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Supernatural - Abaddon - Queen of Hell

tadaaaa-aa-aa -new pics ahead.
We were very busy with work and stuff lately. But there's always time for old good Supernatural.
Seriously, Abaddon was the only bright and good thing about 8 and 9 seasons.
She's evil, gorgeous and deadly funny - perfect mix for a perfect woman.
My sister kinda looks like Alaina Huffman, so I thought...why the hell not?
I quickly traced picture for her shirt, throw in some of my clothes, did sloppy latex scar.
It's not really visible here, but stitches are made of actual tread - and it looks scary as fuck IRL.

photographer - me
Abaddon, knight of Hell - Yond
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Death is so sexy.

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Absolutely stunning and beautiful. A great model for Abaddon.

I love Abaddon, miss her and I have that shirt :heart:
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omg what an amazing cosplay
noone knows that its itssssss when you didnt see it
its amazing ^^
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i can´t see any differenses^^awesome!!!
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wow, you even look like her! :D
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Ahhh I love this!  Perfect cosplay!
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amazing Abaddon.
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I loved the tshirt, really!! haha
 And the result is amazing, congrats for both of you!:wink kiss: 
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wow! how did you make the shirt? it looks amazing congrats xx
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You're very welcome! ^^
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This looks awesome! I actually thought it was Huffman for a moment there hah, great job c:
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Amazing it
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That scar is stunning!
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You're most welcome!
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That scar looks terribly gruesome! Amazing job, it's perfect from head to toe. 
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