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Proposed Adar Class DD Design Study #1

By Loupy59
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First off, I have to say every design I do referring to the Destroyermen saga is derived, at least in part, from an initial drawing or description by the author, Taylor Anderson.  Kudos to an inventive mind.   I then bend, fold, spindle & mutilate them to my own depraved ends.

This is the first (& most likely to be implemented) design study of two proposed for the Alliance's next class of destroyer.  It uses the Walker (Wickes class) hull with the four stacks trunked into two & the topside rearranged to bring the main battery onto the centerline.  It's based loosely on an actual study done by the USN to update the old 4-piper destroyers.  Using the existing hull will shorten the design & construction process considerably.

Note:  If the seaplane requirement is dropped as carrier air power improves, the free topside area can be used to install another 4" DP mount or another pair of 25mm AAA (or future ordnance as is developed).  Also the 4' mounts could be replaced with 4.7" DP guns, if developed.
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