out the intention. As a result, the next day my mother went to the hospital. And what do you think now? My mother was right. I, accordingly, having a sincere willingness to help her in everything (intention), briskly, like a goat, rushed to the hospital and spent almost the whole day there, completely forgetting about my own indisposition. Of course, before that, I took painkillers (rupture in muscle tissue is very painful!), but my husband still doesn't understand how I managed to get out of bed. Sincere intent works wonders, dear ones! The second essential part of the path to Awakening is love. My dear friends, don't confuse it with attachment and passion. True love is not associated with the pain of loss and desires, especially carnal ones. True love is present in our heart regardless of the circumstances, you can even feel it physically, as something hot in the solar plexus or as a motivating force to do something gratuitously for other people. Almost everyone who lets this energy into their heart begins to cry involuntarily at the initial stage. Don't be afraid of it. In this way, the physical cleansing of toxins and alignment of our subtle energy plans (bodies) takes place. You begin to feel relieved, as if you've lifted an impossible burden. Allow yourself to enjoy this cleansing process. Love also erases our fears, negative thoughts, and karmic blocks. (Karmic blocks are programs that prevent the expansion of consciousness and not allowing us to believe that we can be operators of our lives.) People often say, "make room in your heart for love". It is in the heart (fourth) chakra Anahata that love is born. This is the borderline chakra that unites the physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Growing, the energy of love rises higher and turn the throat (fifth) chakra Vishuddha on, which is responsible for intuition, creativity, beliefs and communication with the higher Self. In the same way, the sixth chakra Ajna (third eye) is activated, which makes a person develop the ability to clairvoyance and healing. This chakra allows us to see the world as divine, non-distorted, not as our three-dimensional thinking usually presents us. And if the seventh chakra Sahasrara is activated, then the person reaches spiritual enlightenment. When all seven chakras work in maximum mode, a person passes into the guna of goodness (sattva-guna), he begins to live consciously, in harmony with the world and himself. But there is another chakra – the eighth, it is located in the unmanifested field of human, and just its opening leads to Samadhi (Awakening). In this case, the person energetically merges with the energies of the Universe and during meditation can reach the Nirvana. But most importantly, his attitude to life and to himself becomes completely different. Moreover, the awakened people are not obliged to practice yoga, they just begin to live in accordance with the divine plan and get real pleasure from life. But most often it is through meditation, especially through ancient yoga techniques, that it is easier for a person to come to Awakening. I note that this requires a teacher (guru) who not only knows these practices but is dedicated to them. Otherwise, yoga will only be a health-improving exercise for you. I will explain that the chakras are never turned on chaotically, as some healers claim. They turn on from the bottom up, and when turned off, they slow down their rotation from the top down. The chakras never can be completely disconnected, at least a small flow of energy, but it passes through them, although this is not enough for good health. Especially bad for physical health, if there is a problem with the three lower chakras. The eighth chakra is completely disabled. And you can start it if the other seven chakras are working at full power. Treatment of the chakras can be found on the Internet. There are many ways: color therapy, emotional therapy, theta rhythms (music), acupuncture, bioresonance, minerals, etc. I will answer your silent question right away. I don't practice yoga. I opened all my seven chakras with just one intention. But my eighth chakra is still closed, meaning I didn't reach yet the Awakening. And the third is a sense of freedom. Our thinking, contaminated by fears, prejudices, and misguided beliefs, limits our capabilities. We put barriers to ourselves, having a fear for our lives or fearing to go beyond comfort. Here are a few common beliefs that literally poison our lives: I am too old to go in for sports, start studying, understand something specific, etc.; genetic diseases and cancer are incurable; the world is hostile and unfair; everything that is unproven by scientists is a lie; without material wealth, we cannot be happy... It should be understood that while we have a corporal shell (the program for the biological body), then, no matter how much we believed that the bullet never go through our bodies, this does not work, the bullet can come into our body like a knife in butter. But we can correct the program with our pure intention, and then the bullet (by chance, as many will believe) will not touch the vital organs, and we will survive. Note that it is not always possible to rewrite karma. The ability to rewrite it should also be considered in the program. As a rule, the main events, as well as the time and method of leaving the dense plan are written in the Contract of the soul. Contract of the soul is the commitment we made before the incarnation. Yes, we participate in writing our karma, just as we choose our avatar. Remember the analogy I used with a computer game? So, the avatars of all the manifested and unmanifested worlds for past, present and future incarnations were created simultaneously. It's like characters in different games, they are always present. It's just that some are being used now, others are still untouched, and there are those that are temporarily forgotten. By the way, we can contact any civilization, even an ancient one and one that is not yet in the concept of our linear perception of time, because they all already EXIST. Let's go back to freedom. The flexibility of our thinking and neuro-linguistic programming (affirmations) help us get it. Flexibility of thinking develops well when we periodically immerse ourselves in children's perception of the world. Try to remember what it felt like to climb to the top of a tree as a child. Were you afraid of falling? Did the height frighten you? Did you think it would be difficult for you? Did you have any thoughts about how your parents would react? Why now, when we take on something new, often tell ourselves that we will not be able to solve this problem, look back at the reaction of other people, and fear their judgment? With this approach, we are unlikely to be lucky. Children's perception of events, when there are sincere intentions to achieve what they want without looking at past experiences and predicting future options, is something that modern people lack so much. By the way, it is the level of flexibility of thinking that will determine whether affirmations work for you or not. The fact is that we are usually influenced by what we believe in. Athletes would never set records if they doubted their abilities. Let's sum up. The first and main steps to the Awakening are to get rid of fears and inertia of thinking, self-belief and acceptance of divine plans, selfless love, freedom of choice and pure intention. Dear friends, the Awakening not only opens our eyes to reality, but allows us to escape from the wheel of Samsara. And already on the way to the Awakening, our attitude to life begins to change dramatically for the better. With infinite love, Anna))) ------ 
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Would it be possible for me to submit a basic character biography?
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is there any rules on work-in-progress and where (folder wise so i may not break the rules) one might put it for advice as one writes?
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ill just write and post chapter by chapter and see where it goes from there. this way i can put it into original fiction
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