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-PokemonSpecial-Sprites- Red



Hey There! :meow:
This is part of a project I've been working on from time to time :P
I want to make Sprites of all the Pokemon Special Dexholders in th style of the Game that the Arc is based on. Here is a full sheet for Red.
So i hope you like it :chew:

Sprites © by me *liliebiehlina3siste
Red © by Satoshi Yamamoto & Hidenori Kusaka
Pokemon Sprites in general © by Satoshi Tajiiri, Nintendo, Gamefreak...
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© 2012 - 2022 LouLilie
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wow! these look cool!, but how did you make stuff in the gen 1 style? I made these sonic sprites a while back but they don't look to good to me.

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Woah, sprites based off the manga that in turn was based off the game. And so it comes full circle. Very cool!
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can i use your sprite artwork for red, green, and blue?
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tell me about what you want to use it for in a note
oh, its only for my own personal use, i don't plan to use it besides in my own house. but i will tell my friends it was you if asked
And can in use some of them?
Can you make sprites for Professor Oak?
I'm making a maze game in pokémon gen 1 style for shool:P.

long story:
We had to make a maze gema for shool and we needed to put another style into it.
I made a version of it with trees and grass and asked him to check it.
He liked it and now I want to make a full game of it.
The only - is that you need Java installed.

I'll credit you, no worries ;) .
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I have no time doing ok,
but if you credit me it's ok to use the Red Sprites
If you don't mind try the Original Oak sprites from Spriters Rescource
<font><font>아주 좋은하세요! </font></font>
<font><font>I이 스프라이트를 사용하는 싶습니다 ... </font></font>
<font><font>사용 여부에 대한 정보를 알려 주시기 바랍니다. </font></font>
<font><font>포켓몬 골드 해킹 한국</font></font>
Is very good!
I would like to use this sprite ...
Please inform us about whether or not to use.
Pokemon Gold Hack Korea
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Can I Use Them?
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Note me, explaining what for :)
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WoW! This re-nice

~Bye ~Bye
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I LoVE ALL Of ThEm !!!!!!
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