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Cirilla - the Lion Cub of Cintra -Witcher 3

By love-squad
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I made it. I finally made it and I'm filled with joy!
Since I was 12, I've been dreaming of Ciri cosplay. Hell, Cirilla even was my first nickname ever!
I love Andrzej Sapkowski's books. He's a brilliant writer. 
The Wicher series is kinda iconic here in Russia. Everyone else discovered it after game came out. 
Truth is - I never played it. The story of first 2 was just wrong Geralt with amnesia (wtf, guys!) hooking up with Triss...seriously, I can't imagine how Yennefer will react to this shit in Witcher 3.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, because I can't wait to see the heroes of my childhood in action. 

About this costume:
I must say - I geniunely hate the person who made this character design.
I've always imagined Ciri dressed in black and gray - just like pan Andrzjey described in his books.
And this corset thing. Seriously, have you ever tried to sit down in long corset? It's impossible. And really painful.
Ciri is witcher, she's a fighter -not some glamouros maiden.I can understand shirt and gloves...but hell, this boots are hideous. Fucking high heels! Seriously!

I 'll quit bitching soon, I swear.
Anyway.  I made everything except the sword - it was made by talented guys from Разводной Ключ.
Making silver belt was really fun, because it was my first expirience with plastic casting. Smooth cast 300 is amazing thing to work with.Everything made of synthetic leather because I'm cheap.

The wig is lace front one. You don't really need a lace front for this kind of hairstyle but I thought -Why not? I want everything to be perfect.

I made the scar on my face using Kryolan collodium - this thing looks so real it's disguisting

I hope there are more pics to come, so here it is

me as Cirilla from Witcher 3 videogame
photo by Alexander Turchanin 

more - 
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Wow, that's amazing! Love Very expressive!
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Beautiful job with this! 
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Ky-thStudent Digital Artist
I agree with everything you said about Ciri's design. the corset and high heels were always sooo stupid to me, like come on -.-
your cosplay is perfection though, I'm stunned <3 amazing job, you're real life Ciri!
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Nice cosplay
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EricVonSchweetzHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice
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rustyfocusHobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice, very nice indeed
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Very nice!
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Yukari888Hobbyist Filmographer
You'd make a very good Daenerys Targaryen.
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harunistHobbyist Artist
That scar is a beautiful touch.
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Antimatter-RadiusHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic Ciri cosplay :)
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Stunning makeup and a great look.
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Awesome Cosplay there love-squad!
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Not a Witcher fan really... Got the game like 6 months ago and just started a bit and then stashed it away. Ok, not like you cared about that. I just want to say AMAZING likeness. 
Absolutely beautiful.
Well done!
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YueQingProfessional Digital Artist
Hello. Can i paint your picture?
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist
Absolute perfection!!

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salyssongHobbyist General Artist
Naww cute.
I laughed reading your rant.
Just be glad she doesn't wear bikini armor.
I hope you still had fun cosplaying her and it's great when people make their childhood dreams come true trought their hard work.
I hope you'll have a nice day.
Fun fact I love the games and the books because of Slavic mythology.
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Ahhhhh this is an amazing Ciri cosplay! :D 
I can understand your gripes with the corset but it doesn't seem like too much of an issue when she's a badass to begin with :P and her boots are less like high heels and more like riding boots used for firmly planting your feet in stirrups when you ride a horse. 
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NinDKSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
You look so amazing as Ciri. 
love-squad's avatar
love-squadHobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank you! Heart 
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Amazing Cosplay!

Would you allow me to use it on my Steam Profile as Artwork? I would love to! 
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Very gorgeous!
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love-squadHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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