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cos you just know he's a fanboy.

Entry for :icondoctorwhoclub: 's latest contest

and yes Banana Man is a real superhero.
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Yes! Bananaman! I wish I could see more of him.
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lol - wel i think, you might be able to get it on dvd?
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I used to get to see him after some episodes of DangerMouse on Nickelodeon a gazillion years ago. I always laughed at his alter ego's name... my brother's name is Eric.
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LoL. I have never heard of this Banana Man, I'll have to look him up!
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its so bad its good
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So where DM and Count Duckula. Nick had all those great Brit cartoons back in the day. Very nice picture! I love how you captured the Dr.'s silliness and love of life. Hey, why not? Existing in paralell worlds with fruit-themed superheroes is not the weirdest dimension the Doctor's ever been in.
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lol most definately not :D
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Thank you for bringing back some American 80s Nickolodian nightmares. Namely, Dangermouse the cartoon, Count Duckula and Bannana Man!
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your very welocme, tho banana man is english
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I can see the doctor showing his compaions his scrapbook.

Doctor: look here's me at BananaCon 1995 in my former self
Amy: ooh your former self is kinda cute
Doctor: hey i was drunk on Banana Daquri's when i took this pic!!
louisesaunders's avatar
haha - lol thats exactly how it would go down. lol ta for the fave too :D
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OMG it's so true, he would be a fan! :D
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hehe - ta for the fave :D
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LOL! *slightly arkward silence*
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omg! He'd so be there! Ha ha :D
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Oh crap, this is too funny! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Insta-fave!! :iconvictorydanceplz:
louisesaunders's avatar
thankyou very much thats appreciated :D
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i freaking love this :heart: it's so adorable :D
louisesaunders's avatar
awww ta very much - and for the fave :D
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hahhaa very col idea for for a crosssover and yes I know who Banana man is I used to watch his cartoon all the time and know that he from the Dandy
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