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Lottaweather 1.5.2

The API changes pretty frequently, and it seems are doing A/B testing on different locations. If your skin breaks, please let me know.

Description :

I found out there is a stupid amount of information in the JSON, so I made a stupid rainmeter skin that shows as much info as possible.

Both wallpapers are by Alena Aenami, you can find her works here :

You need Rainmeter 4.3 to run this on your desktop. You can find it at

If you have any requests or any complaint, please contact me on reddit (u/imaquietkid) or on twitter (@imaquietkid), I'm very rarely active on here.

Changelog :

Ver. 1.5.2 (2021-01-05)
- Added a faint gradient in the temperature graph
- Fixed the proportions of the barometer and wind meters (I actually did the maths this time)
- Fixed the proportions of the temperature graphs, which would blow up when the average temperature approached zero

Ver. 1.5.1 (2020-12-27)
- Fixed the broken precipitation chance display on the 7 day forecast

Ver. 1.5 (2020-11-07)
- Added a settings skin. You can access it by right-clicking the skin and choosing 'Open Settings'. It should make it easier/nicer to customize the skin. You can still access the file in the skin files.
- Added a light theme
- Added an option to round the corners of the skin
- Replaced the 'Running Conditions' meter (which was pretty much meaningless) with Dew Point
- Updated the icons for the Pollen indicator, very cold and very hot weather.
- The air quality, UV and pollen indicators are still unstable but they should work sometimes. I'm still on it

Ver. 1.4.5 (2020-10-27)
- Temporary fix to a bug that completely broke the skin when units are set to imperial and an alert is going on. The current version makes the skin work all the time, but also breaks the air quality, UV, pollen and running meters (they do work in metric).

Ver. 1.4.4
 - Made changes to accommodate to the changes made to its JSON file. The skin should work again.

Ver. 1.4.3
- Fixed the American version of the skin, no need for dirty fixes to make it work now
- Fixed a bug with the compact version of the skin, where alerts would appear behind the
7 day forecast
- Fixed a bug where US States would display in between slashes
- Added support for special characters in French, German, Spanish and Polish. I am still trying to find a way to automatically translate the unicode index into the actual character, because as it stands the skin is unusable in languages that don't use the latin alphabet

Ver. 1.4.2
 - Made changes to accommodate to the changes made to its JSON file. The skin should work again.

Ver. 1.4.1
- Now shows the time limit when an alert is ongoing
- Tweaked the barometer and wind compass handles so their size doesn't appear to vary
- Major performance improvements (halved the CPU usage for me)
- Brought the "Current Conditions Only" variant up to the latest update

Ver . 1.4
- Added a compact version for the top section, which removes the Air Quality, Pollen, UV and Running conditions statements, and move the wind, pressure and humidity over to the right. Thanks to aeroplanekelly for the suggestion !

Ver. 1.3.1
- Fixed the scaling issues on the barometer and wind handles
- Tuned the thresholds for the air quality assessment (based on WHO guidelines) and added a tooltip for the exact concentration of the main pollutant

Ver. 1.3
- Added an option to resize/scale the skin. Massive thanks to BasketballForce / screwyoudeviantart12 for the help on this one !
- Added support for a few more types of alerts, and changed the alert description bit to be slightly less useless.
- Fixed the barometer handle not working when using imperial units (yall americans use weird pressure units)

Ver. 1.2.1
- Fixed the Air Pollution Statement (for real this time)

Ver. 1.2
- There are now two versions of the skin (accessible with right-click > variants), the complete one and a version without the next day / hourly forecasts
- Added an option to customise the update rate of the skin (by default it is 1 minute)
- Fixed display issues in the weather description of current conditions and hourly forecasts (forward slashes would appear as \u002F)

Ver. 1.1.1
- Fixed the moon icons, they should display the proper moon phase now
- Fixed the Air Pollution statement

Ver. 1.1
- Added customisation options for background opacity and custom accent colors
- Added the dlls of the Chameleon Plugin in the rmskin, in case you don't already have it
- Performance improvements (meters should only update when the measures update, so once a minute)

Ver. 1.0.1
- fixed the rainmeter version requierements. You need version 4.3 or more.
- fixed a visual overlap between the proability of rain and the weather phrase when the 7day forecast is collapsed.
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As someone else has mentioned already, this skin can get "stuck" on imperial or metric (in my case metric). Clicking on either in the settings skin does change the value in and the skin does refresh, however nothing changes. I tried playing around in the code and changing anything and everything I could find related to that, but nothing worked.

