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PMDU - Errand #3 Part 1



Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014



The sun was shining bright when two familiar Pokémon set out from their rented house, they are headed towards the city’s square, having heard of a new request posted just the other day. Louis, the Oshawott, had his usual deadpan expression on his face, with Rayn dragging him along by his paws. Of course the Gible was stronger than him, leaving him helpless and slightly skidding on the ground in hesitation.

“Come on Louis! Do you always have to start your day like this? You’re quite the bummer, you know?” He exclaimed in such a carefree voice, something that caused the Oshawott’s muzzle to curl slightly into a smile, but that quickly disappeared as he was tugged by the Gible again. “W-Wha, what is it now, Rayn?” He asked the other male, only to be greeted by silence.

The water-type couldn’t help but peer at the Gible, who was fixated onto the board where the recent errand was posted.  Louis immediately averted his attention towards the board as well, leaning in close to read the information.

“It was posted by the Researcher’s Guild Leader? Neat! I’ve always wanted to meet her personally.” He commented, with an unnatural tone in his voice, as if he was fascinated by the idea.

Rayn tilted his head to the side, looking at the Oshawott curiously. “Huh… That’s rare for you to say. You usually stay away from other people.” He remarked, only for the water-type to blush slighty; causing his cheeks to turn pink-ish and obviously embarrassed. Louis shook his head immediately and lets out a light snarl at the Gible, though it had a hint of playfulness to it; another unusual thing for the Oshawott to exhibit.

“Feeling a little cheerful today, aren’t we?” the dragon said, jokingly shoved the Oshawott aside, who returned the gesture in the same way. They continued doing this for a couple of minutes until they decided to focus on their purpose here in the square. “Hmm… be a test subject for mislabeled potions? That sounds kinda dangerous, but they did say that they have nurses and all, in case something bad happened to us.” Rayn pointed out, as he reads the information in the bulletin, nodding his head a couple of times. “This will give us another Star Coin. We weren’t able to do the errand last week, so I think we should make up by doing this one.” The Gible said, earning a nod from the silent Oshawott.

After a couple of minutes, the two made their way towards the place where the testing will occur. There were already some other Pokémon who were waiting for their turn; some hesitating at the sight of the laboratory equipment laid out in several tables around the clearing. Louis, in curiosity, went towards a table with a Kangaskhan looking after it. His eyes darted between the pieces of equipment; watching as some of the fluids even bubbled in reaction. “Woah! There is a lot of potions to try!” He said, leaning in close with his nose twitching, taking in the scent being given off by the concoctions. They were quite pungent; almost overpowering the Oshawott’s sense of smell. At the same time, Rayn was already fumbling around the tubes, taking one with a yellow liquid in it. The smell instantly caused the Gible to gag and turn his head to the other side; his face looking as if he was about to puke. “Eugh! This smells horrible!” He exclaimed with such disgust, covering his nose with his other paw while his eyes watered.

Louis, while looking around, managed to grab a bowl full of swirling blue solution, leaning in close to test the smell of the fluid. It was scentless as if the liquid is just plain water. All of the sudden, the Oshawott lifted the whole bowl up, drinking the fluid down as if it were just any other drink! Funny enough, the Oshawott’s expression remained deadpan and serious, even while some of the fluid spilled from his mouth and onto his furred body, slightly soaking him with the chemical.

The Gible managed to muster enough courage to take the potion; quickly gulping down the fluid to avoid the taste as much as he could, which Rayn found to be a bit too bitter for his liking. Flustered, the dragon-type quickly returned the tube from where he took it, padding towards the lower hills nearby to reconstitute himself.  Meanwhile, his partner took another bowl and quickly downed the content as well, with little hesitation and much to the worry of the nearby Chingling as it watched the wreckless Oshawott. A few other Pokémon looked at the two with disbelief and puzzlement. A Zangoose from the distance carrying a strapped bag took a glance at the whole event area, only to make his way out to avoid the whole ordeal.

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I still love the Kangaskhan.  So cute~