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Cooper Cane Cursor

By love-mist
Oh look, the title's an alliteration. :XD:

Like I said earlier, these cursors are from a while back... like when I was obsessed with Sly Cooper more than Kingdom Hearts.

So this little cursor is the famous Cooper cane.

Instruction for use in downloadable file.

Please credit me and let me know if you use this on a webpage!

Sly Cooper and therefore his cane belong to Sucker Punch!
© 2009 - 2021 love-mist
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Thanks for this I use it on my personal computer, I loved it so much I made a whole sly theme from busy, to working in background and link clicker.
love-mist's avatar
Nice! I didn't have the ideas to do that when I made this. I bet it's awesome!
How do i download it?
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Just click the Download File link over on the right. :) Instructions for setting it up are included in the file.
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May I use this on my Tumblr Blog? c:
love-mist's avatar
Sure! That is, if you send me a link to check it out. =P
If you could put just a small line giving credit that would be appreciated, though I'm not sure exactly how that works for Tumblr. I'm fairly Tumblr inexperienced. ><;
JustBelle's avatar
Yeah... I couldn't figure out how to add it ^^;
love-mist's avatar
Hehe, I wondered, I have some html experience but Tumblr is foreign territory... I don't know what they let you do with that! :XD: I'm glad you liked it enough to try anyway. :)
JustBelle's avatar
Yeah, It's great! ^^
Super12464's avatar
Awesome Cursor! I'm using it on my site
Thanks for making it it's awesome!
love-mist's avatar
Wow, thanks! I'm flattered! ^^;
IvyAzimuth's avatar
and its ok to love sky! I found the game like 4 years ago and im still loving it! cant tell ya how manny times iv played them! cant wait for the next game! XD
love-mist's avatar
Hehehehe, thanks! :aww:
Yeah... honestly I think that's where I got my love of raccoons. :XD:
I know I'm so excited! The fact that we're probably going to meet a bunch of those ancestors.... I am a little worried about how it will turn out since Sucker Punch isn't in charge of it anymore, but I guess we just have to hope they know what they're doing!
Sayuri-Akio's avatar
Awesome! Totally using this. ^ ^
love-mist's avatar
Thanks! :D Enjoy!
sunsure's avatar
sly and kingdom hearts are my two absolute favourite games!
!.kingdom hearts
3.devil may cry
u rock sista!
love-mist's avatar
Aw yeah! >w<
Gotta say those are definitely my top 2. Love em all so much, but I think the second ones have been the best of both series. Then again haven't tried BBS yet. ;)
As a 3rd... hmmmm... I might have to go with World Ends With You. Lol, Squeenix freak. =P
sunsure's avatar
thanks for the llama :)
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