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Slender Man.

Much the same as the last, done in less time, using Artrage and the touchpad of Mr Laptop.
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I thought Slenderman didn’t have a face. Still faving this
wolf-boss31's avatar
If he gets his hands on you, he will fuck you up! (Excuse the language)
miblover334's avatar
oh thats just terrifying!! and brilliant
MorisTheSafeCat's avatar
Nice! An other frightening yet unique version.
BullittBlank's avatar

**chuckles** I guess we're all screwed, then! In any case, WONDERFULLY creepy and well-done. Reminds me a little of the artwork of Clive Barker and Rob Zombie.
Louiseyface's avatar
Thank you so much :D

I'm hoping Slender Man can't reach me from here.
BullittBlank's avatar
His reach is universal...
deaddoll00's avatar
Fantastically creepy. Faved at :iconslendermancometh:
BetterIfIStay09's avatar
fucking creepy as hell, man. i just heard about slender man yesterday, and it really intrigues me for whatever reason. well done, well done.
Louiseyface's avatar
Thank you kindly :D I both love and hate Slender Man, he's a tall creepy monstrosity but he's so addictive.
Vailar's avatar
I love this.
DFjack-the-riper's avatar
i did some research on the slender man. I think i'm going to get killed.
This picture probably creeps me out the worst. I like the fuzziness, it portrays how he doesn't really belong in this world and how he seems to be wearing a human skin, only not very well. *shudders*
athas's avatar
Egad; every time I sign on to dA, there's another Slender Man pic . . . the legend is spreading.
Nopantsjack's avatar
This is my favourite one!
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