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Love Equestria - Source Pony Fashions



Introducing, Love Equestria!
Also introducing Avant Garde, love-rainbowflower's OC and "designer"/mascot for Love Equestria.

What is Love Equestria?
Love Equestria is an up and coming Source pony fashion line with designs from love-rainbowflower brought to life by love-mist! These ponies have such conveniently standardized body sizes, so why shouldn't they be able to dress in style? We at Love Equestria think everypony should be able to dress to the nines and hope that other designers will be inspired to share their creations as well.

:bulletblack: Mannequins
:bulletblack: Stud Earrings
:bulletblack: Collar Necklace
:bulletblack: Deluxe Socks

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Sorry everyone, any and all future model plans/updates are on hold indefinitely.