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Imprint: Visual by LadyLincoln
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Curtain Call by whimsicalworks
[Naruto] Nindou - ENG by MajorasMasks
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Hear the melodies slipping through my mouth
The pitiful, the sorrowful
The words repeated repeatedly
A chant made enchanting
A word made wordless
A thoughtless thought
A sporadic routine
Can it live and die?
Or die to live?
I can't focus on my meanings
The words carried through the air
The impossible possibility
Of the truth that may lie
Am I so sane that I slipped
Into the bright world of insanity?
Could I already been insane
And stumbled into normalcy?
I can't stop the chant
Over and over
The soundless music
The saturated emptiness
The bell-chime voice
Of truth, of angry words.
Do you here the music
Running in my veins?
The stifled tune
The faithful despair
Do you sense the cold delight?
Or is it openly hidden
From your sight?
:iconwatchmebeme:WatchMeBeMe 1 5
Till death do us part
"till death do us part"
Once upon a time there was a young girl standing under a tree with a frayed old noose hanging from a gnarled leafless branch. She had her grandfathers pocket knife in her hand, chips of wood scattered on the muddy ground. She stared blankly at the carved out heart with a whole in it. "When I find him...or her...them...its 2013 I'm open mined...I will return to this place and make my heart whole" she said to the mangled old tree.
Many years passed, filled with studies and travels, each year returning to that old tree marking off a line for each year her heart remained unfulfilled. On her return home from her yearly ritual it began to pour with rain. Flustered and unwilling to get utterly soaked she ran down the cobbled streets aiming for the nearest cafe' to duck for cover, unfortunately not factoring in the slipperiness of the cobbles and her leather soles, five passes into her sprint she slipped, her feet flung into the air over her head. She shut her eyes, bra
:iconspydi-mel:Spydi-mel 8 27
I have them
You have them
We all have our
Each one is a story
A new chapter of life
They all tell of my glory
They each sing of my strife
Each one wrought from quarries
Each have been cut with a knife
There are many on me
Each cut is a creed
A sacred vow that
Is sealed when I bleed
When you look at me
Don't you dare misread
Each scar that I have
Is not made to concede
It is made to remind
Me to keep fighting
Keep fighting these sins
Fight 'till I win
Fight 'till I've been
Beaten again
Then I will rise
From my demise
Then I will shout
Into the skies
Remove my guise
Open my eyes
See all your lies
Then I'll realize; real eyes; real lies
All these scars are on me
They baptize my misdeeds
They remind me
To keep on fighting
Fight 'till I win
And then therein
Will I begin
To be cut once again
I have them
You have them
We all have our
:iconbubbasmack:bubbasmack 15 28
Shoot Myself
Another bullet has entered my head
A different pain that I can't comprehend
Another life that has faded to red
Another moment where I'm without breath
Another man who just wants me dead
Another beast that lies in this bed
Another me has risen from the death
Here I am again,
Without breath,
I am still wishing
For my death.
A am still waiting for you
To give me some rest.
Just end it all!
Just stop my breath!)
Put the gun up to my head.
Pull the trigger, see it all fade to red!
Murder the demons, return them to death.
Remove it all, and just end my breath!
Forget the pain, forget all of them.
Kil the family, and kill all the friends!
Bear the shame, and wish it all would end...
I want to kill everyone
I wanna watch them all die
I want to see them suffer
For the way they made me cry
Im gonna watch them all burn
Watch them run and hide
Watch them all suffer
And watch them all die
Another game of Russian Roulette
Just one more reason to be filled with dread
Another l
:iconbubbasmack:bubbasmack 3 9
dead birds.
dead birds litter the street
with their broken wings,
the blood from their claws.
the children will cup the birds in their
tiny hands and smooth the feathers
back into place.
they will carry them to the river,
setting the birds free once more.
but what they don’t know is that,
when they walk away,
the birds will only sink.
:iconghearradh:ghearradh 25 17
Confession to a wolf

