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Shrios Fluff

By Louvette
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As the title says this is just some fluff of my favourite Mass Effect 2 pair. Carry on people. :XD:

And yes the grainy effect is completely intentional. :P

My other Thane-related fan art:

You can find the rest of my Mass Effect fan art here: [link]

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Thane is my favourite character of Mass effect... I'll always fall for him and love him unconditionally. And I love this picture because I can easily imagine that this is my Shepard and him so it's really wonderful ♥
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Thank you so much! Yes Thane's my fave until now.  Glad you like this image (and sorry for the late reply!).
AuroreVonSweets's avatar
Oh no don't worry ! that's fine :D
Thane is the best !
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R.I.P.Thane.You had a heart of gold.A real sweetheart.US fans will always love you!!!
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My favourite until now... wow it's amazing... it makes me cry everytime I think about that he dies :(
This romance is the best one that you can have.. they are amazing couple (for me, of course I like others too) just this is so romantic!
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Agreed! And thank you, I'm glad you like it. This is my favourite Shrios piece among the rest too :)
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Gorgeous! The realism is outstanding!
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SHRIOS. :D <3 /goes into fangirl mode
Really though, this is beautiful. Perfection.
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Talk about massive sobbing in ME3 for me.
I just can't explain how much I love this AND your other work...
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Thank you! :hug: Among my Sheps I haven't played ME3 on my Shep who romanced Thane. I just can't. T_T
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Don't. Just don't. ;~;
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Good GAWD. Awesome as usual...
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Thanks my dear! :hug:
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mother of...arts!!!!
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Glad you like it! :D
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you see = you feel... meow! very good
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And then things got trippy...
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Hehe Indeed XD
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yum yum! This is gorgeous and says so much :love:
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This is fantastic!
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