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[DL] LE Collar Necklace



At long last, a new addition to the Love Equestria line!
We brought you something a bit edgy with our earrings, now for something a bit more feminine.

What is Love Equestria?
Love Equestria is an up and coming Source pony fashion line with designs from love-rainbowflower brought to life by love-mist! These ponies have such conveniently standardized body sizes, so why shouldn't they be able to dress in style? We at Love Equestria think everypony should be able to dress to the nines and hope that other designers will be inspired to share their creations as well.

- 6 total skins; metalic gold, silver, or black hardware with either full color or paintable embroidered cloth (seen painted here in TF2 colors "A Mann's Mint", "Pink as Hell", and "A Deep Commitment to Purple", but any custom color is usable!)
- Both mare and stallion fits included (because you never know)
For painting, we recommend this tool for GMOD and this tool for SFM. Be sure to select "base tint" when using the SFM tool!

This floral collar-style necklace can be customized to suit anypony's taste and color palette with multiple choices of hardware colors and an infinite rainbow of paintability. Accented with lace trim, textured embroidery, strands of pearls, and a colorful gemstone, this accessory is perfect for adding a bit of frill to your wardrobe.

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Commision status, details, and pricing
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this inspires me to want to re-work rem and ram's collar :)  
how did you do the holes on the lace? is that transparency or actual mesh cut through ? Of all the pony accessory models out there, this one stands out to me the most.  i'll say it again. i love it. well done.