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Lotor Portrait Bust

By Louvette
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This is my 3D printed Lotor sculpture. Modelled in ZBrush and printed on my Creality Ender 3 Pro 3d printer.
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ooh! awesome!
Am currently trying to learn blender sculpting so i can print some waif.... figurine of my own on my CR-10. So far the "expectation/reality" is hitting me real hard :S wish i was half as good as you with that :D
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Thank you! :D I found that modeling something meant to be 3D printed is different from modeling something that's only meant for rendering. In addition to making sure that your model is airtight and doesn't have thin walls, you need to arrange your model in such a way that it is easy to be printed. I've had to arrange the pose and the hair so I'll only have minimal supports (I wanted no supports all all but eh I'm still learning). ZBrush 2020 can visually show you which walls are thin, but what I found useful most of all is Meshmixer <- go get this one if you haven't yet :) Good luck!

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Yes indeed many thing need to be taken into account when 3d printing. I did print something for my aquarium. the most annoying thing is when you put detail but the Printer can keep up with most of it because of resolution :S had to redo some model simply because of that :S 

As you said it a different thing when you need to think about support. had a part printed for a friend and it was a mess to remove a support that was inside a cavity in the part... It part of the hobby :) 

Ill be sure to look at that meshmixer thing, hoping it compatible with blender

If you find (or do) some interesting tutorial on 3d sculpting, be sure to send them my way :)
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No worries shall do :)