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Star Trek TOS-Vulcan princess

Our newest photoshoot.
We are proud trekkies now.

Costume itself was a challenge. The fabric was hard to find so we had to due silver some similar fabric.
For me, hardest part was to make a hairstyle.

Yond as T'Pring from Star Trek - The Original Series
costume - me&Yond
photographer -HaJI
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Awesome cosplay work! Thumbs Up
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You actually look a lot like the original actress that played that part, probably 1967. Nicely done, "Live Long and Prosper"
Kind of cool  :)
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Wow, this made me do a double take.  I thought this WAS Arlene Martel at first!  Fantastic job!
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This is incredibly amazing, wow! Soooo accurate. I adore it! 
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ridiculously sickeningly epic. true story. perfect actually 
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this is probably the best star  trek cosplay Ive ever seen
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Absolutely amazing cosplay *_* I'm really... fascinated.

Honestly, I can't even begin to imagine how you did your hair... cosplaying T'Pring was always a dream of mine, but I never understood the hairdo... yours is perfect *w*

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That's really uncanny. She IS T'Pring.

Well done.
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Breathtaking. What an amazing job you've done here!
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That is ridiculously awesome. The hair, the makeup, the detailing -- all wonderfully done.

If you'll allow me just one tiny nitpick: The ears. Vulcan ears hook forward rather than back like a fantasy elf. Those are the Woochie Space Ear Tips, no? I once used them and found they weren't too accurate. Try Aradani, they cost about the same and sell much more accurate ones: [link]
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Logical. Flawlessly logical.
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I'm absolutely amazed.
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This is amazing, it looks exactly like her dress and hair in Amok Time! I'd really, really love to cosplay as T'Pring, but there's no way I'd be able to pull it off as awesomely as this!
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Damn. This is just the way I remember T'Pring from the original episode.

Very well done!
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