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July 2018.
18th of July.
Wow... what a summer. Apart from the two first weeks of June it's been hot, hotter and hottest, currently holding a day temperature of about 30-33 C/90-91,4 F degrees. :hot:  Now, I'm all for warmth normally but this is getting a little too much. Forest fires are raging all across the country from south to north and most of the country's farmers are suffering because crops wilter in the heat and the animals aren't getting enough food. The ice-cream business on the other hand is having their time of their life. Go figure.

On a more personal level it's getting harder and harder to get things done at the moment. And that includes sleeping during night. Also, went on a hunt for a table top fan last Monday. Not a single fan in the entire city because everything is already sold out. Can you imagine! (until the end of the week when next shipment arrive, or so I'm told)

I hope you are all staying safe in the heat, wherever you are. Drink lots of water!   

Bullet; Purple = Not started yet. Bullet; Blue = In progress. Bullet; Green = Finished

Bullet; Blue Pencil piece - bonedog/human portrait. 
11th of July: Shading and "colouring" has commenced.
Comments/thoughts: It's been a slow couple of weeks since my last little update. Lots of little things in both the background and foreground was giving me trouble and had to be thought about and worked out before I could continue. Perspective has been an issue plus a bunch of other small details. But I'm finally doing the main work of giving the drawing shades and colour (insomuch you you can call different chades of grey colour)  It feels like I'm lagging a bit behind on things but I still think we can expect an upload some time in August. Preferable sooner but you know... when it comes to art I've got no sense of time at all.


Bullet; Purple Pencil piece - desert life, nature scene (induru)
Status: A few rough sketches exist so far. Needs to be refined further and invent a suitable setting.
Comments/thoughts: More desert life

Bullet; Purple Watercolour - elements redux (earth, wind, fire, water - 2013)
Status: Very very unfinished.
Comments/thoughts: Bigger, better and with more additional details.

:bulletpurple: Watercolour - "Secret doorway" redux.
Status: Very very unfinished.
Comments/thoughts: Bigger, better, additional details.

:bulletpurple: Watercolour - Working title: "Imudanna puts away the night"  
Status: Paper sketch + digital sketch + colour tests = done
Comments/thoughts: This is the evolution of an old idea I've head for at least five years. A bit surrealistic, a bit ethereal. 

Bullet; Purple Watercolour - Postcards
Status: A whole lot of ideas but less amount of sketches. 
Comments/thoughts: Thinking about a whole series of A5 paintings - working title: "Postcards from Ohurai".

:bulletpurple: Watercolour - Postcards
Status: Not started yet
Comments/thoughts: A5-paintings, big detailed close-ups of some of my weird flora so far.

Extra thought: Please, brain! Don't give me more ideas. I am already overloaded with work! :shakefist:


2018 Finished projects
Bullet; Green Pencil - tribute piece for friend/fan/follower
Bullet; Green Pencil - dictionary page
Bullet; Green Pencil - sketch (practice of feet)
Bullet; Green Pencil/ink - An origin story
Bullet; Green 

(Hot tip: I prefer to edit the journal rather than write a completely new one. So if you'd like to keep up with thoughts and progress from any upcoming projects, keep the journal in your inbox and re-visit from time to time.)

:bulletorange::bulletyellow: Come 2019, in time for the start of my tenth year as a deviant, I was thinking of opening a print shop here at DA. Try to make a little extra income on my art sort of thing. This has been an idea of mine for a couple of years now and I think I am ready now (read: feel confident that my art is good enough). I was initially thinking mostly smaller things like mugs, mousepads, postcards, magnets, smaller photoprints and so on... :bulletyellow::bulletorange:
  • Listening to: day-time TV
  • Reading: Sapiens - a brief history of humankind
  • Eating: Cheese doodles
  • Drinking: Hot tea


Louise Lindgren
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a vertically challenged oddball from the (seasonally) frozen North who likes to draw... you know... stuff...

I live in an average sized municipal, I live alone.
I enjoy liquorice, cheese doodles, long walks and hot tea.
I only have non-flowering plants at home because the other type tend to die in my care.
I have named my pencil case "the gherkin" (you figure out why).

Apart from art I like a lot of other things like: history, biology, evolution, astronomy, archaeology, paleontology, psychology, music, walking, running (currently on hold due to injuries) and more.

