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A Wild Rose in the Wasteland



Featured on EQD!

This one's a birthday present for my friend DrDicksAmazingStick!  She's been really into Fallout lately, and I wanted to do something with that beautiful rose-butt mare of hers. Thus, this was the result.
(I did give it to her on her actual b-day, I just haven't gotten around to the official upload until now. Whoopsie.)

Full disclaimer: I have never played Fallout, never read Fallout Equestria (though I have plans to do both), and I don't know much about weaponry, etc etc. I apologize for any inaccuracies there may be. I hope it still makes for a nice scene!

I'm actually really proud of this one. There were a lot of firsts for me: first time doing an entire scenebuild myself, first time getting volumetrics to actually work, first time using material overrides that got used in the final image, first time using animation for motion blur, first time rendering in 4k (which my new computer handled like a beast), and first time doing more in-depth cleanup and edits with post-processing in Photoshop.

I feel like this represents a bit step for me. I learn new things and make great strides with every piece I create. That process is a big part of why I love doing what I do.
Another part of it is making other people happy.

You've been an amazing, supportive friend, M. This one's for you.

Scene built from scratch in black_void.bsp

Dixie Thorn belongs to DrDicksAmazingStick, model created by me (with the help of Poninnahka's source files ).

Software Used
:bulletblack: Source Filmmaker
:bulletblack: Photoshop CC 2015

Assets Used
:bulletblack: SWAT Uniforms (armor pads)
:bulletblack: Fallout Equestria Bike
:bulletblack: PipBuck
:bulletblack: Fallout Props Pack
:bulletblack: Lens Flare Particle v1.0
:bulletblack: Bonemergeable Pony Props Release (goggles, modified)
:bulletblack: Bonemergeable Eyebrow - Pony… or
:bulletblack: Deeakron's Very Useful Panel V2…
:bulletblack: Enhanced TF2 Grenade (just the pin)…
:bulletblack: Narry's Skycard & Skydome Pack…
:bulletblack: Day of Defeat Content Pack (downloadable via SFM)
:bulletblack: Dino D-Day Content Pack (downloadable via SFM)
:bulletblack: Left 4 Dead Content Pack (downloadable via SFM)
:bulletblack: Portal Content Pack (downloadable via SFM)
:bulletblack: Team Fortress 2 Content Pack (included in SFM)
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Image size
3840x2160px 8.84 MB
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