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EVERYONE CAN JOIN! This group gives love and appreciation to all art types and skills! Join requests are automatically accepted. :D


:bulletpurple: ALL FORMS OF ART AND SKILL-LEVELS ARE ACCEPTED. So don't be afraid to show your talents, because you all have them!

:bulletyellow: Please submit to the right folder! Favorites are for future contest winners and for monthly favorites! If you don't know where to submit, please don't hesitate to ask :)

:bulletblue: About the monthly favorite folder In this folder, each person can only submit once a month so choose your best. Near the end of each month, a journal will be made in which all of the month's submissions will be put to a vote. So all our wonderful members can participate in the activity :) Then the submission with the most votes will be put into the group's favorites forever and the creator of it will receive a big feature in the group! So we hope to see your creations there soon!

:bulletred: Don't forget to put a mature filter on your submission if it's necesary.

:bulletpink: If you have any questions or suggestions for new folders, feel free to note the group! :D

:bulletgreen: Be kind to your fellow members! Our name is Love-For-All-Art for a reason. :)

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Hello there :wave:

My name is Alanise and I'm from Puerto Rico. I speak both Spanish and English so feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, for advice, or simply to talk, in any of those two languages. :) I'm a hobbyist and dabble in any type of Art that I can. If you want to donate to the group then my profile is the place to go! All those points will be used solely for this group!


Hi darlings~ :)

I'm from the US and please call me Melody or Melo!!! I don't submit often to here but when I do, it's always photography! <3 Most of the time I spent on dA is for this group, so if you have any questions then I'd be happy to help! :D Don't forget to spread the love.


Hello! My name is Ina, im a traditional artist (I draw, make jewellery, clay things, cards etc.) but i love all forms of art XD im so lucky that im one of the admins of this group, feel free to ask me anything!

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:iconnikemv: Eve's utopia by NikeMV

:iconultrajukebox: Through Time by UltraJukebox


:iconelyonblackstar: COMMISSION - UlquiHime by ElyonBlackStar

If you'd like to be added here and be featured in a journal as a commissioner, feel free to note us! Information on what to do here ->

Group Info

All forms of art are accepted. This group is for everyone who wants to get their art known. Giving and promoting features, giveaways, contests and more!

~~We want to be able to follow through with featuring, holding contests, promoting giveaways and commissions, etc.~~

:bulletyellow:Send a note to the group if you are taking commissions and requests so that you can be featured as a commissioner to anyone who's interested. In the note, you should include the prices and a link or thumbnail of the type of work you can do.

:bulletpink:Send a request if you'd like to affiliate, because we'd love to promote contests and such.

:bulletyellow: Feel free to advertise your GIVEAWAYS or RAFFLES in the comments section. But nothing else! Comments are for giveaway lovers and holders.

:bulletpink: Send us notes about any contests you want featured! Providing a link to the contest information.

:bulletyellow:If you have any questions about submissions, rules, etc. Feel free to ask!!!
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These are our awesome affiliates! Check them out!

Anyone who wants to affiliate, send a request! :D We'd love to feature contests!

To all members and non-members alike!: DON'T THANK FOR THE REQUEST! You're very welcome! It was sent to you because you're a great artist who caught the attention of the group. :D We'd like the comments section to be filled with giveaways :)

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since our fonder leave us last year ( without a word ;-; ) and almost all the cofounders are pretty inactive ( probably due to RL ) we could need some contributors!! i can't invite to co founders since I'm not the founder, but i can invite to contributors :)

contributors job will be;

*answaring pending art messages Yes/no
*replying to comments
*making shure members send their art in the right folder

if the contributors are inactive ( without any notice why) we have to delete you from the contributors position^^ we can't have contributors who don't work at all and only become contributors for the title ><

I'm pretty busy since  moved away from home and its a lot of work XD so i could really need some help :´)

we need at least 5 - 10 contributors to help out :)

plz comment here if you are interested! :hug: :)
Time's running out to get your comment gifts in this group's very first Comment Tagline!

We have all experienced or seen someone create some amazing art and yet not receive the feedback it deserves. Or we desperately want to improve on something and no one seems to comment what could be improved. So if you're all up for it, let's give ourselves some Comment Gifts this holiday and get some gifts in return!


:bulletyellow: No short comments, such as: "I like it", "Cute", or "Nice". Tell them what you like about the piece! If you think it could improve on something, tell them that. And finish off the comment with a "Happy Holidays!" or "Merry Christmas!", if you'd like.

:bulletyellow: You can participate more than once and with the same deviation if you want to. You give a comment gift, you get a comment gift. :)

How it works:

Starting right now anyone who chooses to take part in this activity can comment on this journal with a link to the deviation they would like a comment on and the icon of the person before them. Because they must leave one comment on the deviation linked in the comment that is immediately before them.


Person #1 : I would like a comment on :linkdeviation:
Person #2: Commented for :IconPerson#1: I'd like a comment on :link deviation:
Person #3: Commented for :IconPerson#2: I'd like a comment on :link deviation:
Person #4 Commented for :IconPerson#3: I'd like a comment on :Link deviation:

Please send any questions you may have to the group in a note! The comments on this journal are solely for the Christmas tagline. I, ZerutoKaZe, will begin this right now. So let's have some fun with this for the holidays!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Did you have some good times? How are your holidays going? We hope you're all well and that the new year will bring great things! :huggle:

                         :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite:

December Entries:

1. :thumb419551922: by Sing-Down-The-Moon

2. :thumb422022191: by Clovis-thecutestcat

3. Elven Warrior by outstarwalker by outstarwalker

How to vote:

:bulletred: Simply comment the number of your choice in this journal.

:bulletred: Submitters may vote for themselves if they want to.

:bulletred: If you'd prefer to vote anonymously, feel free to send us a note with your pick!
:bulletyellow: I encourage all writers to join a brand new group called TheWritersHaven

It is targeted for writers of all kinds who want some real feedback, advice, or just general appreciation! So if you're a writer or if you simply enjoy reading some wonderful works, then join now~ :D :clap: :D


:bulletblue: ElyonBlackStar is offering some wonderful commissions!

Lineart: 5€ with or without one color shading.  2€ for each additional character.

Flat Color: 10€  with or without colored lineart. 5€ for each additional character.

Full Color: 20€. 10€ for each additional character.

Chibi: 5€ and 2€ for each additional character.

Examples of Her Art:
COMMISSION - UlquiHime by ElyonBlackStar mermaid AU by ElyonBlackStar Ishida by ElyonBlackStar Grimmjow by ElyonBlackStar Lagoon by ElyonBlackStar Shizuka and the moon by ElyonBlackStar Paris by ElyonBlackStar Heaven by ElyonBlackStar

More information: OPEN FOR COMMISSION (NEW COMM SHEET)Yay!! Finally XD I never do this, but I think it's time to try.
This is a price list with sample.
- Fanart
- Original character*
- Yaoi/Yuri
- R18
- Kemonomimi ( like animal ear on human people )
- I can design clothes and characters reference for you, we can discuss the price for this
- I CAN DO COMIC PAGES but for this option we need to discuss via note
- Furries
- Mecha
- Animal (unless they're simple, feel free to ask about)
- Excessive gore content ( blood, bruises and wounds are fine, just not guts and such )
- Excessive obscene image like hentai
- Shota/Loli
- Complex armor
- Crack pairing
*Give as much reference as you can to explain the look of your OC, and do a brief description. If you can't provide the reference, just add detail in the description
- NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE ( contact me for this options )
- I have
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