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Commander Shepard

progress pic of Yond's new cosplay.
I'm totally in love with Mass Effect 3 Femshep design -redheads are the best. And i LOVE freckles!
We're playing Mass Effect 3 now and quite enjoying it.

We're planning to make n7 dress. Need to buy fabric,

so, here's a test version in n7 t-shirt, which was bought in Bioware store as prize for winning youtube cosplay contest

Yond as female Commander Shepard
photo& make up by me
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Commander Shepard is the very beautiful!Heart 
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Wow, she really looks like the default FemShep in Mass Effect 3! 
Very good job! :)
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holy, holy hell that's good!
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Holy... this is perfect, she really looks like the default FemShep. :D
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Wow this is gorgeous! May I ask where you got this wig, it is perfect for a project I am doing! :D
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Really REALLY Pretty!!
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oh wow she looks so similar
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That's pretty damn good! :)
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She almost looks like the Fem Shep I have been playing since ME1 first launched!
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How did you do the hair and makeup?
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Wow, great job! :wow:
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Soo good it freaked me out for a second.
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The reason I love this picture so much is it looks like my COMMANDER SHEPARD-Yond looks so good.
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Looking forward to seeing you in costume.
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This is so cute. You did a great job!
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Ah, so amazing. ♥~
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Вылитая Шепард!
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She's even got the freckles - substantial attention to details.
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