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Mass Effect 2 - I am Omega

Aria and her signature pose.

Yond as Aria T'Loak from Mass Effect 2
photo - me

costume -me & Yond
make up and mask -me

other shots here -

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How did you get the latex mask glued onto your forehead so seemlessly?
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"There's only one rule on Omega."
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i dont know what to say, seriously, more than i love it. great work truly great.
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your welcome. its hard to find a better aria cosplay (mostly because this is the best)and aria is my favorite npc in the game.
xxjellybeanxxx's avatar
Shepard-"Who runs Omega?"

Aria-"Ha!.....I am Omega!... Dont f**k w/ Aria!"
HeartOfTheStorm's avatar
So awesome! I just had to fave it!
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STILL cannot get over the fact of how freaking awesome this is.
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Most Impressive detail in her look very powerful!!
elsch's avatar
This is so cool *___*
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I don't think you understand how much win was achieved in that cosplay :3
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You make a very good Aria! I think this is very lovely!
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the tendrils dont even look like tendrils... otherwise nice makeup :)
Young-Gun94's avatar
Must...tell Bioware...
skinnyAZN's avatar
Ah, so cool! I love the background too!
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