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After installing this my rainmeter freezes after 1-2 actions consistently. In order for me to edit it and move the widget I had to keep force quitting rainmeter and open it back up.

Does anyone know how to change the background color? I want to change the black to match the color of my background.

ah niceeeeeeeeeeeeee😍

The metric/imperial switch is not working for me, It shows F° and mph no matter what. I tried to change the code but I'm a beginner and I couldn't fix it. Would you be so kind to help me figure out a fix for this problem? Thank you, loved this weather application! It's the only one that worked for me. 🍻

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absolutely wonderfulllllll

Great Skin with awesome information functions. Tip for new users: if the skin is crashing Rainmeter like it was for me for the first couple times, try loading the settings skins or going to the settings document and change the scaling to 75%. It feels like that shouldn't fix it, but kinda works for me. Also the alert banner disappears, which is nice to draw attention to it when it reappears, but it surprised me when I first got an alert, and threw off my design a little bit. I think I agree with this design decision, but it was a surprise. I am going to go overboard and add time and date under the location as well as the date numbers for the week forecast (something like Th|5), not sure if I am going to try to get this information from the website for better integration and sharing or just use Rainmeter's functions to make it easy on myself. The parsing, collapsing, UI elements, the settings menu all look like it took a tremendous amount of effort and time. Thank you, and I look forward to learning more about Rainmeter/parsing/masking through your skin as I personalize it!

This is the *only* nice looking skin that also includes "feels like" information and lets me scale it to fit my other widgets. It'd be boss if the main temperature was the "feels like" value versus displaying it underneath, but maybe if I fiddle with it I can make this happen. Cheers! :heart:

Hello! Nice skin. Please add Russian to it.

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Thanks, this is beautiful!

keeps making rianmeter crash

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is it possible to change to Celsius?

Go into settings and click METRIC

mine broke :(

It's not displaying data anymore

I'm brand new to rainmeter - installed it literally 10 minutes ago - and I'm struggling to understand the colour customization of this skin? I've played around with a few number combos but all I'm getting are different shades of green despite no green in my background. Could you give a quick rundown of how the colour customization works? Thanks!

It is quite simple. It is uses the RGB color codes. Google RGB Colors and just fill them in.

Example for orange. For Red: 255, For Green: 150 and Blue: 0. So it becomes 255,150,0

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This completely crashed rainmeter.

this is fcking epic. thank you.

Updated it and it started crashing after a few days ago so i can't use it enymore

Someone found how to prevent chameleon crashing Rainmeter. ContextAwareColors=1 crashes rainmeter. Setting to 0 stops crashing. Right click on skin choose edit skin.

Until Socks has a chance to look into "ContextAware" crashes, you can use an earlier version by replacing the Chameleon.dll installed in Rainmeter.

This has to be done manually because Rainmeter will not overwrite a newer version of a plugin if an older version is in the installation package.

You will find all versions of Chameleon you have installed in your "Rainmeter\Skins\@Vault\Plugins\Chameleon" folder.

First exit Rainmeter.

Open the vault folder in explorer and select a lower numbered folder (I went to '' but '' should also prevent crashes).

Open the bit version folder that matches your system (most newer systems will be 64bit).

Copy the "Chameleon.dll" file from that folder.

For standard Rainmeter installations,

navigate in explorer to "C:\Users\(YourUserName}\AppDAta\Roaming\Rainmeter\Plugins" and paste the copied file; replace the existing file.

For portable installs, the "Plugins" folder will be in the same folder you created when you installed Rainmeter.

That's it. Restart Rainmeter. All skins designed to work with Chameleon should no longer crash

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