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Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014



There was a clear grumble coming out from one of the
alleys around town, accompanied by other noises
coming from almost everywhere.

A lot of Pokémon have gathered around the city, armed
with a couple of pails and towels, scrubbing off the
paint smeared all over the walls of the city.
Apparently, a couple of Smeargles vandallized the
walls and Luke, the Leader of the Explorer's Guild,
requested an errand for the member of the guilds to

Louis and Rayn, member of a team who just recently
joined the Explorer's Guild, was rubbing off the
paint with their own towels and scrubbers. the groan
from earlier was coming from the Dewott, who doesn't
seem to be that excited with the ordeal.

Luke just recently passed by the alley they are
currently working at, the Swampert making sure that
everything is working out well. Some of the arts left
by the Smeargles are well done, to be in fact, so
much that they are to be left out, except for a few
vulgar on the wall.

"This.. is a big pain.." The Oshawott named Louis
said, closing his eyes as he leaned against his
shaking arms, his paws slightly smeared with paint
from the towel.

"Ack, Louis.. don't say that. It's not that bad." The
Gible said with a chuckle, scrubbing the wall as
clean as he could. It was god bless that the paint is
still quite fresh, allowing the removal to be much

Louis grumbled and groaned once again, before
returning to his own work.


It took almost the whole day for the group to finish,
most, if not all of the Pokemon who joined the errand
are exhausted, some already sprawled on the ground.

Louis had his back against the meadow, panting
heavily, his arms felt like it was throbbing in pain.

"Too.. much.. scrubbing..." He said in between pants,
his tongue almost sticking out of his maw. Meanwhile,
his Gible partner, Rayn, was standing besides the
Oshawott, still strong and energetic.

"This is why I said you should exercise more." He
said with a rather carefree tone, leaning down to pat
his friend on his head, which the Oshawott seems to
appreciate the gesture.

"M-Maybe I should.." Louis pondered, closing his
eyes. All of the sudden, he was picked by the Gible
over his shoulder, the Dragon-type was strong for his
size. Rayn whispered comforting words on the
Oshawott, as they made their way home.


I don't know if this kind of illustrative submission is good enough.. but, as usual.. I cram for this stuff because I didn't know we have an errand already! XD

Hope you enjoyed the read though!
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Louis it's amazing
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