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Subject: Jack

Dear Jack,

F*ck you and your tattoos.

Forever your fan,

Just a little render to show off what I've made so far. As far as texturing is concerned the one thing that's missing are her scars - the ones I've made were utter crap so I just disregarded them, at least for now until I'm satisfied with them.

Ah damn it I forgot to make her earpiece! T_T Now I know what the BioWare peeps felt when they forgot to include Thane's earrings lol. Ah well, til next time. :D

My other Jack fan art:

You can find the rest of my Mass Effect fan art here: [link]

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Thank you very much Heart emoticon 
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This is too unbelievably phenomenal for words! I actually thought it was a real person at first, based on just how life-like you managed to get the image! And the tattoos! Holy crow, they are just stellar :D
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*blushes* thank you! It was a challenge to paint her tatts but I never regretted making them.
Rio-The-Wolf-Girl's avatar
This is beautiful. Jack is my second favorite character from the game. She's so fierce and beautiful! You did an amazing job on this!
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The tats!! WOW! I can't imagine the effort involved to create what you just did. Very nice pose and lighting.

LOL, yeah, if I were making a Jack figure, I would be "F*ck you and your tattoos" as well.  :P
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Hehe yep.  After a while my eyes started to water when I was doing the tatts coz I was staring so much XD I found it very daunting at first but was so glad that I challenged myself to do it :)
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Oh mu god, I have no words to describe this. THIS. Pure awesomeness. If I were a guy, I'd totally use this as my wallpaper. Heck, I'm a girl and I still wanna. It's a pity you need that watermark across it, but necessary I suppose. All the same, I love how you managed to capture Jack in a more elegant light than she is commonly portrayed!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :hug:
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Aww, you really captured the heart of Jack. The tattoos are exquisite. All your work is so elegant and lovely, I just adore it :)
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Thanks! I have a soft spot for Jack. I was disappointed when she wasn't romanceable for FemShep so I had to create a ManShep for her.
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Nice Work!!! so jealous been looking for a Jack skin for some time.... cant seem to get the materials to make my own....

Very cool!!!!
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Thanks! I got a lot of screenshots of her from different angles just to get the tattoos right. But even then they're not her exact tattoos hehe.
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So do you now have a skin, of Jack from all views (or) did you build based on the pose at the time?
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Yes I have a skin texture of Jack from all sides.
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Just wow... I'd pay for something like that for DAZ/Poser :Q__
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Jealous, and very cool :P
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WOW .. wow wow wow wow. This is incredible, beautiful and very very inspiring!!
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that makes Jack absolutly beautiful :-)
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Yay I'm glad you think so, thanks!
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