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Last work from the year, I hope that next year will be nicer ;__;

Happy New year for all!
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The second I saw this I was completely stunned how well this is.
The background reminds me of Phazon, it has this nice blue tone as well as all those little details that almost make me hear the sound when you get too close to Phazon. Also the red eyes in the background add a nice, eerie feeling. (:
Samus herself is also very well drawn, from the pose (she is scanning something, right?) to all the little details on the Varia Suit; like the little scratches, they show that she's been in battle before. What I also like are the lights, especially on the legs. they really shine at the darker areas. But there's one little thing that bugs me: the red part of her chest is a little too "flat" - it's usually a little bigger. But it doesn't stand out too much.
The coloring is very nice. The metal looks really like metal and the shadows are nice as well! Well...except for that bottom left corner where Samus' foot seems to merge with the background - but that's just another tiny little thing.

Overall, I really like this, it's a great piece of artwork! (: Great Job!

~♪ negativePotato
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Many thanks for your critique ♥
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You're welcome~♪ ^_^ I'm glad you accepted it.
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This is impressively done *_*

I want to ask in a humble way if I could
- set the colors on black and white
- print and
- recolor the artwork (with credit to the artist) to learn more and do justice to your Art, and the character

Examples of coloring can be seen in my 'gallery'
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This looks awesome.
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This is absolutely amazing.
The version of Samus I love and admire the most.
Excellent work.
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Very good, but maybe her armor seems a bit too flat.
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Posso usar como Portrait da Samus no MUGEN??? Ela tá perfeita!!!
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Sim. não há problema
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Wow increíble :icondragondrivel: me encanta esta obra de arte Samus Helmet 
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An amazing piece!! A captured moment of her scanning the nearby lifeforms and objects! This is what made Prime the best of the Metroid games!!
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This is really incredible work
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*whistle* This looks stunning! You've recreated Samus in her Varia Suit beautifully, and the environment around her looks amazing. Nice work! :D
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Many thanks!
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Love this! Someone had posted a lower resolution of this on another site, and the reverse image search led me here. I had to get the full size so I could make it the background for my cell phone. Awesome work!
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Great! Can you show me where you found it in lower resolution? It's just curiosity. Also, thanks for using it as background on your cellphone, that kind of things makes my day <3
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