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Pokemon Sprite GIF - Team Rocket Game Corner

By Loupii
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Resources used:
Sprites by: and Bulbapedia
Background Photo by: Spritedatabase

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© 2014 - 2021 Loupii
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And thanks for giving permission to use it! <3
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Thank you. You're welcome. :)
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Reminds me of the start to DemiKids Light.
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I love this! do you take request for these?
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Usually not cause i'm not good at them but if you have something in mind i can give it a try. Sorry for the late reply. :D
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alrighty, if not to hard can you do the two trainers together,


and the one on the second row, far left with the purple hair,…

standing next to each other with a heart?

and the pokemon standing by them is piplup and staraptor?

you can choose the scenery if you want? :,D

lol sorry for the late reply also
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I'm gonna have to ask permission from the creators of these sprites at first. When you say heart do you maybe mean something like this? :)
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alrighty! c:
yeah!! thats a cute heart! :,D
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Hey i haven't forgotten your request i'm just waiting for the people that own the sprites to get back to me. :)
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thats okay!! Thank you! <333
hopefully they answer!! c:
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The one who made the Dawn sprite has. Apparently the one who made the other sprite hasn't logged in for 88 weeks which is well over a year so i'd rather not use one of their sprites without asking. Is there a different sprite you'd like me to use? (could be similar sprite from other artist)
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