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Alysha At The Sleepover

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Finally something I doodled about a year and a half ago that I really wanted to finish! You may have seen the line drawing for this as part of a sketch dump, and out of those menageries, this one earned enough popular demand to be made into a finished pic.

Alysha had just bought new seamless shear extra smooth and shiny nude pantyhose with a little glitter effect to them, and gotten a pedicure for this night, when her son would have his friend over and they'd play "Cops and Robbers". She was secretly thrilled to have another boy participate in the game her and her son had grown very fond of in recent months. She decided to go with shorts instead of a skirt or dress, to be able to expose as much leg as possible without inappropriate for their age panty peeks, and decided to go with flat although toe flattering strappy sandals to not be too intimidating for the new kid...boys that age can be too overwhelmed by overly blatant sexy feminine beauty, but she felt she found a good balance. All three had a fun time, the boys expertly cinching her up in yards and yards of hemp ropes, acting out their roles well with their airsoft pistols, and then they took a gaming break. The helplessly trussed up mom managed to turn herself away from the television to avoid the sight of the disturbing enemy characters, more than half hoping the kids would try to turn her back around and force her to watch as a torment, but they seemed to be too engrossed in their game. She hoped they would turn their attention back to her soon, and not forget for too long that they had a lovely bound up mommy to molest to their hearts' content.
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