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Tutorial: Dominator (Part 1)

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Ah! So, this has been long over due~ **If you do use this tutorial, any reference in description and linking back to this dA would be appreciated ^_^ thank yous!!!

As I stated in my previous dominator photo, I followed Cosplay Ruined My Life's tutorial quite closely, but changed a few steps here and there. There's going to be 3 parts to this. I'm still editing a portion of it. But I'll link everything below once it's done! :D

This part shows you how to make the base using the template I made.

Download Templates Here:
Template 1 of 2
Template 2 of 2

Dominator Tutorial:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
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i hate to be the one breaking it to you, but your templates dont work. aside rom the fact that thats no template, just a black and white drawing, the two parts are imposible to put together. seriusly. i printed it and glued them together, didnt work, i opened ms paint to roughly join the two together, didnt work, i used photoshop and not even photoshop can connect these so the line actualy match. one of the parts is distorted. if you still have the original, i would like to ask you to post it as one complete version, otherwise the template you made is unusable.