My dearest wolf, how delightful it is to meet you. You think you overtook me by surprise? No, you are quite mistaken. I've been longing for you. Day after day I've been watching the paths you took, the territories in which you hunted, the rivers from which you drank. Why the weird look, wolf? I am merely a girl, you caught my scent. And forgive me for smelling like a fox - our paths keep crossing each other; I am cutting the tail of vulpes vulpes with silver scissors and it keeps growing back and this madman keeps stepping on the same rake. Not my fault, now, is it. I know - you can't run with the foxes and yet hunt with the wolf. But you will make an exception for me, won't you?
You look gaunt, my dearest wolf. You are running with chain snippets asphyxiating your neck - did someone try to tame you? Dupes. Come, let me take that old collar off your fine neck. Ah, stop looking at me in such a distrustful manner. We know
:iconkittycrime:kittycrime 9 7
Ann Won't Eat
Embracing your cello, you take up less space
Than the hollow-boned spruce, bow firm and melodic,
Your hair falling out
All over the strings.
Happy concertos hang on the rafters
Just as you yearned for yourself
A less-permanent proxy for you;
Watching and smiling,
The wooden beams modelling
What we pine for, and though you decline
A ticket to the theater,
Maybe it's possible you can
Find laughter here on the ground-
Because it's funny, like we say all the time
We can't even feed ourselves
How were you supposed to feed the baby?
And maybe it was rape,
But how pure were you to begin with?
You still love him, and
You can't undo that like
He undid you.
It's becoming clearer to me these days
That I won't see you again
Just as I said
Though you didn't really believe that,
It hurts when you're wrong.
Doesn't it?
So carve your arm up, I love you,
I dare you.
And callous your
Slashed-up skin
Because maybe it's not so flawed
Because wrong can be measured in degrees
Like the cold of your
:iconkittens-and-arsenic:kittens-and-arsenic 22 11
Weather the Tide
Sitting here in peace and quiet.
A nice break from the daily riot.
Relaxing through a simple dream,
All life really is it would seem.
Breaking the silence, my heartbeat.
Eternal love, shall I ever meet?
A dream we all crawl through in life.
Wishing for hope, living in strife.
We're always praying, day by day
Wishing it would all just go away.
Always learning, always teaching.
For another, always reaching.
Escape the eternal daily grind
When, at long last, the one we now find.
Bonds are formed and our hearts exchange
Our united lives rearrange.
Sitting here in peace and quiet.
A nice break from the daily riot.
You and I, sitting side by side.
Weathering life's unending tide.
:iconraigaolir:RaigaOlir 6 4
Secret. 12755 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 12755 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 120 0
A Year
Raindrops hit the windows
A child is slipping on wet leaves
But we are save inside
Me in your arms.
You whispered nothing could happen to me
Nothing could hurt me as long as you're with me
You promised you'd always protect me
While you kissed away a tear.
Snowflakes rest in your hair
Light sparkles in your eyes
As we walk around the frozen lake
Hand in hand.
You whispered something happened
Something that has changed
You promised it wasn't my fault
While you avoided my tear-filled eyes.
The earth filled with colors
The sun warm as touch
My world grey and cold
My soul black and dreary
Something happened to me
I broke as you left
You lied to me
You didn't save me
People full of joy, delight
Sunlight enters through my window
I'm completely lost.
You brought me to hell
I know that now
It was my fault
I see that now.
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 5 19
The Jump
++ Trigger Warning ++
The lights of the town  like a thousand fireflies
The fresh breeze like a gasp of relief
My heart beat like the sound of feet of children
My soul like a wilting rose.
I saw the stars in your eyes
I felt your heart underneath my hand
Your breath tickled on my neck
Everything passed away.
Now I sit here
On the roof over the town
I listen to the chasing cars
See the sparkling lights
Sense the wind through the cracks of my soul.
Why shouldn't I jump into the sea of lights?
Maybe I'll be a star
Which shines with all the others
Or maybe everything comes to an end
Like hope did so long ago.
If I jumped my problems wouldn't be solved
But they'd end.
If I jumped I wouldn't have to stand that emptiness
Or the damage in my heart.
Then my soul can
Disappear like smoke
up to the stars
towards the sky.
Then I'll be a star
I could watch and protect you from up there
It'd be better that way
More accepted than a broken soul on earth.
So goodbye!
Look towards the black night s
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 13 13
Mature content
A White Dress :iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 7 49
The jester
The courtyard was long and tiled with arabesqued mosaics; long, and cold, and candlelit from the eternal chandeliers that hung, rustic but enduring, from a ceiling of wood too high for the light to reach.
A chill of a thousand medieval winters leaked through the naked windowpanes.
I sat behind an idea in a corner too plain to be a corner, but, overlooked and shadowed, it was a corner nonetheless. Legs crossed, pipe lighted, eyes bright with candlewarmth; a wooden cup on the floor by my side, filled with glühwein going cold. My lute against my shoulder and a whistling dying on my lips, I watched. I wore the stars as a cloack, and no one saw me that night.
A patchwork of colors and painted joy, the jester meandered around the great table, twisting around with grime tales out of which I could have made the greatest epos- they were but mud in his hands as he churned them with vulgarity, and at spans, the court burst into laughter. The son of the lord, however, remained in silence and paled
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 3 7
I have not written you a poem yet,
although you did ask for one.
I meandered around uncertainties and said nothing,
but a paperboat that's sitting on your shelf-
                                               - and sailing over turbulent waters.
This is not a poem. Or so I told you that time,
but I think,
this is not a poem either, my heart.
This is a blank(et) page across an entire ocean of thick blue paint,
a tiny little plane wedging in the winds to cross a black abyss,
or a silence that stretches for miles,
                              (I miss the steppes)
but despite the snow,
you could be near.
This is not a poem,
nor a bridge,
nor nothing with a name.
I've just come to this point to bottle everything up,
seal it,
and toss it to an ocean thick of blue paint,
go to sleep,
and hope you fin
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 4 9
Gondolos and brass look so fine with a lass by Starryyeah Gondolos and brass look so fine with a lass :iconstarryyeah:Starryyeah 0 0 Poems my sister made by Starryyeah Poems my sister made :iconstarryyeah:Starryyeah 9 0



To my understanding a lot of you keep submitting to the poetry folder,  this folder is full.   Please start submitting to the poetry overflow folder.  

Also one of the best to keep up with the submissions is on a vacation, so we're a little backed up because I saw a lot of submissions had expired, we apologize.  I'll be going throughout them in a moment, and asking for a lot of resubmitting.

Also, if you're looking for a contest: Short Story ShenanigansCalling All Writers Across Deviant Art
:iconwriters-extrodinaire: are hosting a Short Story Competition running across March and April.
So far the prizes are as follows:
First Place:
- Three Month Premium Membership from :iconparchmentgirl:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- A Year Long Feature on :iconwriters-extrodinaire: front page
- Feature from :iconwriters-central:
- Three character sketches from the winning entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
Second Place:
- One Month Premium Membership from :iconparchmentgirl:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- Two character sketches from the submitted entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
Third Place:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- Two character sketches from the submitted entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- 100 points from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
- You have March and April to write your short storie

Overall, we're hoping your March is going very well, and we hope you never stop writing!

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