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Kids, this is very serious. Please click here now, and I'll tell u all about it.

If u have parents, please ask them 1st b4 u sign this petition. So thank u so very much 4 ur support. We believe in kids' entertainment, & I believe in all of u. Thx.

So this beautiful group layout is going to have to convert to the new ugly one tomorrow. URRRRRGGGHHH
For loud house/SpongeBob/FOP/Its pony fans lolaloud368 is comming back to DeviantArt 
IT'S REAL: Noggin Shuts Down FOREVER!!!Noggin Set to Shutter As Paramount Lays Off Service's Entire Team,A popular destination for Nickelodeon hits, licensed content, and 1,000-plus interactive videos/games, the app will phase out soon, and its programming will shift to Paramount+.Paramount Global is shutting down Nickelodeon's subscription-based Noggin app and has laid off its entire team, Kidscreen is reporting.The SVOD service for two- to seven-year-olds had 2.5 million global subscribers in 2019 (four years after launch) and houses more than 1,000 educational games, videos, and books in its library, some of which will soon be homeless. One of the app's most recent launches that rolled out in December is Nogginville, an immersive digital world where kids can visit iconic locations from the broader Nickelodeon universe and play mini-games.Noggin also features Nick Jr. preschool juggernauts such as Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer, as well as third-party acquisitions like JoJo and Gran Gran (BBC Studios Kids & Family, A Productions) and Little Bear (Nelvana). This long- and short-form video programming will shift over to Paramount+ under the Nick Jr. banner.Noggin will wind down sometime in 2024, with the exact date still to be determined. Noggin will no longer be taking new subscribers, and there will be a transition period for current subscribers. The news is surprising, as Paramount had previously said that they were keen to keep Noggin open as it offers interactive elements that Paramount+ doesn't offer.The news also comes as Paramount shuttered most of its OTT apps, including the Nick and Nick Jr. Apps last month. Paramount Global is in the middle of laying off 800 employees (representing about 3% of its workforce) just days after CBS scored a huge ratings success with Super Bowl LVIII, which was watched by around 123 million people across all platforms. Despite eliminating the Noggin team, kids and family programming is an important genre and a key piece of the company’s streaming strategy that drives subscriptions, consumption, and repeat viewing, according to a Paramount spokesperson. In fact, Nickelodeon’s content for these audiences is consistently among the most watched and re-watched programming on Paramount+, says the source. Paramount is set to deliver its Q4 earnings report on February 28, but overall revenue for the third quarter was up by 3% to US$7.1 billion compared to the same period in 2022, despite Paramount+ losing US$238 million. 
Paramount is going to shut down Noggin forever! This has to STOP! We NEED Noggin for the children to learn with all the TV characters they know and love. It's the ONLY app that has all the books, games, and shows. And without Noggin and its characters, kids will get dumber, lazier, weaker, and more heartless as F*** as they grow. THEY REALLY NEED IT SO F**KING BAD! Go to this link right here and tell them to bring Noggin back right NOW! PLEASE! We need to tell Paramount to STOP THIS BS!

And while ur at it, maybe tell them 2 buddle Noggin, Paramount+, Showtime, and BET+, too. Just like what Disney did.
If u don't know what type of subject it is, just select Press & General Inquiries, ok?



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Why are you linking this and telling people to google this?  


Don't forget to type in Google with the title «How Much Phone Number for Nickelodeon?» Then save in the phone application and then save in the WhatsApp application so that you will be eligible to ask them about what. ↓…