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[DL] Pony Dummy/Mannequin



Updated 7/22/15 - See Change Log below for details.

And now for something new and exciting!
Source pony mannequins with all the bells and whistles!
(Okay, maybe not that exciting for everyone.)

Brought to you by Love Equestria
What is Love Equestria?
Love Equestria is a super secret an up and coming Source pony fashion line with designs from love-rainbowflower brought to life by love-mist! These ponies have such conveniently standardized body sizes, so why shouldn't they be able to dress in style? We at Love Equestria think everypony should be able to dress to the nines and hope that other designers will be inspired to share their creations as well.
Of course for that, you need a proper way to display your fabulous ensembles. Now you have it!

Here's what you get:

Mare and Stallion Dummies and Stands

This pack includes a "VN" mare model and the stallion model with toggleable, bodygrouped metallic stands.
Also included are separate, bonemergeable stands for male and female models. This allows you to reposition the stands or slap them onto another pony if you so desire.
And since these mannequin ponies are made from the same body bases as the Source ponies you know and love, they can use all the same bonemergeable props!

Bodygrouped Horns and Wings

These models are earth ponies, unicorns, pegasi, and yes, even alicorns, all in one! Just toggle the pieces you want!

Six Skins ([2 colors + 1 paintable] x 2 materials)

The models include light, dark, and paintable color options, each in both a glossy plastic and a matte vinyl material.
For painting, we recommend this tool for GMOD and this tool for SFM. Be sure to select "base tint" when using the SFM tool!

Four Built-In Poses

Built-in you say? Yes! No more of this dmx importing that could send your model halfway across the map. We think that's silly. Instead, each model has 4 poses (show classic dressform, right and left leg lifts, and basic standing) as built-in sequences that you can use in SFM. Just access them via the model's Import->Sequence menu! Feel free to swap between them as often as you'd like without having to worry about your model running away.
Don't worry, the models are still fully posable, so you can add your own flair!
(Note: if you want to apply these poses to another model, just copy and paste in the motion editor!)

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and set some trends!


Change Log
v2.2 - 7/22/15
- Updated stallion model to use enhanced male facial flexes
- Modified texture mapping, prep for future update (no noticeable change unless you like to override textures)
v2.0 - 8/15/14
- Initial release

Commision status, details, and pricing
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Probably an odd question but... is there bodygroups to hide nose, mouth and eyes to make it look even more mannequin like?