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Empire of the Dark edit 2012

You can now follow the dark empire on facebook.

Here is the link to the facebook page -The Dark Empire

You must click the like button to be invited to the group.

Add this stamp to your collection and support Dark Artists.

Just leave a message on the stamp that you are using it and I will add to the list of people involved in this community effort.

TO INSTALL THIS STAMP, you must have a sub. Just copy the thumb code and place it in your journal, ID, or in any widget you can edit.





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dispheria's avatar
cool, cool stamp. pride of place on the front page.
SineLuce's avatar
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks so much. Sorry for being so late with this.
SineLuce's avatar
Hehayo's avatar
Fire attack fail  ... added to my frontpage. 

Angel vs. Devil 

^^; The Devil
RockStocks's avatar
Added to my profile page, now how do I get my Stock added to this list as it is totally unrestricted and will always remain free :D
DarkDawn-Rain's avatar
Added this to my journal. 
Caz747's avatar
I've added this to my profile page.
breeanns's avatar
Added to my frontpage!
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
Thanks I will add you to the list
breeanns's avatar
I changed my username from obscurare to diphylla ... when you get time would you mind updating it puhlease :heart: thank you
amethystmoonsong's avatar
Added to my front page and joined Facebook.
AmericanWasted's avatar
Just added it to Real-Nightmares page...
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
Thank you so much and best of luck with the new group.
AmericanWasted's avatar
No problem, and thank you.
skyggeTrone's avatar
how can I join on ?!
nice group btw.. i've been away for long.. sorry about miss this last period and didnt follow up with the details...

thanks :)
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
You may join any one of the groups you feel your art fits the best. This logo just shows that you support dark artist and can be used as you see fit. I will add you to the list.
DamselStock's avatar
Just added to my profile page! :icontardhugplz:
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
Thanks I just added you...
Wytch1's avatar
Added to my ID :)
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
Thank you so much. You are added to the list :hug:
Wytch1's avatar
My pleasure :hug:
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