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Greatest HIMclub on dA!
Favourite genre of music: Love Metal
:bulletblue:So I basicly abandoned this place for a month! AHHH I'm sorry!
I've been so busy with school and work lately!

eh hem...resume!....

:star:Here are this interviews from both the first and second palce winners of our most recent contest...

1st Place: XxWonkaxX

:star:Her Art:star:

-What made you decide to become a member of deviant art?

XxWonkaxX-I never got too much feedback on my art before, so I joined to see what people thought of my art.

-How would you describe the art that you submit to your DA gallery?

XxWonkaxX-Dark. Not like Macabre/Horror dark or anything, but the majority of my gallery has deviations involving dark elements.

-What are three adjectives that describe your art?

XxWonkaxX-Dark, as I said before. =P Mythical and experimental come to mind as well.

-Give links to three deviations you are most proud of in your gallery; give a short description for each.( you can also give a link to a website if you have one)

"Waiting For the Day"…

This happens to be my current Featured Deviation. I started this for the sole purpose of a contest, but I ended up going out of bounds and added my usual "dark fantasy" flare to it. I didn't do too well in that contest, but I am very happy with how this came out. It wasn't very easy putting this together...

"Dark Light"…

Not too much expreimenting went into this. From the start I pretty much knew what I wanted and how to do it. Would you believe that the most detailed and time consuming part of this piece happens to be the smallest?

"Wonder of Winter"…

Way too much experimenting going on here. There's not alot going on, and there are some obvious flaws, but I really love this piece.

-What is something your hoping to improve on (art wise)?

XxWonkaxXeveral things: photomanipulation, painting, and drawing. As long as my two favorite DA artists and keep inspiring me, I think I can continue on improvement.

-What is something you feel you have achieved from being on DA?

XxWonkaxX-Being able to accept all different forms of art. I've also gained experience and have been able to improve my own skills.


-How did you come upon the band?

XxWonkaxX-I first heard of HIM off of a Daniel Radcliffe forum. =P Several of my friends there would have avatars or banners of the band in their sigs.

-How long have you been listening?

XxWonkaxX-I've been a true fan for about a year now.

-What is your favorite line of HIM lyrics?

XxWonkaxX-"This world is a cruel place and we're here only to lose."
It's sad, but I've come to realize, it's true.

-Which HIM album artwork do you like the best?

XxWonkaxX-That's a hard one. I really like the "Dark Light" artwork, but I like "Razorblade Romance" the most. I don't normally like pink, but Ville's black outfit gives a great contrast. Not to mention, that's a very "pretty" pic of Ville. ;)

-If you could go back in time and see HIM in concert, which era would you go back to? (the early days-greatest love songs, razorblade romance, deep shadows, etc…) and why?

XxWonkaxX-I'd say I'd go back to the time between "Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666" and "Razorblade Romance". To me, that's when the band was at its peak musically.

:star:General Stuff:star:

-Three words that describe your personality?

XxWonkaxX-Unpredictable, creative, shy.

-Other favorite bands?

XxWonkaxX-Nightiwsh, The 69 Eyes, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Lovex, and many more.

-What's one food/drink you simply can't live without?

XxWonkaxX-As long as I have water and something to eat, I'll be fine.

-Favorite color?

XxWonkaxX-Black, followed by purple and blue.

-Favorite quote?

XxWonkaxX-Don't have one.

-Any last shout outs to the people reading at Love-HIM?

XxWonkaxX-Thanks to all who voted for me, I appreciate it alot. :D


:star:2nd Place: KeBaPPi

:star:Her Art:star:

-What made you decide to become a member of deviant art?

KeBaPPi-Well... umm.. My friend had acconut at here and she wanted me also here, so I joined. And of course I wanted get hear (actually read) opinions and get advices from another people who are interessted art. I really appreciate all comments and advices what I get, some of them have been really helpful.

-What kind of art do you mostly submit? (Drawings? Photos? Etc..)

KeBaPPi-Mostly drawings, I really like to draw. I always have. I have some photos and photomanipulations on my another acconut ~Pioni

-What are three adjectives that describe your art?

KeBaPPi-Nowdays it is dark, different and.. hmm.. red? I dunno, very hard question.

-Give links to 2 deviations you are most proud of in your gallery and give a short description for each.

+Velvet Maiden+…

I made this one a couple weeks ago. I made (at least tried to made) looks like fantasy, gothic style. I coloured it with Photoshop Elements 2.0.

Should I be happy?…

In this picture is sad girl looking at sky. This is also gothic-style. Picture is black-white and made with also Photoshop Elements 2.0

:star: HIM:star:

-What was the first HIM album you purchased?

KeBaPPi-Love Metal

-How long have you been listening?

KeBaPPi-Long time

-Which HIM album artwork do you like the best?

KeBaPPi-Razorbalde Romance, of course (it is the first albun is some noobs don't know)

:star: General Stuff:star:

-Three words that describe your personality?

KeBaPPi-Wild, funny (at least I think so ^^), very very happy person

-What TV show character are you most like?

KeBaPPi-Mulder from X-Files or Homer Simson ^^

-Favorite quote?

KeBaPPi-Smile, then they think you understood it also.

-Any last shout outs to the people reading at Love-HIM?

KeBaPPi-Daa dirlan dirlan daa, listen a lot of music ^^
  • Listening to: HIM


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