Contact? Questions? Send me a Note or drop me a mail at


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DragonFairy88 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :llama:! :D
DeepWoodian Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You had a good birthday, yes? Let me add my Happy Birthday wishes to the queue.Party 

And while I am at it I may as well wish you sunny(?) and good of May too. I'll wager that you treated yourself with some sweets or pastries. I surely did. :D (Big Grin)  
Loulin Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Many thanks Panu :hug:

Haha... More like rainy 1:st of May :laughing: And yes, there were plenty of sweets and pastries to treat myself with, your'e absolutely right there.
bogatyrkhan Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018
Happy birthday!May good luck be always with you!
Loulin Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for your kind words.
(I also hope for a little good luck for myself - unemployment is no fun)
bogatyrkhan Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018
You are most welcome!
I am so sorry to hear that--that's quite ridiculous,such a talented artist is unemployed?!
DeepWoodian Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi HO!

Long time no "see". It seems that we have both been quite silent here lately. Therefore I wanted to ask how things are going with you? Found any traces of new job? Or are you "free" like I was before? I myself have a job for a change. Not my area of expertise, or corresponding my education but at least I have something to do (and get salary). Been doing that about 5 months now.

How about your muse? I hope that my dynamic duo didn't exhausted you totally. I myself would have many of those DeepWood sin incarnations which I should finish but yet another project has taken the first priority. Talking about dividing my attention. Oh Noes!   
Loulin Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi HO! :wave:

Long time no "see" indeed. I might be so far beyond "long time" that I might need to find a whole new vocabulary for it. It's good of you to send a poke like this, that way I might get off my ass as well (metaphorically at least). Things are... *scratches head* Well, things are... I really don't know to tell the truth. No sign of a job yet, which is super-exhausting. You'd think after plenty of years of work you'd be somewhat sought after for your valuable know-how and experience. The answer is surprisingly 'no'.

Feeling of "free" has not inserted itself. I'm more concerned with following the unemployment service's and unemployment funds' many rules. That and to keep moving. I noticed early that the sudden lack of work really affected my health. I got dizzy and sensation of weakness among other things, so there has been a lot of walking and swimming to counter it these past months.  (And looking for jobs of course)

My muse is pretty weak as well. It didn't bother me at the beginning but it's starting to now.  :grumpy:   I've still got my drawing pad on my desk and there is definitelly a thin layer of dust on it. 

But enough of my bleating. I'm happy that you have a job now. Nothing like those Euros dropping into your account by the end of the month. :) Aaaaannnd.... You upploaded a couple of new ones last month. I'll head over there now, see ya there.  
DeepWoodian Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You'd think after plenty of years of work you'd be somewhat sought after for your valuable know-how and experience...
Tell me about it! I have experienced the same exhausting situation. I sent dozens and dozens of job aplications during several years and what was the result. No job.  Few interviews, yes but no jobs. In my case the worst part was/is that there simply aren't jobs of my area of expertise and interest available in my home locality anymore. Even within the radius of about 150 km those are pretty scarce. On the other hand I have no desire whatsoever to move further away from here. Therefore, last autum,  I started to search jobs which aren't particularly suited for my experience, interest or education. And now I have a job. But it is no way near "a nice and interesting job". I wouldn't want to do it for the rest of my life!!!

Unemployment service rules can be quite bother I know. And here in Finland those were made more strict just a short while ago. There have been some uproar among the workers because of that and I too think that some of those new requirements are quite stupid. The so called  "Activity" -issue being the most heated topic, if by change that name has crossed even the Swedish news.

But let's hope that both job opportunities and your muse will cross your path. Nod  

Loulin Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am not surprised that workers are revolting a bit. The "activity"-issue over the pond might not be headlining news but that's only because we have our own problems with it. Stare  Same procedures only hiding behind new names and more complicated rules. Not to mention the Big-brother type of survailance that is practiced on the unemployed. Sure, you don't want people to cheat the system, but come on...  Encourage and help! Not beat and stomp on our self esteem, thank you. 

Besides that no job in sight so far but I'm actually starting to try out drawing again. And playing a bit with my maps, writing some basic regional history and whatnot, just to get into the mood again. And sketch practice too. One day there will be proper uploads again. :pray:
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