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Ryujin-ITZY by Lynxinto
Life of the Outsider“Billie?” “Yes?” He turned to face me. It was almost unnerving seeing amber, alive eyes instead of his previous black voids. Part of me still hated him. Especially for the last vision of Deidre with Daud’s hand. Wait, maybe that wasn’t him. Maybe it was actually her. Wanting me to forgive him, and not just then but now too. After all, it had been the mark on his hand that she kissed. The Outsider’s mark on the hand of the man who whispered his name to him. “Could you take me to Dunwall? I would like to see Corvo and Emily.” “Why them?” “Aside from you and Daud, I remember them the most clearly.” “Didn’t you see and know everyone?” “I did. But I was a god then. A god trapped in the void. That’s too much for a mortal man to bear.” He looked away again, a faraway look in his eyes. “I remember the sensation. Of knowing it all, and of loving and hating it all at once. But I only remember scraps of what I once knew. And for that, I am eternally grateful.” A wisp of a smile grew on his face as he turned fully toward the banister. “Corvo is one of the mortals I remember dealing with most recently who intrigued me. He had every reason to turn his back on society and become someone like you and Daud. The love of his life murdered in front of him. Powerless to do anything. His daughter and the new empress, kidnapped. Blamed for it all. And then having to endure the possible loss all over again when, who was it, the sister? When she came back to try and claim the throne. And yet, he murdered not a soul. Not even the ones who deserved it the most.” I looked away. The ones who deserved it the most were me and Daud. Emily should have never forgiven me. Would she still forgive an old murderer even if she brought the Outsider to her doorstep? “I would like to meet them as an equal being. And, by all reason, I know they are the ones to best help me become a normal citizen.” “You aren’t trying to become a politician, are you?” He chuckled softly. “I’ve had enough politics to last through an eternity. No, I would like to try my hand at a… ah, a trade I believe you call them. Maybe a barber.” “A barber? I can’t say I was expecting that.” Those amber eyes flicked to me again. Creepy. Strange as it was, at least that color didn’t come with the sensation that he was reading my thoughts. “I spent centuries knowing everyone’s words, thoughts, and inner secrets. As much as the silence is a relief, it’s also disquieting. Being in a hub of sorts of gossip could help remedy that. Besides, as a street kid, I took care of my own hair. I know you heard people praising my looks as you hunted me down.” I scoffed. “As vain as always, I see. In order to get you smuggled out of here, first we need to get you some normal clothes. You still look too much like the Outsider and some people may recognize you. Speaking of the Outsider, I can’t call you that. What’s your name?” “The world is a vastly different place from the time I was first alive. I don’t think I can pronounce my own name anymore. But I know it. I may tattoo it on the back of my hand. Where it gave other’s power, it took mine away and gave me life.”...
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Commissions! [OPEN]Been a while since I’ve done a proper commission journal, so I thought I’d do one now!I’ve changed all my options and pricing, but I hope it’s still all clear and that ya’ll like my new options! They can all be found here: (I’ll be reopening my coms on DA as well, but with limited options. I may open up more depending on how things go tho!)I have four basic types of commissions now: 1. Monotone render, 2. Color Render (full render), 3. Semi-chibi Doodles, 4. EmotesMonotone Render- one hue for line, base color, and shading. You choose the color!- Samples: -Headshot: above the shoulders — $11-Half-Body: above the hips — $20-Full-Body: all of the above — $35-2-characters: 1-character price x 1.75-no background option for this style, but for half or full bodies, characters can interact with objects, such as tables, chairs, etc.. 2. Color Render- fully detailed render, colors are based on reference or any notes you include in the order form. - Samples: - Headshot: above the shoulders — $16- Half-Body: above the hips — $30- Full-Body: all of the above — $45- 2-characters: 1-character price x 1.75- Background - for half or full body drawings — $10-please include a reference photo or description of the background you want with your order form if you select the BG add-on!-otherwise you can pick whatever solid color you’d like for the BG! - Chibi Headshot: chibi style, above the shoulders — $15.50 3. Semi-Chibi Doodles-I will draw your character in my semi-chibi style (animals included for free (if there are more than three animals, please dm me through my socials beforehand)) basic sketch: sample: Devi page -half body - $10-hb, 2 characters - $16-page full of doodles (3-4 drawings, one character) - $25-page full of doodles (3-4 drawings, two characters) - $35soft render: (no sample yet)- any add-on + $5-(feel free to dm me on deviantart, instagram, discord, or twitter if you have any questions! links in my carrd) 4. Emotes -Emotes for twitch, discord, etc. - Samples: -1 emote: $5-5-emote bundle: $20-10-emote bundle: $35-I usually use a 1000 x 1000 px canvas, but if you need different measurements, please feel free to include it in the order form.-This option also comes with transparent BG and white BG versions. -Some designs might require simplification to fit in the emote, I will make sure to give notice of any changes that may need to be made. If you have any questions feel free to chat or note me!...
The Gaze Of The Guardian by artsbyZer0
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sweet mermaid by nitrogenia7
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Somewhere by Yuukon
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