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Once Upon A Dream
Once upon a time I dreamed of love
The kind that comes from the heart
Not love that stems from the mind
More wholesome than lust and infatuation
I thought I would find that love one day
Until reality slapped me in the face.
Once upon a time I dreamed of friendship
The kind you read about in books
Where they stand beside you valiantly
Despite others thoughts or opinions
That friendship could create a family
But then I realized no one really cared.
Once upon a time I dreamed of hope
The kind that makes tomorrow better
And I would wake and see the light again
But now I stand alone in the shadows
Looking down the deepest precipice
And The darkness smothers me.
Since I now know that I am alone I no longer dream.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 2 0
Ticking Time Bomb
My heart's beats tell time,
Its steady rhythm is counting down
Beginning from the day of my birth
I am like a ticking time bomb,
One day I will combust and explode,
I hear the beats all the time,
Feel the blood rushing under my skin,
As my timer ticks on never ending,
waiting for the time, when time runs out.
It's not like I look forward to the end,
Sometimes though it seems I feel it coming,
Rushing in like a train on battered tracks,
Then turning as if on a railroad switch,
As it them makes its way out of my sights.
Death is so very near yet so far away,
But one day I will join its ranks,
Leaving to enter that which is unknown,
And I will stand in silence,
Without the ticking ringing in my ears.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 1 0
Losing Faith
My soul has become a tomb
Sealed shut from the outside
Buried 6ft into the shadows of my mind
And the oxygen within is dissipating
I am dying inside, slowly fading
But no one can save me
It's been too long it seems
They've forgotten that I am here
And when they excavate my body
All they will find is the shell I used to be
There will be nothing more than a husk
My soul will be gone, vanquished by the dark
But still I hope for mercy, sweet escape
That maybe someone, anyone can hear me
And come digging to find me
To save my ragged heart from myself
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 6 0
Daydreams and Memories
My minds become a place of aggravation and insanity
I don't know which way to turn
I don't know who I want to be any more woah
I used to think this life would be worth it all
I used to hold onto my dreams
I could dream up anything
Daydreams take me away from this place and lift me up again
Let me
play in that old place in my mind
that filled with cobwebs overtime
imaginary friends, and sunny summer days
I spent swinging away
Sunlight  fill my mind and blind my eyes
scare the darkness away
and let me know everything is fine
tell me everything is worth its ok you'll be ok
woah woah woah woah
Secret thoughts and insecurities shaking up my faith
Stupid hopeless memories remind me of the days
when everything was fine
time spent in open fields catching butterflies
a world away
Daydreams take me from this place and lift me higher
Help me run away from this place that im at
take me away before I lose my hope
I can't hold out anymore
woah woah woah woah x2
As the sunlight fades my
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 3 0
A Fool's Wish
There are a million words trapped behind my lips
Dancing on my tongue and crashing against my teeth
Words I could have said, that should still be spoken
Apologies to mend our fragmented souls together
Thoughts that have raced through my mind.
They are the reason I toss and turn in the night
Yet I can't confront you when I can't get you alone
Things such as this have more meaning than a text
A phone call could never do justice to my sincerity
Face to face is the only way to go but you avoid me.
This is to be expected after the things I said
Maybe I'm foolish for wanting to make amends
It may be that too much time has passed for us.
Time doesn't stand still for anyone no matter the reason
We've both changed so very much in this short time
Your heart has frozen and turned to stone
And my mind has left on a journey through the clouds
But still I wish I could speak these words to you....
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 4 9
I chose you then I let you go,
I chose the path I walk,
I chose to turn a blind eye,
But I never chose to loose my mind.
I chose without thinking,
I chose but didn't adress my heart,
I chose to let my mind rule,
Now I choose to lie.
I chose to hide myself away,
I chose to close my mouth,
I chose so many stupid things,
And my choices ruined my life.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 1 0
Poetic Justice
Poetic justice
Two words that sum up
The moment you realize
That you were wrong
And you mistake cannot be
Righted no matter what
As your heart skips a beat
An constricts in your chest
And you wish that you
Could change time
That you had answered
the call or pushed a little harder
While you finally see your mistake
What you've ruined clearly
And you know you will never
Not ever get that chance again
And you the one left standing
In the destruction while they are ok
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 1 0
Hate is a strong word
Used to describe the feeling of torment
As you cry your eyes out into your pillow
Knowing that you can't change anything
The realization that no one will help you
What's done is done there is no going back
Then you know that hate isn't that strong
Hate changes nothing
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 6 8
Sky all tiny and cute by Love-the-peace Sky all tiny and cute :iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 3 0 Baby Sky by Love-the-peace Baby Sky :iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 2 4
Time can break and time can heal.
Sweet love who are we now?
In this broken town,
Battered by the future,
Stuck inside the past.
Do you ever think of me?
I'm longer that girl
She was strong and brave,
Now I'm just bittersweet.
Did you ever imagine this?
This tearing at the seams,
The strings of my heart fray,
While yours stitches another pattern.
The stories they tell are true you know?
The grass isn't always greener there,
I gave and I have gained things and thoughts,
But mostly I feel the lost empty and bare.
I'll never be here again will I, careless and free?
But you'll never be him again either,
We've both changed so much,
Maybe we can be the new us together.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 2 0
I take a path in my mind,
Lost in the shadows,
Struggling uphill,
Unable to escape,
Surrounded by the wilderness,
Over-grown and confusing,
With wolves nipping at my heels,
Running, Running,
But I cannot find an exit.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 5 2
It is what it is. by Love-the-peace It is what it is. :iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 0 0
Uncertainty guides my steps,
As the foundation crumbles,
And my tears slide down,
Trailing through dust,
And breath hitches,
I am alone again,
There's no hope,
I cannot love,
I am lost,
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 5 0
Break Me
Bittersweet humanity,
Tear me down again,
Brick by brick I'll fall,
Bare me with your cutting words,
Rendering my soul immobile,
Leer at my brokenness,
Leave me to my fate,
Fear now controls my mind,
And it begins with the rising sun.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 9 6
Can I Make This Dissapear? Do I Really Want to?
How can I lift the haze
And let in the light
Despite everything I try
My heart is so unclear
Don't look at me today
I cannot change your mind
When I myself cannot think
And the decision is unmade
I've lost in myself in the dark
Freedom that seems so boundless
Surrounds you like a sunbeam
And I cannot reach you
No matter how hard I push
You pull away from me
Rejection isn't an option
So I will stay away
And hope this will fade
Dissapear in the haze.
:iconlove-the-peace:Love-the-peace 5 11
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